1k Taper

1k Taper

While the sunken-chested, shrunken-armed BRR guys did a Prancercize taper in the ABC parking lot, 29 hearty souls got after it with a combo platter of pain.


  • SSH x 30
  • Two-handed swings x 20
  • I Wokkas x 25
  • One-handed alternating swings x 20


Groups of 4 (and one of 5), Get a plate or pair, and mosey to ring road.

  • Partner 1, burn hair.  The rest chase with KBs.  Rotate on the plate until first entrance.
  • Two-handed swings x 20 (in cadence).
  • Hairburner rotations, KB chasers to next entrance.
  • Two-handed swings x 30 (in cadence)
  • Hairburner rotations, KB chasers to main entrance.  (Lead group switch with last group half way through)
  • Run to the Cross.  Run from the Cross.  (Meaningful allegory here….)
  • Hairburner rotations, KB chasers to next entrance.
  • Inchworm rotations to top of hill and back down again.
  • Hairburner rotations, KB chasers to flashing street sign.  MODIFICATION:  Use one arm or one leg.
  • Plank and politely wave at the fine law-abiding gentleman who won’t cross the double yellow.
  • Hairburner jailbreak to the house, with KB chasers.



  • Peanut butter and chocolate,  Bo and Luke, The Captain and Tennille, Fred and Barney.  Each is fine on its own, but the magic happens in combination.  And so it is with hairburners and KB chasers: two great tastes that taste great together.  I apologize that I have not thought of this until just now. [Side note to NoCo:  You HAVE to name Skipper’s next EH’s Tennille.  Or Muskrat Love, maybe.  Skipper’s resemblance to The Captain is uncanny].
  • All in all, that was 0.6 miles of Hairburners today, right at 1 km.  A nice taper leading into the BRR.
  • This is one of those workouts where you get to see a lot of your team, but not so much of the rest of the Pax.  I am sure there were superlative efforts all around, but all I saw was the beasts in my group. Sound off in the comments and give your teammates props.
  • Pulled a 49er today (sans whistle) and punished the lead group, by sending them to the exchange places with the last group.  This was partly a practical move in order to keep the groups bunched relatively tightly but it was also meant to send a broader message:  keep your head up to see who needs a hand, then go help them.
  • The Pax was offered hairburner immunity (for a segment) with a payment of 100 burpees (per group).  No takers, even when immunity went on sale for 75 burpees.  You guys must hate burpees.
  • It pays to be polite.  The car that wouldn’t pass?  The school headmaster.  A good lesson in life right there–just smile and wave.  See also, Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


  • Busch and Skywalker launch A51’s latest 3rd F opportunity, Aftermath, tomorrow.  0630 at Piper Glen Starbucks.  Nothing in your hands you bring, Only to your coffee cling.  (They are providing materials).
  • Day Zero will forgo Exercises of Awkward Togetherness for this week only and converge with The Rock for a one year anniversary celebration.
  • If the ALL CAPS wasn’t enough, the SPEARHEAD folks further removed themselves from mainstream of F3 (which is already pretty Branch Davidian in its own right) by issuing a challenge for 10,000 merkins in September.  If that appeals to you, then you either need to up your meds, or go hang out with those guys.  Chin strap beards optional.
  • Bugeater is pretty excited about the BRR and wants you to be excited about him running it.  So go to The Lodge tomorrow for the BRR Send Off.  NOTE:  If you’ve never been to the Lodge, it’s at Rea and Colony and is notable for it’s murals of Judas and Benedict Arnold.  My understanding is that Snowden guy is the night manager.
  • Lots of other announcements and events going on.  Check the weekly email and keep your eyes on twitter.  Follow @F3Area51 and @F3Nation.

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The Hoff
The Hoff
10 years ago

TR, those burners look PAINFUL. Made me kind of glad I chose to Ruck it up this morning. Nice work guys…does anyone have any hair left after that?

10 years ago

Young Love, Crab Cake and Monkey Joe were beasts. If I ever need to push a weight down a road on one leg at a rapid pace, I know who I’m calling.

Hair Band
10 years ago

T-claps to my teammates: Lab Rat, Bubbles & Night Court. Smokeboots + hairburners = exchange places with last group. Strong work boys!

Really strong work by all for a great Tiger Rag smack down.

10 years ago

Complete smokefest – literally. Bulldog deserves the claps on our team. The guy is a machine. T/R – Thanks for the w/o, always appreciate the element of suprise.

10 years ago

Appreciate the shout out Yankee but was wondering how we traded you for Clowncar after the inchworms? I had the awkward conversation with the principal when he pulled up to the back of the pax and asked “what an earth are you guys doing?” It was difficult to convey my response breathless and jelly legged so I just said “some stupid workout that guy up there with the goatie made up!”

Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

I’ll take the ownership on that one…..my bad completely, I thought you all were behind me. The lack of O2’s was hindering my ability to think clearly. Until next time!

High Tide
10 years ago

Hairburners sound brutual.
The Lodge comments caused me to literally LOL…

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