I got fired…

I got fired…

I have been fired one other time,  it was years ago and I was cutting grass for a job in college….we can leave that there.  In any case,  I was reminded Monday morning that I was on Q Wednesday at Dromedary and I’m like Yea sounds good. Then Premature PM’s me on Tuesday night,  I didn’t answer in his 30 second window… and he fires me!!! Graciously he rehired me and I was able to Q.

Warm up:  We did stuff

Work Out:  We did other stuff

Moleskin: It was freakn cold but we didn’t stay cold for long,  although Premature fired me he worked hard,  Fiji always has a positive attitude, Goodfella is losing some of his baby weight and I am seeing some getty up in his step. Shop is always a rock and pushes himself.  Schnitzel can handle anything you throw at him now.  Soft Pretzel and Das are brothers you always want at your side.

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Husband to an amazing wife, father of 3 daughters, recipient of grace I don't deserve. I got it good!

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