Is this thing on?

Is this thing on?

Backblasts are an important part of F3 and leading any workout, so there’s that.  But I’m also writing this because when I logged onto, the four most Recent Backblasts on the homepage were all from Waxhaw or SOB.  #representArea51

Despite the chilly temps, which were warmer than the forecast of 28, four other hearty souls joined YHC to make a handful at today’s Meathead.

The Thang


  • 10 swings
  • 10 merkings
  • 15 swings
  • 15 low slow squats (which weren’t slow enough for Hoover to get his extended frame folded up, so we slowed down further  #lowslowersquats)
  • 25 swings
  • bunch of arm circles – forward, backward, big, small – everyone looked happy
  • 10 swings
  • 6 halos – 3, left, 3 right – that’s 6, so do 4 more = 10
  • 15 swings
  • 3 prying squats – first #refusnik of the day (thanks, Drop Thrill  #kotters)
  • 25 swings  (that makes 100, for you counting at home)

Partner Fibonacci

  • Round 1
    • A – double front squats – 3, 5, 8, 5, 3
    • B – explosive merkins – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6  (#doublefibonacci)
  • Round 2
    • A – double presses – 3, 5, 8, 5, 3
    • B – bodyweight squats – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6
  • Round 3
    • A – double swings – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6
    • B – explosive merkins – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6

Cook Drill – using a bell you can’t press, somehow get the bell overhead, then left-hand waiter carry, rack carry, & farmer carry.  Sit it down, get it back overhead right-handed, and return to the start.

Snatch Test (#crowdpleaser) – 100 reps in 5 minutes with a 24 kg.  That’s the standard.  Adjust as needed.  Go.

(how does this wordpress block thing work again?? I can’t see what I’m typing… Next time, I’ll cut and paste from WordPerfect)



Chilly Moleskinne

Thanks to Voodoo for tapping me to fill-in for Chin Music.  Otherwise, I might have #fartsacked this morning.  (or gone to the #fern)

I wheeled into the parking lot to see Voodoo, back from an abbreviated 2 mile fun run, chatting with Drop Thrill, visiting from the Southern Carolina.  We were shortly joined by Soul Glo, of the product name.  As we were wondering whether Hoover was traveling or not, he wheels in to make it an even 5.  (?)

We began a few minutes late, as we were all #chattykathying, so we tried to make up for it in volume.  We did go over just a minute or two, to make up for the late start, but no one minded as we were snatching.

Mumblechatter was in full effect, with Drop Thrill leading the charge, but we all participated and solved many world issues, such as Brexit, the British elections (Bulldog, did you vote?), what kind of music is Trans-Siberian Orchestra classified (and which songs are good, which are not, and is this the first time for Christmas music at Meathead?)  (Oh, and maybe 12 Days of Christmas next week??), and other topics of high importance.

I can’t see what I’m typing, so we’ll call it done.  Plus, I discovered the left arrow is some kind of evil undo button, randomly changing things, so be ware of that.  #protip

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Swiss Miss
4 years ago

I did use a KB at the fern this morning.
I did not snatch it.
Anyway, the dearth or BBs is apparently a real thing, not some solar-flare-induced internet glitch.
I learned this yesterday leaving #F3Gumby, when a Pax who apparently attends F3 board meetings (didn’t know we had a board. Bored, maybe…) Anyway, he told me that BBs were no longer expected because the mumble chatter they used to facilitate post-workout is now happening via Slack. At least in our region.
Not sure if this is an official F3 position based on our evolving way of staying connected, or a misunderstanding on his or my part.
I prefer the “no BB” world because it saves me an hour of thinking and messing with tech each time after my Q. And as a site Q, it saves me from having to hunt down the Q of the day to get a bleeping BB.
If we truly abandon backblasts, I think I’ll miss Horsehead’s the most. He’s got a way with words you’d never guess just looking at him.
Oh, and yours are top shell, too, HT.

4 years ago

Great lead today, High Tide.

I think backblasts are just as important as the workout. T-claps for putting one together. For those who feel intimidated, I would recommend the K.I.S.S. approach. Keep It Simple and Stupid. Leave the wordy banter to those who can do it, just put the weinke down and a quick wrap up. It gives others something to refer to if they need ideas for their workout.

It is nice to know pax actually read backblasts, even if they didn’t attend the workout. Right, Swiss Miss?

4 years ago

Thanks for taking the lead today, High Tide. I really enjoyed it, except for the snatches and the cold. For the record, I did hit 100, but only with a 20kg bell. Hoover finished about 30 seconds earlier and was swinging the standard 24.

I’m with Hoover on the backblasts. When I was a young whippersnapper of 38 and just getting started in this F3 thing, I used to rely on backblasts for guidance as to what to do at my workout. It’s especially useful for a bootcamp where you might not know the AO and what it offers (pull-up bars, rocks, etc.). I’ve also referred the F3 NOLA pax to these backblasts for ideas as they start their own gear workout. Mine tend to be pretty straightforward and probably boring for the pax, but I try to get it down for posterity. I haven’t posted 100% of my backblasts (#cobains), but I’m pretty close. And without backblasts, we’d never know what a wordsmith Horsehead is!

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