Robot Virgin Asks Was it Good for You

Robot Virgin Asks Was it Good for You

Before my VQ I thought of how this BB would go.  I was prepared to begin with a quote from Steinbeck or Robert Burns about the best laid schemes of mice and PAX, but somehow we stayed on the plan as planned.  Beginner’s luck prevails.

Fortunately, the errors were mostly of omission, known only to YHC, the PAX were blissfully untroubled.  Full disclosure offered here for the record & for your amusement.


We kicked off from Chic-Fil-A immediately committing VQ Error #1: forgot the disclaimer (thanks Mighty_Mite for the reminder).  With that after-thought, I confess ignorance to everything we are about to do, and promise nothing, and remind the PAX they are all on their own, etc.

After a short mosey to the large parking lot, breaking all CoP norms (admittedly based on my limited experience), I buck the trend of jumping straight to SSH, IW, merkins and the like.

Instead, we start with stretching and mobility because I’m old.  Old that is, in my ways.  Even when I was in my 20s I was never flexible, but after holding those awkward poses, and loosening up, everything just flows better and feels more alive.  The PAX may have considered this VQ Error #2, but I’m the Q so they sucked it up with minimal negative mumblechatter.

  • Hip Circle, both directions x5
  • Reach high then down into a Plank
  • Holding Plank, elevate left leg up (stretching the quad)
  • Bring left leg forward, placing foot in line with hands (right leg stays where it started in plank)
  • Twist lowering left-elbow to ground (body supported by right hand and left leg)
  • Twist in opposite direction (left arm reaching to the sky)
  • Repeat this twist x5
  • Keeping feet planted, rise up and shift weight to back/left foot (right leg stretched to the side)
  • Lower down on left leg into a Cossack Squat
  • Rise up, shifting weight onto right foot, into a Lunge, while raising arms into Sun Worshiper
  • Repeat Cossack Squat to Sun Worshiper x5
  • Recover, and repeat everything for right leg starting from Reach high

(FYI, this warm-up is part of a personal favorite called the “Cal Poly Hip Flow”). Full disclosure VQ Error #2: forgot to start the timer that was to keep us on schedule for the whole workout.   It was diligently setup to beep at key intervals ensuring we stay on schedule.   No harm, no foul, and no one the wiser, we were sufficiently lubricated and proceed to standard CoP activity.

15 reps of each:

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Cherry Picker
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • da Vinci Cartwheel (an AO first!?)

During these reps, the most blatant VQ Error #3: embarrassing lack of ability to count in cadence.  I knew this would be awkward, but did not expect my voice to be so distracting while trying to keep the pace and not lose count.  It was weirdly surreal in the gloom.  Who knew I needed to practice counting to three.  Fortunately the PAX were patient and endured.

The Thang – in the Playground

We mosey to the plentiful playground offering many structures for fun and games.  The PAX grouped into pairs, and did a circuit of 10-15 reps each, for two rounds:

  • Supine Row @ railings on stairs (angled, for extra pleasure)
  • Incline merkin
  • Step up on wall
  • Mosey around the field to the playground
  • Pull up &/or negative PU
  • Derkin on wall, repeat

Fun Fact, another first for me was using this area of the AO.  I’m not sure why it is so often overlooked.

VQ Error #4: have to ask the PAX for time check, we were on schedule but had to get moving.   While we mosey across to Elevation Parking lot, I not so stealthily divert my 2.0 minions to the task of unloading some toys while distracting the PAX with some more mosey in the parking lot (all numbers are completely fictional):

  • Mosey 150 yards to speed bump (don’t stop)
  • Sprint  50 yards to stop sign (don’t stop)
  • Mosey 150 yards further to stop sign (pause for slow pokes, i.e. YHC)
  • return, following same pattern

Upon return my robotic 2.0’s Johnny5 & T1000 have setup 3 olympic bars for the PAX to partake in geared good times (95#, 75# 65#). VQ Error #5: not being more clear with 2.0s on where to put the bars (On the wet grass! Really?!  Dad-mode OFF, keep your cool in front of the PAX).  Six more steel plates also available for other interesting activities (2 each: 45#, 35#, 25#).

The Thang – with Toys

Again divided into pairs, we have a moderately complex rotation of 4 movements.  After hoping I’ve demonstrated and explained the rotation sufficiently (doubtful) with partner, alternate 10-15 reps each pair of exercises:

  • Deadlift w/ bar & partner holds Side Plank   (2 rounds)
  • Overhead Squat w/ plate & Fire Hydrant   (2 rounds)

With pairs of pairs working on pairs of exercises for a couple of rounds I’m not sure why anyone would get confused.  But with any luck, everyone got in two sets of each.  After that round, we did the same with 4 new exercises, or rather, two more pairs:

  • Clean /w bar & bw Squat
  • Lunge w/ plate & Superman

I had an extra round ready in case we got ahead of schedule, but it was not necessary, probably because of the time lost when I babbled on about how to perform the following exercises or rotations.  VQ Error #6: not being more prepared on how to explain a complex rotation.  Next time I’ll bring a white board with pictures showing the order – just kidding.  We had just enough time to mosey back.


With only a couple of minutes remaining, not shy at all, we lay on the sidewalk next to drive-thru line and squeeze in some Mary with 20 Rosalittas and box-cutters (which isn’t as hot as it sounds).


Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, VQ Error #7: not starting these in proper order.  VQ Error #8: forgot to record names and announcements risking my BB doesn’t give credit where due (thanks to Mighty_Mite & War Eagle I think I have everyone).  Announcements included two upcoming convergences on New Year’s Eve, one at Bushwood, another at Bagpipe (sorry if I forgot others).   Before wrapping up we were interrupted with the gift of free coffee and water by the best coffeetaria of any AO in existence.   Taken out by YHC giving thanks for the fact we all have the strength and commitment to keep showing up, supporting and challenging each other to do our best, with prayers for guidance as we prepare for the new year and all it brings.

While it may have been my first time, it was good for me.  I hope it was good for the PAX & I look forward to our next time.

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4 years ago

Nice VQ and thanks for stepping up last minute! Especially when the 2.0’s broke out weights worthy of Gold’s Gym from a tiny car. I’m still sore from the Urinating Dog 🐕 move. Ouch!

4 years ago

Dad-mode! Love it, and congrats!!

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