One Bite, Everyone Knows The Rules

One Bite, Everyone Knows The Rules

So much asphalt at this campus and how would I use it? What can we get done in an hour and what will I even do after not Qing since Halloween you’re welcome. No costume planned, additional 10 pounds of holiday weight and I’m ready after spending a good full 30 minutes with my bidet this AM. .

I was running a bit behind writing my wienke on my trusty Piedmont Gas Bill envelope. It was a simple, constantly moving plan with pain in-between to keep that HR up! My 35th Q so far and I’m finally finding my repeatable pain groove and stride.

DiCCS given while tying shoes which surprisingly upset a few people. Bottlecap’s candy cane lipstick flavor only has a few days left but sadly he was nowhere to be found. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the entrance and back. Circle up for….

1. 35 x SSH IC

2. 12 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC (after Frack showed up I had to do his favorite exercise)

3. 12 x Merkins IC

4. 28 x Imperial Walker

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

Mosey long way out to main road and back to the school for Bear Docks! This asphalt looked nice but holy hell it might as well have been made of glass. My hands are actually sore. If you can complete the full exercise up to 40 bear crawls and 10 dry docks you have my full, full respect. If not, keep pushing because these Webb’s are a real test of your physical growth. Once you complete one of these it’s major milestone!

Mosey to school loop and pair up. Partner 1 does a hot lap, while partner 2 completes:

• 100 x donkey kicks

• 200 x big boy situps

• 100 x Bobby Hurleys

Let’s mosey to other side of the school. Grab some wall.

• 35 x dips

• 35 x Air presses with heel lifts

• 35 x Jabs with Toe Lifts

• 25 x dips

Mosey to front of school. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 4 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds.

Mosey to Entrance. Switch between 20 x Speedskaters and 20 x Monkey Humpers at each light.

Mosey back to the front of school. Big Gas Webb again to close out the last 5 rounds.

Split into two groups. One group hot laps while avoiding stepping in dog shit and the other does:

• Elbow planks

• Plank jacks

• Squats

Back to COT with 75 seconds left and it’s time for 10 burpees OYO. Finished.

Thanks Mad Dog for the fastest prayer in this history of all COTs. One little race with Gerber and dude’s heart was ticking out of his chest. Hahaha.

Great coffeeteria as well!


15 pax for a semi wet, no grass filled morning at this wonderful campus. Apparently I was a little too serious on Q this morning compared to my normal jibber jabber but I live by the mantra, “If you can’t do it, you shouldn’t Q it”. The idea is simple but if you as the Q can’t actually complete the exercise yourself then you can’t call it out. It should serve as motivation!

When I first started these Webb’s I felt like I was going to literally die. Merkins with air presses. Bear crawls with dry docks. Ab Webb’s. Lt Dans. They are great measuring tools for your growth and I can literally remember the exact day I completed each of the above Webb’s without a break.

Heading into 2020 it’s time to set BHAGs! Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Tell them to your friends and family to help with accountability. Write them on post it notes and put them on your bathroom mirror to serve as a reminder. I accomplished all kinds of absurd things this year and it’s because I put them out into the universe.

Today was my 25th Q out of my 204 total posts in 2019! I’ve covered 594 miles this year where 19 months ago I haven’t done that much of anything in 10+ years. If you aren’t cheering for yourself on you are missing out. Chase your friends, challenge yourself and succeed at new things next year. Just had a conversation last week with BC about how he challenges himself each morning. Same thing with Stase this morning! Those bros are in wicked good shape minus the the tennis arms and are still chasing after something. Why aren’t you?

I’m not intending to be braggadocios but it’s important to celebrate the milestones regardless if it upsets Posse. Cheers homies, see you all in two days!


Watchtower Convergence on 12/31 at Bushwood. 6:30 start time (i think) and I’ve got the Q. Get excited!

1/1 Convergence for Chiseled and Dromedary but meeting at Cuthbertson @ 7am. Q plan TBD.

Dryuary (boring) planned for all 31 FREAKIN’ days of January. Damn it Bottlecap!

Weight loss challenge hosted by Foundation! More details coming soon but I think the goal is to see more of your “member” in 2020. Not a bad sales tactic to be reunited with parts of your body you haven’t seen since high school….

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