Finding Tuck

Finding Tuck

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Warmed up with an opening mile on route to the famous “Frank and Beans” route only found in Millbridge.  Loosened up with some “Bratwurst” style exercises (minus the skip-kick thing).  For Waxhaw Express, this is Week 3 of an 8 week plan to prepare us for a 5k/10k race on July 4th weekend.  Today’s workout was simple to say, not so simple to execute.  Basically, we ran 10min on/2 min off.  The 10 min was at T pace (T = Threshold, your 1 hr long race pace, usually about 1 min longer per mile than your 1 mile race pace).  While your processing that, consider after our 10 min T-Pace, we got 2 min off/jog.  2 minutes never went by so quick …  Rinse and repeat for 3 sets!


Good job by all PAX, including a couple of cyclists.  It was good having Bratwurst there to oversee his 8 week plan in action.  We had all levels of runners working hard in the hills of Millbridge.  Gerber was at the pointy end with Tooltime on his hip.  I watched in admiration.  Scuba Steve (my Navy Seal neighbor) has been hopping on the Waxhaw Express lately, good to get him on dry ground.  Endo and Bratwurst joined us too, despite Bratwurst recent MTB accident.  He decided MTB is hazardous to his health (and I concur), we also contemplated a name swap between him and Endo???  Glidah was missing Dasher, but held his own quite well, he was right there for all three rounds, possibly regretting every minute of it:)  And , we had two Train patrols on their MTB’s, Fuse and Posse!  Last but not least, there was a lot of hype and buzz among the PAX in anticipation of TUCK’s EPIC return to Pursuit from quarantine.  PAX searched the hills of Millbridge High & Low for TUCK, only to later discover someone Fart Slacked this morning.  We miss you Tuck!


100For100 – Half way there!  Give what you can.  Yours truly took us out.

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