Smoked Shoulders served cold

Smoked Shoulders served cold

It was too cold to take the Wienke out this morning, so I was running blind and planning as I go.  Handed the DICCS out and off we went.

Mosey around the block to N. Main Street and cross the train tracks heading towards the skate park.  Keep moseying to the basketball courts at south providence for warm up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 imperial walkers

15 x Plank jacks

Calf stretches

10 x six-inch plank jacks

The Thang

Head over to bad idea for a triple nickel triple. I am not going to make anyone run up and down that hill 5 time. 5 burpees at one side of the hill and 5 burpees at the other side of the hill.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosey over Waxhaw Elementary school in front of the school where there are 3 rows of parking. Perfect for bear crawls.  Start at the far end of the parking lot on row 1 and bear crawl to the other end.  Stop in the middle for 10 bobby Hurley’s. Lunge walk around the island to row 2 and bear brawl back to the other end of the parking lot stopping in the middle for 10 bobby hurleys. I was going to bear crawl one more time down row 3 but would have lost the group for sure.  So, let’s mosey instead….

Mosey back to COT area and grab some wall for Mike Tyson’s and donkey kicks.  4 rounds with no break in between rounds.

Round 1: 20 MT’s and 20 DK’s

Round 2: 15 MT’s and 15 DK’s

Round 3: 10 MT’s and 10 DK’s

Round 4: 5 MT’s and 5 DK’s

Mosey to COT.  45 seconds left… abs to close it out.

The Moleskin

Thanks to the 12 other guys who joined me in 20-degree weather this morning.  It was freezing but we stayed moving (for the most part…lots of guys laying around during the MT’s) to keep the blood flowing. It’s always a pleasure to get out and lead a great group of men no matter what the weather. It takes an extra level of dedication to get out in the winter time and post, but I always feel better on the days that I do. I was hoping to copy and paste announcements from pursuit, but they were too lazy to put them in the B.B.


  • Christmas Party – This Saturday. $25/pp or $15/pp with gift. @ Lawson Clubhouse
  • Gladiator work out – Saturday at 6:30am @ Cuthbertson
  • Virtual Ruck – Saturday November 23rd 8:00am – see Dana for details

Thanks Chastain for taking us out 

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