Big Girl Workout

Big Girl Workout

16 men came out to get a little better this fine morning. More on the title in a sec.

The Thang

Mosey from the launch across the multitude of parking lots passing by the front of the Whole Foods. Proceed to make our way around to the back of the Whole Foods for COP. COP consisted of the following. 10 Merkins IC. 5 Burpees OYO. 10 Low Slow Squats IC. 5 Burpees OYO. 10 Mountain Climbers IC. 5 Burpees OYO.

Short Mosey over to the parking deck stairwell 3. Instruction were given for what would follow. At ground floor level 1, 5 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 2, 10 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 3, 15 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 4 for 20 Merkins.  Stay on level 4 and run to stairwell 2 and repeat the set in reverse going down. So 20 at level 4, 15 at level 3, etc. Run to stairwell 1 and repeat the set going back up. Once the 20 Merkins were done at the top of stairwell 1, run back to the starting point using the deck ramps. A little Mary to let everyone finish. Now repeat the set, but instead of Merkins do Jump Squats. More Mary to wait on the six. Walk over to the wall near the deck entrance for People’s Chair. Drop and do 10 Donkey Kicks. Back on the wall for 45ish more seconds. Mosey out from the deck, take a right on Southgrove, and head down to Ardrey Kell. Stop at the Ardrey Kell/Southgrove intersection. Next set was stopping for called exercise at each light on the left of Ardrey Kell up to the traffic circle. Run around the traffic circle. Then do the exercises again on the way back down Ardrey Kell to the start. The first round was 5 plank jacks at each stop. The second round was 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s at each stop. A few minutes were still left so we headed back to the deck the way we came for one round of the following. 5 Burpees there at the entrance. Run up the stairs to the top level for 5 more Burpees. Run down the stairs at stairwell 1. 5 more Burpees at the bottom. Head back to the launch. Done.


Good work today men. There were a lot of guys YHC had never met before. Including Bananas who said this was only his second post after a year off. Good to have you back out.

Did the good old boy in the white van talk to anyone else? He caught YHC both times coming back to the start of the Ardrey Kell set. The first time he asked what we were doing. “Ya’ll some kinda workout group.” Why yes we are. The second time he told YHC and Pop Tart about a trainer he knew that ran ultras. He then proceeded to tell us that this trainer trains “big girls” “It’s a big girl workout.” Between what he said and the southern twang he said it in, pure awesomeness.

Thanks Pop Tart for the take out.

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BananasPosted on12:29 pm - Mar 17, 2018

Great workout Rachel. Good to meet you as well. That was a large group of some of A51’s finest mumblechatterererers…. Fun Friday is back baby! Not that I’m counting but that was my 4th time in two weeks. No big deal.

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