Slow to Anger

Slow to Anger

The Thang:

Q: Flacco

Mosey right on walking the path

At first drill bit marker – switch to high knees

At second drill bit marker – switch to butt kicks

At third drill bit marker – hang a left to circle up.


Slow squats (20x), Imperial Walkers (20x), Flap Jack Merkins (15x), Mountain Climbers (20x), Peter Parkers (20x)

Q: Deacon

Mosey to the soccer-field for pyramid runs.

– Round 1 (Run Right): LBCs, Diamond Merkins, Burpees (increments of 5 repetitions to 20 and then back down until finished)

– Round 2 (Run Left): Rosalettas, Wide Arm Merkins, Donkey Kicks (increments of 5 repetitions to 20 and then back down until finished)
Line up along the trees near the sidewalk for pain stations.

Round 1:
– First station = Power skip
– Second station = lunge walk
– Third station = Power skip
– Fourth station = Lunge walk

Round 2:
– First station = Psycho bear crawl
– Second station= Cave man walk
– Third station= Psycho bear crawl
– Fourth station = Cave man walk

Mosey past the playground:


Star Jacks (15x),Mack tar jies (15x), Carolina Dry Docks (15x), Oblique Ups (15x), Jumping Squats(15x), V Ups (15x)



The bible teaches us to be slow anger. See the verse below for reference.

Proverbs 16:32 ” Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.”

Until the next time, challenge yourself to be patient and to be the calming voice for others.

See you in the gloom!


“Fancy leading Kevlar next week?”  This is apparently how they speak across the pond and probably not an insignificant contributor to why they got kicked in the bollocks by a bunch of pilgrims some time back.  So while Bulldog gets bladdered pounding mojitos on his Euro-coddled fourth vacation this year, sixteen hard-working ‘Mericans moved stone and steel.  Nothing fancy about it.

Or fun, either.  It was supposed to be a #FunFriday workout but things got sideways yesterday while preparing the elaborate Weinke, so we’ll just save that one for another time.  Plan B was perhaps too predictable: I am becoming to plates what Gallagher is to watermelons….

First, though, we made fun of Semi-Gloss’s outfit, then agitated the fleshy parts with SSH, I-Walkers and slow squats.  Threw some ninja-like jump and turn squats in there just for for kicks, then moseyed to rock piles for, as one would expect, a rock.  Not for running but of sufficient size for curls and such.  Most pax chose a respectably sized stone.  Others, not so much….And with that we enter the portion of the backblast where we mock and deride the pax who chose rather modest portions of the earth’s crust.  Brown and Frost Bite:  you are hereby mocked and derided in a transparent attempt to boost our tenuous masculinity. 

Back to the action–with rocks in hand we did 3 rounds of curls and extensions:

  • Standard x 30 sec
  • AMRAP Speed round x 30 sec
  • Static hold x 30 sec

Mixed in some merkins between rounds. 

With bis and tris thus engorged, we moved to your basic hairburner progression:  Two or three pax per station–out and back x3.  Like burpees and tractable urination, hairburners do not get easier over time.  Horse Head found himself feeding the baby birds in the grass and poor Silver Bullet–on his second time posting, he’s gotten hairburners as many times.  Unfortunate, that.  Meanwhile, Radar, Spackler, Swiss Miss and others were flying.  I think Brown had the 5 pound plates.

Followed up with inch worms (each pax x 2) and rock work, then more hairburners (out and back x 3).  Returned rocks, circled up for stop motion flutter and dolly, then called it a day.  It was a pleasure.


MUD RUN  – You have until Nov. 13–this coming Wednesday–to sign up for the spring Mud Run.  Two important things to note:

__You need to sign up through the form on the F3 site:  Do that now.  Do not wait.

__Even if you don’t have a team, SIGN UP NOW.  You will have time to get a team together with the same goals and like abdominal profiles.

FOX AND HOUND  The #Dancin’Nebraskan has put together another great 2nd F opportunity watching the Panthers this Sunday at the Fox and the Hound in Ballantyne, from 3 pm until…  2.0’s are not unwelcome just use discretion, as ale-fueled men may be prone to spontaneous outbursts of profanity.  

JAN 4 CONVERGENCE AND 5K  51 and others will converge on The Fort Saturday, Jan 4, and run the 5k at 9am.  Details and sign up here:


(Sweat) Suit Up, Gentlemen!

26 men gathered at CCHS on this Friday morning to flat out get after it.  Here’s what we did.

The Thang

Run the long way around the football field to the right side parking lot for COP:

  • Slow squat – 20
  • Merkins – 20 (IC)
  • IWs – 20 (IC)
  • Diamond merkins – 10 (IC)
  • SSHs – 20 (IC)
  • Wide-arm merkins – 20 (IC)
  • LBCs – 20 (IC)
  • Narrow merkins – 10 (IC)

Run to the square parking lot behind the activity buses and break into four groups for some four corners:

  • Round 1: 10 burpees at each corner. Lunge walks in between on two opposite sides. Squat pivots in between on the other two opposite sides.
  • Round 2: 10 hand release merkins at each corner.  Lunge walks in between on two opposite sides. Squat pivots in between on the other two opposite sides.

Run from the square parking lot to the bottom of the hill at the aquatic center lot for more fun:

  • Mission impossible – 20 seconds
  • Peter parkers – 10 (IC)
  • Mission impossible peter parkers – 10 (IC)
  • Sprint to the top, mosey back down
  • Stop motion lunge walk (on Q count), sprint to the top, mosey back down
  • Stop motion squat pivots (on Q count), hold for Long Distance 10 count, sprint to the top, mosey back down
  • CDDs – 15 (IC)
  • Sprint to the top, mosey back down
  • Flutter kicks – 20 (IC)
  • Sprint to the top

Mosey to the back parking lot of the hospice center for Mary:

  • Dollies – 20 (IC); hold it, spread ’em, together, repeat
  • Exploding merkins – 10, on Q count
  • Rosalitas – 20 (IC)
  • Groiners – 15, on Q count
  • LBCs – 20 (IC)
  • Burpees – 10 (OYO)
  • Elbow plank with multiple 10 counts

Take the long way around back to the start for COT.


  • Judging from this rag tag crew, a return to chilly temperatures had the most of the Pax pulling out anything from the back of closets or from attic boxes to put on that might be warm…most of the Pax, save two that is.
  • First, Long Distance emerged from his vehicle this morning in a brand new Reebok sweat suit…grey jacket with yellow stripes down each side, along with matching britches…backwards mesh hat and striped tube socks a distant memory…in their place, this new, dapper workout look.  The man shamed us all and rubbed it in with a shout of “Suffer!” during his extended 10-count in the stop motion squat pivots…good looks have already gone to his head.
  • Second, Leroy showed up all #GQ with the collared polo shirt buttoned all the way to the top.  While it was underneath a long-sleeve t-shirt, there was no way to hide keen fashion sense…nor the disappointment of the rest of the Pax who showed up in old t-shirts worn over a simple long sleeve Under Armour.
  • Runstopper, with his burpee and hand release merkin prowess, literally ran circles around us in the four corners…it had several of the Heels in the group reminiscing about the good ole days of Coach Smith watching Phil Ford drain the clock in a 19-17 UNC victory.
  • Mission impossible peter parkers are hard.
  • Kotters to Centurion site Q Escargot after some time on the IR.  Great to have you back in the gloom brother!
  • Solid work out there by all.  Always an honor to lead such a great group of men.
  • Great send off into our day by Hops.


  • Marine Corp birthday convergence this Sunday – 0700 at MPHS.
  • Panther football this Sunday – 1500 at Fox & Hound Ballantyne
  • Only 5 days remain to sign up for the Spring Mud Run – JUST DO IT!!
  • Joe Davis (Rock Thrill’s brother) Memorial convergence and 5K in Fort Mill – 0700 on January 4th. Sign up. Comment on the web site.


Proverbs 17 (Game Plan)

We revisited the purpose of the Proverbs prior to reading the verses this morning.  

The word “Proverb” originates from the Hebrews and means “to rule or to govern.” Solomon wrote the Proverbs to provide the people of Israel with divine wisdom and moral instruction.

 The PAX identified the following takeaways from today’s readings.


Proverbs 17:5 ~ Whoever mocks the poor insults his Maker; he who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished.

Takeaway ~ Be fair to all of God’s people.  Mocking people who are poor, weak or different is mocking God who created all of us.


Proverbs 17:8 ~ A bribe is like a magic stone in the eyes of the one who gives it; wherever he turns he prospers.

Takeaway ~ The bible condones bribes as stated in Exodus 23:8 And you shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the clear-sighted.


Proverbs 17:24 ~ The discerning sets his face toward wisdom, but the eyes of a fool are on the ends of the earth.

Takeaway ~ Are we focused on God’s wisdom?  Reassess your goals to ensure they are aligned with the eternal game plan.


Please visit

Have a great weekend and prepare your minds/hearts to review Proverbs 18 next Friday!

~ Deacon

A New Level

(Ed.’s Note: If you’re on the fence about coming over and trying out SPEARHEAD, don’t be. It’s a somewhat different workout format, and really is a lot of fun, but if you can handle any other F3 workout, you’re more than capable of crushing it out on the fields with us. You don’t even need a ruck. We’d love to have you!)

Sick Q delivers sick workout to 7 pax…it was sick.

Meet up on the field, lie out the toys, pop the Pantera tape in, hit play and…


400 meter warm up mosey.

Return to sideline for…

Station work:

– Decline Merkin Walk
– Ruck Curls
– Merkins on kbells
– Ruck Tricep Press
– Man-maker Merkins w/10lb. dbells
– Overhead Ruck Lunge
– Front Ruck Squat

One pax traverses the two sideline benches on a Decline Merkin Walk while the rest of the pax do AMRAP at the other 6 stations. 2 complete rounds of all 7 exercises, no rest between sets. Approximately 60 seconds on each station…with Music Trivia for extra credit.

Move to 50 yard line with rucks and set up for evolutions. Do the following for time, as many as possible.

– 20x ruck cleans
– 20x ruck situps
– 240 yard sprint with ruck
– Rinse. Repeat.

Grab toys and head back to the parking lot for COT.


Coming off a seven-day cold and still hacking up chain link fence parts YHC was smoked before the smokin’ even started. 45 minutes of self-inflicted sad times. But the pax looked lean and mean in their winter gloom gear and were chewing up the work and spitting it back out on the field time and again.

Strong work on the evolutions by everyone. YHC was able to complete 3 evolutions in the allotted time, but I know every single other pax did more than that…way more in some cases. Impressive. Feel free to boast in the comments of the number of evolutions you completed. You earned the right.

Great to be back out with my SPEARHEAD brothers again, it’s been too long. Thanks for bearing with me through a tough Q.


Here’s today’s extra credit music trivia. Correct answers earned the pax a warm and fuzzy feeling.
– What state does the band Pantera hail from. (Texas)
– What city does the lead singer hail from. (New Orleans)
– T/F Pantera got their start as a glam metal band. (True)
– T/F The name Pantera means “heavy metal” in Spanish. (False, it means panther)
– T/F The original members of Pantera are planning a reunion tour for February of 2014. (False, their original guitarist, Darrell Abbott, died in 2007 after being shot by a mentally unstable fan during a performance)


USMC Birthday/Veterans Day Ruck in NoCo on Sunday 11/10. See The Hoff for details. All are welcome, ruck or no ruck.

By The Standard,

Clear Skies, One Cop, and plenty of Sauce.

9 men rose early to hit the pavement this morning.

The Thang
Short Loop around the field 1 and center up at field 2.
SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walker x 25 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
Slow Squat x 20

Mosey to first Corner of field 2
25 Merkins OYO
Side Shuffle to long-end corner
25 Wide-arm Merkins OYO
Bear-Crawl or Lunge-Walk To short corner
25 Diamond Merkins OYO
Opposite Side-Shuffle to Far Corner

Mosey to playgound
10 pullups
10 Dips
10 Step-ups (each leg)
Plank when done.  with RAH, RLH, Normal, LAH, LLH, Normal, Six inches

Mosey to the People’s Corner
People’s Chair for 1 minute
10 seconds of Deep Chair
Balls to the wall 30 seconds
Balls to the wall 30 seconds with 5 push-ups

Mosey to some fire lane wording
Dragon-Crawl from Lane->Fire
5 Burpees
1 minute continuous 4 count bicyle and 4 count hells to heaven
30 seconds of half-burpee (plank to squat)
Repeat for 3 rounds (crowd pleaser)

Mosey to parking lot for Mary
Feet don’t rest start with 6 inches
Slow Dolly x 25
Slow Flutter x 25
Slow Rosalita x 25
LBC x 30
Mason Twist x 20
J-Lo x 10

With cop nearby we thought there might be some blue lights from the strange lamp lights on the field (Long Distance).
This was YHC’s FTQ at Rebel Yell.  He didn’t want to leave anything on the table so it was broughten!
TR asked if hands should be placed on hips during side shuffle.  Answer: YES! If you are feeling saucy!  He also said something about # of reps during the merkin corners.  Pretty sure YHC was breathing to hard to hear that one.
Everyone missed YHCs one-handed BTTW attempt to read the time.  He sees a new twist on next Q.
Everyone did a great job this morning enjoying that last few days of 50F.  No complaints!

Panthers v. 49ers
Christmas Party
Joe Davis Convergence and 5k

Careful what you post on Twitter

Although, YHC had accidentally tweeted the nation about “filling in” an open Q spot, to my surprise I got the nod immediately and here we go. The virtual shovel was planted and 13 men welcomed a beat down on a great fall morning.
Create a plan, work the plan…lets get to it!

Warm up jog
Leave the lot and head toward the baseball diamonds. This was the course that the Pax would soon become familiar with. Complete 1 loop around the first field on the left then head back for warm up

SSH x 20
IW x 18
Merken x 10

Head to the track for some partner work. YHC favorite…wheel barrows

Mini track
1) Space out on the track. With your partner, wheel barrow and complete 1 full lap, switch when needed
-If you pass a group, the other team, man in wheelbarrow, must perform 5 merken penalty
2)Partner carry 1 lap around track, swap when needed…no penalty this lap

Mosey to Play ground / Baseball field

Partner work
1) Partner 1 takes a lap around the entire outside of the baseball field
Partner 2 10 pull ups, 25 merkens, LBC until partner comes back x2

Head to backstop area
2) Partner 1 take a lap around the now familiar course/ baseball field
Partner 2 10 jump ups or step ups, 25 dips and Bicycle until partner returns x2

Mosey back to the mini track

3 movements of a burpee (according to YHC)- corner work on a round track
1) Inch worms x 10
2) Merkins x 10
3) Jump Squats x 10
4) 5 burpees
x3 loops

Head back to parking lot

Roman twists x 20
Protractor and 3D protractor
LBC – 1 min

– Strong work by the Pax today! Thank you for allowing me to take over Hydra this AM! I have not been out here in awhile, so it was great to be back!
– Sorry for the lengthy wheel barrow upfront, I guess the track is longer then I remember
– My partner and I were able to delivered a set of 2 penalty merkens to other teams, sorry I did not stop to see who it was. I hope others were able to hand out added pain
– If I can lead so can you…just reach out to the QIC and try to get your chance. Again, careful if you do this on twitter 🙂

This Sunday
1st F- Convergence on Sunday 0700 at Myers Park see website for details
2nd F -Fox and Hounds- Ballantyne at 3pm to watch some football and drink some beer

Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Nov 7

Ok Devil’s Turn faithful.  It is time to return to our roots.

5:15 am we launch from the greenway parking lot (corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place).  Unless someone one steps up with a clever route, we will hit the greenway for a 6 mile run.  Bring a headlamp if you have one.

Two Options:

Blue Pill – Fellowship pace complete with healthy banter

Red Pill – Tempo pace including more heavy breathing and guttural noises  

See you in the gloom!

The Charge is magnetic

25 fine gents (including 3 FNG’s) signed their lives away and then ventured out to the launch of The Charge held this morning at the Providence Day Stadium. With Double D’s at the helm the pax were treated to a great workout with something for everyone.


Mosey around track and circle up.
SSH x 23
10 burpees
Seal jacks x 20
9 burpees
Imperial walkers x 20
8 burpees
Peter Parker’s x 15
7 burpees
Parker Peters x 15
6 burpees
Mountain climbers x 20
5 burpees
Diamond merkins x 10
4 burpees
Wide arm merkins x 10
3 burpees
LBCs x 20
2 burpees
Jump squats x 15
1 burpee

Mosey to bleachers
30 tricep dips
20 decline merkins
15 LBCs

Repeato and drop each rep by 5

Repeato again and drop each rep by 5

Mosey to track and partner up
Partner 1 sprint 100 yards do 10 merkins and sprint back
Partner 2 bear crawl to 20 yard line/backwards bear crawl back
Partner 1 sprint to 50 yard line do 10 merkins and sprint back
Partner 2 crab walk to 10 hard line and back
Partner 1 sprint to 100 yard line do 10 merkins and sprint back.
Partner 2 dragon walk to 10 yard line and back

In 3s and grab frisbee. Hairburner with. frisbee to 20 yard line. Repeat to 50



The launch of The Charge saw a great turnout under the Q of Double D’s who is in the business of shaping champions. Our “coach of the year” whipped the pax into shape, so much so, that Five Hole spilled some merlot even in the warm up! Spackler also came close to losing his cornflakes too during the frisbee hair burners.
Great work by all and we hope to see more fellas from metro and Area 51 in the weeks to come.

Down, Up, Doubletime (DUD)

–Posted on bahalf of Busch–

25 PAX showed up to this DUD of a workout.  No headlamps were required, as the moon and stars lit up the way…hopefully the workout lit a few of you up!   

SS Hops x 16

Mosey to the track for some fun.

DUD The goal is to do at least 20 reps during the all out portion, use that as a gauge for your pace and it should resemble a tabata style workout.  It should hurt if you do it right, hopefully you are barely able to squeeze out the last few reps at the end of the all out portion.

Burpees 30 seconds slow on the Q’s down, up count, then 30 seconds all out 

Squats 30 seconds slow on the down, up count, then 30 seconds all out 

Merkins 30 seconds slow on the down, up count, then 30 seconds all out 

Lunges 30 seconds slow on the down, up count, then 30 seconds all out 

Dry Docks 30 seconds slow on the down, up count, then 30 seconds all out 

Partner leg throws 45 seconds each, flapjack

400 meter run – Jog 1/2 lap Full Sprint 1/2 lap

Repeat DUD as many times as possible – 3 repeats were achieved with 20 Crunch Squeezes after the second round for recovery

Mosey and finish in the upper parking lot with a 15 minute upper body/Diamond Merkin/Merkin/Burpee/array of ab non-stop crushing!  Good Times!


Great work by all the pax this morning.

Zip-a-dee was a little under the weather, so others had to take the lead on boisterous counting.  Feel better, brother.

There was talk of the new workout “The Charge” being more like a spa than a workout…complete with robes, towels, cushy yoga mats, waterboys, etc.  A rename to “The Spa” was already proposed.


There’s still time to sign up for the Spring mud run (04.12.14).  Contact Stagecoach.