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Meat and Taters

18 men showed up for a great morning and a standard workout.  I haven’t been out to Hawks Nest in a while but it is one of the better AO’s in Charlotte.

The workout:  Head to big track.  1 quickish lap.

4 Corners, 25 of each at each corner. 25 Merkins, 25 Squats, 25 Situps, 25 Mountain Climbers

Lap 2, 25 dry docks, 25 monkey humpers, 25 Freddie Mercury’s, 25 lunges.

after finishing those 800 reps we ran over to the turf field.

Partner up:

P1 Run

P2 Merkins flapjack until we hit 200 reps.

Round 2 100 Jump Squats

Round 3 200 LBC’s

Head back to main parking lot for 20 burpees and we’re done.

Fun big group out there this morning with picture perfect 50 degree weather.  Semigloss went ahead and hurt himself on the very first lap.

Definitely a suspect  move as he started his own track work after resting on the bench for 10 minutes and giving himself a massage on the brick corner of the building.  Weird. 

I hope everyone enjoyed it, we had standard situations like everyone making fun of me for a disorganized start, Puddin’s sh*t ups instead of situps, Header’s condescending remarks, and Iron Horse kicking my arse.  Thanks to Hops for inviting me to lead and then helping me with my planned destinations and most of all taking us out in prayer.   I botched the PAX list with getting bombarded by Fast Twitch along with 3 or so slipping out at 6:13. 

Hawksnest 10/8/18

Hops gave me proper 48-72 hour notice that I was scheduled to Q today.  Not enough time to get into proper QIC shape but you can’t refuse once you’re on the list and the ink is dry.

The Thang:

15 Merkins IC

10 burpees

Run to pavillion benches and tables


5 rounds of 20 derkins

20 step ups 10 a leg

20 dips


Head to field


Partner up, p1 run accross field and back p2 reps until team total complete.


250 merkins

250 squats

250 Freddy Merc’s

100 dry docks


Rocks w partner, P1 Run up hill and back until total of the reps below are complete.

250 two hand presses

250 curls

250 tri extensions


Moleskine:  Today was a good reminder for me of why F3 is so successful and so important to so many.  I saw a ton of friends and also was reminded that I could be in a lot better shape by running around in the gloom with the fellas again.  As usual I don’t come up with any inventions or new exercises, or convoluted ideas, just run or finish your reps, pretty simple.  Thank you all for following the lead and I look forward to getting back out there.

SubstiQ Especial

15 regulars showed for a late called substitute Q beatdown.  I kept is unoriginal as usual but we did get a lot of work in.


Warmup: Run around John St. to 51 back down the road to the lot, almost a mile.

The Thang:

In the field at small dirt track.

100 Swings

Run Lap

100 Curls

Run Lap

100 two hand presses

Run Lap

100 Merkins

Run Lap

100 LBC’s

Run Lap

100 Tricep Extensions

Run Lap

100 Freddy Mercury’s

Run Lap

50 Teabag Squats

Run Lap

100 Good Mornings

Run Lap


Moleskine:  You boys, some of you, worked hard for 45 minutes.  This was not very enjoyable from the looks on some faces but I hope you got your money’s worth.  Anytime you are crushing high reps and running the entire time it’s efficient and effective.  Bulldog and Horsehead were a couple of the pre-runners which I think checked off their exercise for the day from seeing their in workout effort.  Funky Cold, Chin Music and Tulip were getting after it over on my side of the circle.  Busch did all of the reps that he could hear over his own talking which should account for about half.  Smokey and Yeti had to have the most mileage under their belts for the workout as they were actually finishing a whole lap.   Header left early because his wife told him to or something. Thanks for letting me lead and for not refusing to run as Bulldog tried to instruct you.  Great to hear Tulip’s daughter is on the mend, let’s keep praying for her, and thank you to Smokey for taking us out with a reminder to be what we are called to be.

Like a fart…

12 men showed up for my not as often attendance and QIC at Skunkworks.  As we waited for the pre-runners to come in we stretched, grunted, and got ready to GET SOME.

The veteran group understood that I am not a professional.


The Thang:

20 swings, 20 squats and find a partner, like sized bell.

Farmers carry to the Lacrosse field with 10 merkin chasers.

Once on the field get on the end line with your partner.

Each team would do 200 reps of each exercise.  P1 Lift, P2 run past midfield and return.  Flapjack until you hit 200.

Merkins x 200

Lawnmowers x 200

Teabag squats x 200

Curls x 200

Tricep extensions x 200

Flutter Press x 200

2 hand shoulder press x 200


Rack your bell high and mosey back to the parking lot.  Once everyone was in we hit 6:15.


That was a traditional beatdown the way the boys of Skunkworks like ’em.  Lift and run the whole time with a couple opportunities to catch a breather if you finished early.  The name of the workout, “like a fart” was due to Bulldog saying that the workout was “simple but deadly”.  It was good to see so many guys that I don’t see quite as much anymore now that I’ve been posting over at Hawks Nest or fartsacking.  Everyone seemed to be getting after it but I was in the pain tunnel for most of the workout so I’m sure I missed plenty.  My partner Orange Whip crushed it as usual.  Tackling Dummy said the workout was right in his wheelhouse until he declared it wasn’t. That was closer to 6AM when the #downpainment was setting in nicely.  Perfect weather and field conditions.  Thanks for letting me lead, and thanks to Bulldog for taking us out in prayer.  Good work gents.

Mumblechatter Jaw Workout

13 mostly outside salesman met for a cold workout, but neither the cold or the workout could shut them up.



Run down into raintree about .5 miles to a huge hill.

Run up the hill 50 merkins

back down 40

up 30

down 20

up 10


Now run up hill 50 old school situps

down 40

up 30

down 20

up 10

Run .5 miles back to parking lot for partner sprint (ish) runs and exercises

P1 run to last basketball goal and back and flapjack until done with:

200 dry docks

150 squats

200 monkey humpers

circle up for 6 MOM



This was a fun group, lots of the old school A51 gang.  Lots of mumblechatter, name calling, insults, and general tom foolery.  We covered just under 3 miles according to Geraldo’s tech package.  We did a ton of merkins, and stomachs.  Bulldog was rocking a sweet Christmas Vacation screen printed t-shirt about the only place he could wear it.  Busch was so excited about posting he forgot his hat and gloves but the fro kept him warm.   Great to see all the boys, even at 25 degrees.


Announcements:   Busch, Bulldog, and Stone Cold are starting a new 3rd F after Friday workouts at Panera starting in January.  Shore tried to name it manhole but Busch and Stone Cold didn’t think this group was mature enough to give proper respect to that title.  It will be called Man Cave.

Also, big convergence at F3 Metro tomorrow for a brother  (Bout time) with a sick child.  Make it if you can.

Convergence to Support Bout Time and family while at Hemby

Rack em and Rep em


Rack em

Walk down to benches at scout hut

Warmup of

One run to street and back

20 step ups 10 each leg

20 bench dips

20 decline Merkins 

3 rounds of

15 swings

15 presses each arm

15 weighted lunges

15 good mornings

15 decline Merkins

Run to road and back

3 rounds

15 Goblet squats

10 snatches each arm

15 2 hand press

10 1 handed swing each hand

10 kettlebell crusher curls


Rack em

Back to field



Good mix of the boys out there today.  Chin Music checked twice on me and Blazing once to make certain I was going to Q.  You guys act like I don’t post anymore.  Thanks for following my lead and working hard today guys.  Not a whole lot of mumble chatter outside of Les Mis crop dusting the other bench, and a few comments wondering if it was going to be a kettlebell workout during the KB free warmup.   Hope you got plenty of reps.

Have a fun Halloween and don’t eat any razors.

Hops, feel free to add all of the links to announcement festivities below.


They still do this

12 guys that are regs and Rip Van Winkle (YHC) for a standard boot camp.

Head to field

SSH x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Low slow squats x 10 IC

Run a lap plank
Merkin ladder 10
Run a lap plank
Low slow squat ladder 10
Run a lap plank
CDD x 50
Run a lap

Head to wall

People’s chair
20 hand raises
20 donkey kicks
Rinse and repeat

Partner up
Run over to benches
P1 alternating step ups

P2 run to top of stairs 5 Merkins and back

flapjack and repeat

P1 incline merkins

P2 up stairs 10 flutters and back

flapjack and repeat

6 MOM with pax alternating call IC


moleskine: good veteran group there to give me a hard time and enjoy a workout together. Thanks for allowing me to lead. Loved seeing the fellas and I’m gonna keep coming and get back in it. Thanks D-wood and Smoke!


As Bulldog likes to say, that was a goodin, in his British West Virginian combo accent.

We jumped on it early with no warmup except for the mosey down the road with 20 merkins at each speed bump.

Wandered aimlessly around the building to find a suitable wall for:

Shoulder work on the wall with pushups, donkey kicks, and arm raises, 3 rounds. (had to be there, I don’t know what they’re called)

Run to soccer/lacrosse field for partner work.

P1 run
P2 flutter

P1 run
P2 hand release merkins

P1 run
P2 LBC’s

P1 run
P2 monkey humpers

Run over to the hill for 7’s with CDD’s and Squats

Run to gazebo for 3 rounds of
20 Derkins
20 step ups
20 dips

Back to field at lot for 6 MOM and a time waster of merkins, squats, and burpees

Great old school group of F3 men out today. I haven’t been posting as much as I used to and am somewhat working on correcting that. Seeing all the boys is a good reminder as to why I need to. Alf brought the mumblechatter that I expect to hear at Kevlar with lots of comments, jabs, and whatever he could muster. Well done sir. Horsehead, even though he was demoted from site Q, still feels authoritative as the assistant to the management. There were some odd smells out there today, and thanks to a wind shift, the high pressure fart that Puddin tried to fire at me got diverted. That almost threw off the whole 6MOM pal. Good try Puddin, you earned the name Puddin Pop officially today. 16 is a good number considering the forecast, thanks for coming out gents. See you guys next week. Sound off on anything I missed or you would like to add.

Meat and Taters

27 for a dusted off T-Nation 10,000 swing workout, 1 lap, and 5 x 5 doubles.

The thang:
Light warmup

10 two hand swings, 15, 25, and then 50 with 10 two hand press after each round

Repeat with goblet squats between each round of swings.

Repeat with one arm press 5 each side

Repeat with tricep extensions

Repeat with 10 merkins after each round.

Run 1 lap

3 minutes of Mary to rest the hands

Partner up like sized bell


5 x 5 cleans

5 x 5 military press

5 x 5 swings

5 x 5 suitcase lunges


Moleskine: I wanted to pull out a simple old workout that tests the grip strength and hits the total body. I also didn’t want to run. I think we did both. Plenty of mumblechatter at the beginning. It seemed to taper for those that were doing the workout. Thanks for following along and not abandoning for a jog. Baracus seemed a little like he would rather be doing something else but when I offered an olive branch to wrap up the swings at 400 he snapped the branch and threw it in the fire. #highT. He said we can’t having anyone freaking out out there, we’ve got to keep our composure, we’ve come too far! So we finished the 500 swings.
Thanks for allowing me to lead boys.

Dromedary 1/18

I’m about 3 weeks into immersing myself back into the F3 routine on a regular basis and signing up to Q always helps.

Quick winding warmup lap.
SSH, Merkins, Mountain climbers (10 IC each for the ADD crowd)

To the picnic tables for 3 rounds of
10 Decline Merkins
10 step ups each leg
10 dips

Back down to the field for Jack Webb, 1×4 Merkins/Shoulder presses up to 10×40

Run to back of the building for People’s chair and variety of arm and leg raises

Run to the back field for partner work
P1 bear crawl to light post and back
P2 RDL’s left leg
Rinse and repeat with right leg RDL’s

P1 crabwalk
P2 Makhtar Ndiayes

P1 full field run
P2 Freddie Mercury
Rinse and repeat

Indian run back to bus lot

All run back to COT


Good work out there on a warm January morning. Everyone was pushing it including the splinter cell led by Doc McStuffins (still unsure on your step-up count but not surprised at the speed). Transporter, when did you show up? Asking for a friend. The field was a feather bed today. Are the kids at MRHS and MRMS so spoiled now that it doesn’t even hurt to fall down? Well it hurts to run on. Frack is a lucky man in my book, I don’t always have to use the restroom at F3 but when I do there’s never a porta jon sitting there. well done. Nobody touch those gloves. I’m still working my way back into shape so thanks for hanging with me today as we toured around the campus doing a myriad of old F3 exercises or calisthenics as I like to say this week. Sign up to Q Dromedary. Link is below.!/showSignUp/10C0D4BAEAF29A46-dromedary

Announcements: Commitment to converge at DaVinci this Saturday 6:30AM. Sanctuary every Monday night at 7:30. Brooklyn Pizza Wesley Chapel.