The Rain Can’t Stop Us…Well, Maybe It Stopped One of Us

The Rain Can’t Stop Us…Well, Maybe It Stopped One of Us

9 or 10 PAX (depending how you count) fought the heavy downpour, huddled under canopies and lamented about why they didn’t stay home instead of showing up at Blakovery.  It was 5:16 and no sign of the silver Toyota pick up truck speeding through the parking lot.  So without proper guidance, disclaimer or warning, we were off.


Run up Rea Rd towards StoneCrest Shopping Center, make a left at Williams Pond Rd., make another left at Elm St. Go all the way past the Morrison YMCA and make a left on North Community House Rd. Then goto Ardrey Kell and make another left, back home to the AO for stretching by PJ.


When I woke up at 4am I could hear the rain outside. Since I live a little over a mile from the AO I did not think I had a legit excuse to fart sack.  At 4:30, the rain was still going strong. I convinced myself that no one would show. Around 5am the rain stopped. With no excuses left, I hopped in my car. About 2 minutes later it started to pour down rain.  Since I was closer to the AO than my house, I figured I would just show up and leave when no one was there. Much to my surprise the parking lot was full and there is Tootie running in with his broga mat. I spotted Bunker and a FNG (turned out it was Doc McStuffins with no beard) huddled under a canopy. But where was Bratwurst? Since no one knew the Country Club route well enough to risk getting lost in the rain, it was time to make an executive co-site Q decision-the PJ route.   By the time we made it up Rea Rd, the rain stopped. Bunker, Doc, Madison and Goonie made sure that no one was left behind. As we came back to the starting point, there was the silver truck and Bratwurst. He was dry as a bone, no sweat, but still claimed he ran as he mumbled something about chic-fil-a.

He promised to make it up to everyone by running hills at Swift tomorrow. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


New AOs: Tuesday at Charlotte Latin-Hawks Nest, read about it here:

Finishing Hole on Thursday at Charlotte Catholic. Low miles. High Intensity.

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wingmanPosted on9:50 pm - Mar 12, 2018

Finishing Hole. Classic

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