Where, oh where, has the Q gone? … Who cares, we’ve got FNGs!

Where, oh where, has the Q gone? … Who cares, we’ve got FNGs!

A super strong 28(!) ecstatic PAX posted at Basecamp, and as YHC was 30 secs late, Smash led the group into circle that YHC was astounded to take notice was a 28 strong (!) [did I mention that already?]  And they were ready…

getting warmed-up; COP ->
20x SSH
20x imperial walker,
20x SLOW squats
15 x merkin,
15 x Carolina dry dock, squats

circuits at station #1; mosey to the baseball bleachers ->
Divide into groups of 3
20 dips -> 20 incline push  -> 20 LBCS

20 supine pullups -> 20 CDDs  -> 20 Squats

Putting it together… you choose the pain level
Reps 10-15 each of:
 dips -> incline push  -> LBCs   -> suppine pullups -> CDDs -> Squats

getting to cardio @station #2; mosey to the track with either a) rail walk or b) stair hops, followed by a long lung walk

Partner Up

-> Push/Sled:  P1 down, p2 back
-> Pull/Anchor:  P1 down, p2 back

Reverse Run with LBCs
-> P1: down for LBCs
-> P2: 100m down, 100m back
-> Flapjack

Karaoke Run with CDDs
-> P1: down for CDDs
-> P2: 100m down, 100m back
-> Flapjack

Obligatory Burpees
10x on your own

Shut down
4 Mins of wall love

– YHC was truly inspired to see a large crowd on a Monday AM, and truly sorry for arriving even a brief moment late
– Thanks to Smash, for always being willing to lead the pack
– the F3 magic continues, as an outstanding 5 FNG’s were EH’ed into a Monday AM
– SPECIAL KUDOS to LowTide, who showed up and showed out(!), for a 5:30am on HIS FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!
– Additional KUDOS to Robin Hood, who I am continually impressed by
Great day, gents!


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