Foggy Glasses is a good sign

  • When:12/2/14
  • QIC: Stone cold
  • The PAX: Fireman Ed, Cottonmouth, Feedom, Hairband, Hightide, Wabbit, Alf, Young Love, Semigloss, Drop Thirll, Horsehead, Runstopper, Puddin'Pop, Splinter, Sanka, Kimpossible, Fletch, Yankee, Simba, Chanel, Header, Pseu-Pseudio, Crabcake, Stone cold (QIC)

Foggy Glasses is a good sign

Two dozen of the south’s finest left the fartsack, shined up the kettlebell and proceeded to suck in the gloom.

The Thang:

SSH x 25

Two hand swing x 25

Imperial Walker x 20

Alternating One hand swing x 25

Good mornings x 15

Rack em and mosey to entrance;  Partner up like size bells

Pt#1 sprint to first cone and do merkins til Pt# 2 (Farmer’s carry) arrives; plank

COP:  20 swings, 15 Sumo squat to upright rows, 10 Clean-squat-press (5R/5L)

Pt#2 sprint to second cone and do wide arm merkins til Pt#1 (Farmer’s carry) arrives; plank

COP: 20 swings, 15 Sumo squat to upright rows, 10 Clean-squat-press (5R/5L)

Pt#1 sprint to third cone and do diamonds til Pt#2(Farmer’s carry) arrives; plank

COP: 20 swings, 15 Sumo squat to upright rows, 10 Clean-squat-press (5R/5L)

Pt# 2 sprint to fourth cone and do CDDs til Pt#1 (Farmer’s carry) arrives; plank

COP: 20 swings, 15 Sumo squat to upright rows, 10 Clean-squat-press (5R/5L)

Grab some Hill (without partner)

20 High pulls (10R/10L), up the hill; 10 merkins

15 Goblet squats, up the hill; 10 wide arms

10 Snatches (5R/5L), up the hill; 10 diamonds

Mosey back to flagpole


Dolly KB press x 20

Jack Abs:  4 LBCs/ 1 Dolly up to 24/6

Flutter KB press x 15

10 KB burpess OYO


Naked Moleskin:

You know you’ve dialed up a nice beatdown when a) Runstopper’s fashoinable specs get all fogged up halfway through the workout, b) Simba tweets that he can’t hold the phone and c) Splinter follow that with “I can’t turn the steering wheel”

Gotta love to see Freedom becoming a fixture at Skunkworks; strong work out there Big guy!

It was great to see Kotter’s like Yankee back out as well as Crabcake returning from his GoRuck experience.  Congrats!

YHC grabbed some of this workout from an old Combine BB (thanks Metro).  They also seemed to comment on the long Farmer carries that tooks it’s toll on the arms, shoulders and grip.

Jack Abs is a tough one to do and Q but it’s one that we should bring back every once in a while.  (a Hops favorite)

Sanka and Chanel look alike…yes, I am just saying that.

Where was Brown, Bulldog, Busch and all the other pax that start with a “B”?

It was an honor to lead you gents this am.  Sorry for some of the barking (“Stay” is not really in the workout lingo, yet)


Runstopper’s special service announcement for the Pax to come to The Rock on Sat.  something special is planned, he says.

3rd F tomorrow at Bojangles, South Park.  Sanka is Q.

Christmas party on Sat night- should be a great time.

High Tide then plugs Meathead


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Hair Band
7 years ago

Solid beatdown Stone Cold, even with some Advil in my system I am feeling the effects.
Glad we didn’t have time to do two rounds around the church, one was enough!

Run Stopper
7 years ago

Foggy Glasses were not fun.. I think I called hairband – Tiger Rag…#SUCKSTOBEBLIND

Good work this morning SC. I actually just cut my sleeves off my Calvin Klein suit and shirt at the office because I want to be like you. Now im surfing chinese websites looking for #MiracleHeightGrow to make me taller. #wannabelikestonecold #whyamiusinghastags?

Hair Band
Reply to  Run Stopper
7 years ago

Hey Run Stopper, no crazy TR shirt + no Clemson Orange kettlebell + I’m probably the same height as you = #NotTigerRag #Blindasabat

Drop Thrill
7 years ago

Run Stopper I’m so sad (or am I?) that I’m on Q at Outland Saturday. 🙂


Thanks Freedom for taking the extra bell work on as my arm decided it didn’t like me carrying those things around. #iblamehorsehead #istillblamehairband

7 years ago

2 reasons for commenting on this workout which I did not attend:
1) I’ve never heard of nor called for Jack Abs, but appreciate the gratuitous shout-out SC
2) During FT – saw 2 tomatoes walking and one asked about Runstopper #manabouttown

Big day Saturday at The Rock & Sugar Creek Brewery!

Reply to  Hops
7 years ago

He didn’t say you were a Jack Abs . . .

Run Stopper
Reply to  Hops
7 years ago

L.L.R.S. (LADIES LOVE RUN STOPPER)even in the gloom.

Reply to  Stone Cold
7 years ago

Wow – most have stolen that from another backblast…tis the F3 way. Glad you dusted it off. Apparently my memory is failing me miserably

Reply to  Hops
7 years ago

You know what you are, Hops? A Backblast Johnny:

7 years ago

SC, although I told you yesterday I couldn’t make it, I knew you would have a good plan and couldn’t stay away. The pain did not disappoint. My forearms felt like they would explode after that first extra long round of farmers carry #measurenexttime

Professor Runstopper couldn’t find his pockets for his specs.

Sanka and Fletch were flying.

Thanks to Chanel for encouraging me to not cheat myself by cutting a 5′ corner across a median. There was no turning back.

7 years ago

not safe to post at skunks and drive afterwards. I did not hear that in the disclaimer. I want my money back SC!

7 years ago


High Tide
7 years ago

Solid beatdown – forearms smoked.
Agreed, Runstopper is a #manabouttown. and blind.
#twinsies were in effect
Jack Abs looks and sounds easy, but that only lasts about to 12&3.
As for the weekly Meathead plug, #demographics

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