Asylum Post-Easter workout

Asylum Post-Easter workout

Warm up

Mosey to BB&T parking lot for a quick warm up with  jumping jacks, arm circles, imperial walkers, and mountain climbers.

Mosey across the street to the hills behind Harris Teeter for some 7’s workout on the hill.

The Thang

First round of 7s 

Bottom of hill burpee’s, top of the hill jump squats

Second round of 7’s 

Bottom of hill merkins, at the top regular squats (Living up to my name CRS I said burpees instead of merkins which was quickly pointed out after the first round)

Short mosey to Harris teeter parking lot were we picked a rock for lifting workouts. We partnered up and started a series of workouts where we were given a certain number of one exercise to preform while one partner ran the other started the workout and worked as a team to annihilate the reps.  

Below are the reps completed:  

150 curls, 100 over head press, 100 tricep, 75 squats, 75 merkins with one hand on the rock.

The pax stepped up to help each other out by giving other teams more reps when their’s were complete.

Mosey back in front of Harris Teeter  and cross the street and ran past Chick-fil-A and ended back in front of Brooklyn’s where we started.  With only 10 minutes left in the workout we partnered back up with the same team and did 75 dips while the other partner jailbreak to Hickory Tavern and back. With my workout completed I received some help from the pax in doing some core exercises that completed the workout.



Shout out to the Pax for showing up to CRS VQ!  It was a great workout and lots of teamwork!


1 Q april!  We encourage every PAX member to Q once this month!

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