SOB WARS: Episode I – The Stone Chicken (#CSAUP PreBlast)

  • When:04/24/2021
  • QIC: Tuck, War Eagle, Cooter2, Mighty Mite, Soft Pretzel, Lex Luthor, Midriff

SOB WARS: Episode I – The Stone Chicken (#CSAUP PreBlast)

A long time ago in a F3 region far, far away…


Episode I – The Stone Chicken

What: This event, the first in a series of SOB #CSAUP’s pitting brother against brother, is designed to settle the long simmering feud between Stonehenge and da Vinci (with a little help from Chicken Run), and to coax PAX out of their comfort zones.  After 5 years of insults, passive aggressive #FridayMarketing and ill-spirited workout count comparisons, this first episode will officially determine which Saturday SOB bootcamp reigns supreme.  The rivalry may have cooled off recently, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a score to settle.  These old wounds are still raw!  We need the SOB’s (and friends) to come out in force to help determine which workout will wear the crown, and which will continue to eat bagels covered in ants and trash (ok, YHC might be slightly biased).  Side note- if you’ve ever taken part in a #CSAUP you know that there is a direct correlation between the number of PAX and the amount of fellowship.  So show up and let’s get stupid.

When: April 24th, 05:00AM


  1. 0500: Launch from PetSmart Blakeney and run to Stonehenge (~5 mi), stopping thrice along the way for Mary to collect the six
  2. 0600: Join in the first 30 minutes of the normally scheduled Stonehenge bootcamp (the full 1 hour Stonehenge will take place for those not participating in the #CSAUP)
  3. 0630: Run back to Blakeney (~4 mi), stopping twice for Mary to collect the six
  4. 0730: Join in the last 30 minutes of the da Vinci bootcamp (the full 1 hour da Vinici will take place for those not participating in the #CSAUP; note that the dV start time will be moved from 0630 to 0700)
  5. Coffeeteria

The Competition:

Wear the color of whatever Saturday bootcamp you identify with in your heart (Stonehenge = blue / da Vinci = red).  Points will be assigned to each PAX based on how many components of the #CSAUP they complete (see below).  The workout with the most points gets bragging rights AND is awarded possession of a brand new SOB artifact that captures the spirit of all things #CSAUP and will be utilized in future events.

Options and Point System:

  • “The Everything Bagel”: Run both legs and do both bootcamps – 4 points per PAX
  • “The Broatmeal”: Do both bootcamps but run only 1 leg: – 3 points per PAX
  • “The Half Chicken”: Run 1 leg and do 1 bootcamp – 2 points per PAX
  • “The Chicken Mini”: Do 1 bootcamp only – 1 point per PAX
  • FNG’s cannot earn points since they will not yet identify with one of the workouts, HOWEVER, existing PAX receive 4 bonus points for every FNG that they bring, regardless of how many components the FNG completes


  • Cost: $0.00
  • Bring a headlamp
  • Bring an FNG (or two)
  • Bring shovel flags
  • Water will be provided at both AO’s, as well as coffee and food for coffeeteria
  • Running is highly encouraged, however if you don’t think you can complete the mileage, or are injured, cycling is allowed (use mountain bike due to trails)

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