The Floater

The Floater

Will the streak ever die? Probably but not today! 15 men joined me at the worst AO in Waxhaw to burn 500 of the 5000 calories they probably consumed during Christmas dinner.

I arrived in Waxhaw around 5:00 to set out a few cones and scope out some uncharted territory. At 5:22 the Christmas dinner started talking as I made a dash to the convenient store only to find both restrooms out of order!!! Porta Jon!! I knew there would be a few at the new apartments in the heart of downtown.  PJ found and crisis averted but I rolled up to the AO at 5:14.59! I hopped out of the car yelling out DiCCs and let’s mosey!!

We took off towards the tracks as 2 more cars rolled in….AUDIBLE #1 circle back for the late guys. Gerber and I led the way back to the AO to pick up the lone Pax only to discover they were not pax and were headed inside a building with Yoga mats… We gone!


Mosey from AO, down Another Bad Idea and along the back streets of Waxhaw to our final resting place at Pizza Hut. Circle up!

SSH x 10 IC

Merkins x 5 IC – Regular, Wide, Diamond


I think I skipped the calf stretch!! Sorry Gerber

The Thang:

Partner up:

P1 runs around the building, P2 walking lunges – Down and back 600 yards


#1 Burpee at each of the 7 cones increasing by 1/ 5 squats at the start – Stop at the end

#2 Alternate Carolina Dry Docks 5/10/5/10 at each cone/10-speed skaters at the start

Capt. Therkin 1 BBSU / 4 random ab exercises w/ 4 merkins 2/8/4 etc.

Partner up:

P1 inchworms across the lot, P2 runs a lap Audible #2  YHC decided the inchworm was too easy and changed to bear crawl. When you reached the end crawl bear back. RECOVER

We headed straight back to the AO and arrived at 5:15.10ish

Solid work by all and it felt great to Q again, and thanks for letting me lead! Merry Christmas fellas!!! Thanks to Mad Dog for taking us out.



Legal Zoom on Q @ Clyent Dinner





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