Cone Drill gone Wrong

Cone Drill gone Wrong

20 PAX showed up at Impromptu for a humidity filled session of confusion and work. Confusion right out of the gate as HalfBack thought he was on Q. Maybe there was some confusion on decoding Millennial. We’ve got it ironed out and HalfBack is on Impromptu Q 4 Fridays from last Thursday, but skip a week for the holiday.

Warm-up – Promptly at 5:30:00 (chalk one up for the Q)+1
Mosey to front of the middle school
20 SSH
15 Cherry Pickers
15 Low Slow Squat
15 Merkins
10 Mountain Goats – for some reason this new entrant intot the warm-up was not feeling the love (-1)

The Thang
consists of a 4 exercise “bundle” (Dips, Derkin, Burpee and LBC’s)
Do 10 of the “bundle”, then 15 of the “bundle” and then 20 of the “bundle”
Pax seemed to catch on after some initial mumble chatter – but it faded (+1)

Mosey to back of middle school – stop at tables by Cafe- then jail break to the corner of the school just past the dips benches.
The order would align the partner work. First one in paired with last on in and so on

The AMRAP has been in the closet for the past few months so I thought it was timme to start bringing it back to life. My thought was to bring it back in sections > with today’s attempt hoping to last 20 minutes.

Now to the BearmudaTriangle/Line
Was supposed to be pretty simple – however the football field was off limits so had to change it up on the fly.
This is what ensued:

This is what it should have looked like –
P1 runs to the dip bench area – does 5 Bobby Hurley’s and then 5 Dips – runs back to Triangle
P2 bear crawl to cone 1 – do 1 burpee. bear crawl to cone 2 – 2 Burpees. Bear Crawl to cone 3 – 3 burpess. Each time you finish cone three that counts as a round. The goal was to have a mini competition and count rounds. (Q fail -5)

Cut losses
Mosey to cut out for partner work
100 squats
150 Crab Cakes

5:15 End (Q+1)

Welcome FNG Davis Mcowsky (sp) – another jersey escapee – comes from Rahway (known for route 1/9 and a prison) – F3 name = Dufresne (silent s fellas) from the Tim Robbins charracter in Shawshank redemption Andy Dufresne.

COTS – August 5th – let Lou know – we’ll meet up and clown car to Uptown
Brooklyn Pizza – 3rd F Monday’s 7:30 or check with ShopDog for the correct time
Bible Read – church offic off of cutherbertson Sunday’s 7am – check with Lou

So stoked to get the chance to confuse/lead a great group of men thorugh the morning gloom. All put in a great effort today and were very adaptable…
Welcome back Brexit!!!! Good to see Wild Turkey making Impromptu stops…

Just a reminder that it’s never too early to start thinking about the Efffffee Awards… keep your favorite Q in charge in mind.. vote early and vote often…

Your vote counts

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