Because somebody thought this was a good idea

Because somebody thought this was a good idea

When the decision was made to converge the great SOB/A51 hybrid sites for the weeks around Christmas and New Years, YHC thought “hey thats a neat idea.”  Then somebody mentioned that a “swifter” should Q the FT workout today to which I thought “gee that’d be swell.”  Then Purrell suggested YHC should do it…well the trend ended there, but he thought it was a good idea and so we found ourselves in the gloom embarking on a bit of an adventure.  You see, YHC had never posted at Latin prior to this morning.  Complicating things further, this would be the first time I’d attempted to Q a running workout… so… here goes.


The Thang:

Gather round the parking lot and at the tick of 0515 wait for Voodoo to clamber out of his soccer-mom-mobile and tie is shoes so we could commence warming up at 0516.  Mosey around the big new building adjacent to the track, around behind same building and back down to the track (much to Haze’s protestations.)

Partner up with a PAX about your speed for AMRAP running work

Partner 1: Commence 400 intervals with 200 recovery

Partner 2: Run the same loop as during warm up (about .4 miles)

Flapjack. Repeato. The partners figure out the right way to switch out, but quite a few “I’m halfway through the 400” happened. By YHC’s math, the faster pairs completed 13-14 400s before I called everyone back to the gate.

Divide the group of “partner 1s” and “partner 2s” into 2 teams

Team 1:Flipper, Turkey Leg, Wild Turkey, Purple Haze, Woodson, Alf, Rosie

Team 2: Taco Stand, VooDoo, Laronda, Citgo, Astro, Wolverine, Purell

4 PAX from each team walk over to the far corner for a 7X200 relay as outlined above with a bit of a wrinkle (more on that later.)  It was quite the event, ending in a narrow margin victory by team 1.

Mosey back around the building for a final cool down and back to the cars for COT with HawkPipe.


Today was much more of a success than I could have possibly hoped, with the PAX getting into the variety of format and grinding out some very aggressive turns during the 400 intervals. By 45 minutes in I was completely smoked and called the unplanned race segment as a way to camouflage the state of my flagging legs.

The relay was truly Epic, with TacoStand getting Team 2 off to a great start and opening close to 100 meter lead out of the gate.  The margin opened and closed intermittently over the following legs with Woodson bringing team 1’s deficit down to about 25 meters right at the end.  YHC was running to catch Wolverine (and hand off to Rosie who was the team 1 anchor) but the respect is strong and my legs were as mentioned before.  Upon reaching the opposite corner imagine my surprise to see the bald greatness of Purrel, rocking his wife’s tights yet again, awaiting the tag from YHC.  Off he went, and dang that man is FAST.  Little did YHC know, Rosie is nursing a bit of a bum foot and Purrel convinced him to flop teams when the lead continued to be significant for team 2.  Purrel, not to be beaten by his own artifice, blazed through 200 meters in what looked like 30 seconds flat to edge Rosie by a thin margin.

Also, Thin Mint and Polly were around somewhere doing the rogue thing… see them for details

Today’s workout was targeted at friendly competition, both in the pairings and the race.  Having an adversary who can challenge us to put that next little bit into our performance encourages us to stretch, dig deep and develop performance in a way our internal motivation often can’t.  Find somebody who tests you, and beat them, rinse then repeat.

YHC is reminded this time of year how much I am blessed by my strength of body and the strength of support I receive every day from the PAX.  In year 6, YHC continues to be amazed by the power of this thing we call F3.  Thank you to Purell for letting me be a part of FastTwitch, and to my brothers for being a part of your lives.

I truly hope each and every one of you has an amazing holiday week and enjoys time with your families and friends for Christmas.


Flipper Out

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