Dromedary WAMRAP

Dromedary WAMRAP

11 Pax showed up today for the Monthly Wednesday AMRAP at Marvin Ridge High School. 

Disclaimer and Safety instructions given at 5:29am, Lanternsand chalk-marked stations were already set out, so grab a Lifting Rock for 2 of the 7 stations and drop them. Time for a quick warm-up…SSH + Quad Stretch + Low Slow Squat + IPW + MTC. 


Here is what this quarter’s course and (7) Stations look like:

  1. Box Jumps/Step-ups x 20
  2. Merkins x 20
  3. Bicep Curls x 20
  4. Big Boy Sit-ups x 20
  5. Tricep Extensions x 20
  6. Heels-to-HeavenFlutter x 20 my bad on picking the wrong exercise
  7. 1 x Burpee per # Laps Completed


Everyone worked very hard today, and it is clear that the Pax is getting stronger, faster, more fit every month. The numbers have improved and there isn’t much of a gap anymore:

Dasher takes today’s title with 6.3 Laps completed! 

Centerfold = 6.2 Laps

Carb Load = 5.6 Laps 

The Knish = 5.3 Laps

Pocahontas = 5.2 Laps

Garbage Plate (2.0) = 5.2 Laps

Honeycomb = 4.6 Laps

Old McDonald = 4.4

Rudy = 4.3 Laps

Legalized = 4.3 Laps

The Grease Monkey = 4 Laps


Filling in to lead the WAMRAP is pretty easy.  I will step in to lead the first Monday of any month.  Thank you all for allowing me to lead what little I did today.  The thing I love about an AMRAP is 30 minutes of non-stop movement, there are no breaks.  Each person pushes as hard as they can for that time encouraging the rest of the Pax along the way.  Everyone crushed it today!  

Almost forgot to mention we lost Rudy for a bit. He went to the woods looking for a bear so we had to start without him. His numbers may have been a little low and he felt lighter in his shoes.

Have a safe fourth of July!  Enjoy your families, friends, and food.  

WUC – Nesbit tomorrow at 6:30 for a brutal 4thof July special.  Not sure where Deadwood came up with this insane idea.

Thank you Centerfold, for taking us out.  

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