Hump Day Recruiting Trip

Hump Day Recruiting Trip

Back to Dromedary for a Hump Day Recruiting trip to the Rosecliff hood for what would turn out to be more of a huffing and puffing, try to get your wind back fest for me…. My main focus today was getting us safely off campus so we didn’t cross paths with the other group of 10 that was wandering around MRHS&MS led by the consummate HIM, Goodfella. I think we successfully accomplished that task and got some miles in the process.  Recorded over 3.6 miles (some more, some less but we’ll get to that later) which is uncommon but not unheard-of for a 45 minute bootcamp and still got in some total body work (mostly core).

DiCCS & 10-10-FART delivered, Count off by 2’s and get in groups for launch.


Mosey from Teacher lot (had to move COT due to caution tape at student lot entrance) down to the student lot and came back up and around teacher lot all while doing 10 X SSH IC & 10 X IW IC at two separate stops then moseyed to Globe where we circled up for plank work and then Merkins X 10 IC, Calf Stretch and Upward/Downward Dog while explaining the route.


Moseyed to Rosecliff hood for a Burpee Ladder up to 9. Stop at each street lamp and do Burpees beginning with one at first lamp and add one rep at each lamp up to 9 where we ended in a culdesac. (45 Burpees total). As Noonan and I discussed, We realized at about the 4th lamp that this was a terrible idea but everyone pushed through. Thanks to BC for leading the Mary.

The Triple Nickel Mile – Start out running to next Culdesac 0.1 mi away and do 5 X BBSU and return to previous Culdesac for 5 X V-Ups, R/R X 5 for a total distance of 1.0 mi. (This is where we ran into discrepancies with the total milage b/c depending where you stopped to do your tummy work, you may have ran more or less than other PAX).

Mosey back to other Culdesac and entered the walking trail from there.  Trail was a little washed out from rain and no maintenance but we found smooth spots and made it out with no turned ankles, thankfully. We stopped at the fork in the trail for some reverse plank Knee-ups X 20 and to catch our breath a little all while taking in the view of the pond.

Mosey back to other entrance of the hood and heard some Geese hissing at us along the bank of the pond. (Apparently that is a first for Gerber) I’ve experienced this phenomenon before but I didn’t see the Geese and it “skeered” me a little bit causing me to jump to my left thinking we had run up on a snake or something. I was quickly relieved at the scene of a family of Geese walking near us rather than a copperhead at my feet.

Maryed in the Culdesac nearest the entrance of Rosecliff with 10 X IW as we picked up the SIX and caught our breath a little bit before returning to campus.

Mosey to campus the long way around the MS and stopped for Mary at the bus lot. Did more core work with a round of Heels to Heaven and Freddy Mercury’s, then plank for 1.5 minutes rotating between high and 6″ plank.

AYG to COT and done.

A lot of running today and mostly core work to expose those abs for the M’s in our lives. I hope everyone got something out of the workout today whether it was that you went out of your comfort zone or a conversation you had with a PAX that was meaningful to you or you realized following Carb Load for a workout is a bad idea or anything else in between you needed. Way to push fellas and I hope to see you all in the Gloom as we move forward with the new normal.


100 Men, $100 Challenge, donate if/what you can but no shame if you can’t

Waxhaw Express running gurus meeting at Mill Bridge Clubhouse for speed work tomorrow, 5/14

Zinfandel & Deadwood on Q at the Floater tomorrow for a “REAL” workout

YHC took us out with a prayer

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