A Burpin’ and a squatin’

A Burpin’ and a squatin’

I can’t stand working out in the cold…. I post based on the 3 warmest mornings for the week. Since I had no choice today and saw we’d be sniffing freezing temps I had to make sure I could feel all my fingers and toes before holding heavy metal objects for a prolonged period of time. I thought what better way to get the blood flowing than a bunch of burpees and squats… over a hill.


Mosey across the parking lot and quick fakie toward entrance then hard left to the very back parking lot which apparantly no one has seen until today. You’re welcome I guess?

Emp Walkers x 10 IC
Tater Pickers x 10 IC
Calf Stretch hold plank
Mtn Climbers x 10 IC
Merkins x 10
Peter Parkers x 10 IC
Short mosey back to Mt. Chiseled for instructions on how to sweat in near freezing conditions.


Short and sweet this one.

Burpee / Squat 10-1 over Mt. Chiseled
10 burpees – over and down the hill – 1 squat
(lots of burpees, squats, hills, heavy breathing)
1 burpee – over and down the hill – 10 squats

My theory was proven as several Pax were already steaming under the parking lot lights.

As we moseyed over to the row of pain stations I had laid out Schneider comes sprinting out front as if he’d just utilized the all important turbo mushroom in Mario Kart. Loved that extra push and energy today!

Assembly Line of Pain w/ Runner Timer

  1. Coupon swing
  2. Coupon jumps squats
  3. DB curls
  4. DB kick backs
  5. Plank DB rows
  6. Bar thrusters
  7. KB clean and press
  8. BB sit ups
  9. Merkins
  10. Pistol squat
  11. DB Man makers
  12. DB ‘Merica Hammers
  13. Tire flip
  14. Runner – around main parking lot

Well we knocked that out in about 11 minutes. Mostly because each Pax selflessly hustled and ran when it was there turn. Many times we default to a mosey when things get tough… but not today. I had planned to rinse and repeat to try and best the groups time but the clock helped us do that anyway. By shortening our run we were able to complete another assembly line of pain in about 6ish minutes and it was time for COT.


We had 14 total PAX come out today near freezing temps. Not too shabby. Gotta say I’m loving this whole Q thing… It gives me even more reason to get up before most of the world and help create something positive in someone’s life. That’s a big deal. So, thank you for allowing me to be an official part of the Chiseled Q team! I know Banjo will bring it as a new site Q over at Homecoming with Posse. We all need to post over there and show some love.


Effies this Saturday 12/07 – Fuse box claims this is the hardest he laughs all year so you know it must be a good time. BYOB

DT Waxhaw cleanup 12/14
Zinfandel beer exchange that night

Happy Hour Thursday 6:30pm 12/05 – Wesley Chapel Hickory Tavern

God speed!

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