The train leaves @ 5:30am sharp…

The train leaves @ 5:30am sharp…

This is the story of 11 HIMs, and another HIM, and yet another HIM.

Lots of discussion before launch of long weekends and barely making it out of bed to start the week of right. Nevertheless, 11 HIMs took the red pill this morning and posted to Firestarter. Brief disclaimer provided to the group of vets and we launched promptly @ 5:30am.

The Thang

Quick mosey up to the 131 parking lot for a little warm-up.

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 15
  • IW x 15
  • LSS x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 16 (got lost in my own thoughts here)
  • Merkins x 15
  • Some good long leg stretches to loosen it all up just a bit more.

Completed the CoP and we headed off up Blakeney Heath rd. to the top of the hill.

[This is where our story gets more interesting. I’m going to assume that it was around this time that One Star and C3PO both showed up. Albeit just a little ahead/behind each other and set off to find the elusive PAX unaware that we were headed to the little-used section of the AO headed toward Montessori.]

We ran to the top of the Blakeney Heath hill and stopped before getting to the Montessori school. At this point, YHC called for a Triple Nickle back down to the entrance to the Blakeney Heath neighborhood. At the bottom, 5 Mike Tysons, at the top 5 Heels to Heaven. I had forgotten how sneaky effective that hill is at gassing the group. Doing it five times added just the right amount of push.

Next we headed down to the Montessori school to some lifting rocks.

[By this point, I’m assuming C3P0 had already run through the shopping center, across to the medical park, and figured he’d try Blakeney before hitting up the Nail Salon. Assuming One Star had done the same, sans heading to Blakeney hill.]

Everyone grabbed a lifting rock from the very limited selection, and we did some upper/lower bodywork. Did two rounds of 20 Curls, 20 Thrusters, 20 Triceps Extensions, 20 Dips. It was at some point in the middle of our second round that C3P0 makes his way over the hill to join the group. Not sure how he found us though. That triple nickel took it out of the group, and we were just about silent during the rock lifts. Regardless, 12 men now headed back toward Blakeney to finish up the workout.

[At this point, One Star could have decided to grab some coffee and draft into CoT but instead, he continued on his search.]

We made our way back to the stairs near the My Gym for some pull-ups and timed runs. Split up into groups of three. Two PAX on doing pull-up under each of the two stairwells, with the third PAX as the timer. Run up, over, and down the stairs and tag out your partner. Did two rounds much to the delight of the group. Toward the end of the second round, One Star finally completed his quest and joined up with the group.

Mosey to the large wall next to Banana Republic for some wall sits and arm raises. 2 rounds of 50 arm raises. Wingman called out my ‘jazz hand’ form but I like to think they were more ‘raising the roof’ than jazz hands.

Mosey back to launch and were joined by 4 runners from Blakovery for a few rounds of Mary until time. Ended the workout 6 PAX stronger than when we left.

YHC with the takeout prayer.


  • Not a lot of mumble chatter this morning. Everyone put in the work but only a modest amount of banter as the PAX put it all into the workout.
  • “Late start” AOs are hitting the F3 lineup like cryptocurrency IPOs lately. However, the majority still launch @ 5:30am sharp. I’d still love to see an aerial view of C3P0 and One Star hunting for the PAX this morning. What’s more impressive is that they never ran into each other during their search.
  • Thanks to Teddy and Wingman for allowing me to lead the men this morning.


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