Two Pair – Jacks and Squats

Two Pair – Jacks and Squats

12 men (including 1 FNG) entered TheMatrix today and found themselves dealt 2 pair – not a bad poker hand – unless it’s Jacks and Legs…

The Thang

Jog around the field to the back lot for

COP – Jacks part 1

SSH x20 in cadence

Seal Jacks x20 in cadence

Stride Jacks x20 in cadence

Plank Jacks x15 in cadence

Merkin Jacks x10 in cadence

Indian Run around the school to the stumps

Legs part 1 – Pair up for some leg work

Partner 1 does step up on Left leg only

Partner 2 runs to far telephone pole and back

Repeat 2x

Partner 1 does step up on Right leg only on the stumps

Partner 2 runs to far telephone pole and back on the stumps

Repeat 2x

Jacks part 2 – Mosey to field for Jack Squats

Single count jump squats and 4x regular squats from 1 to 10

Mosey to back lot for some Mary

LBC x20 in cadence

Dolly x20 in cadence

Freddy Mercury x20 in cadence

L side LBC x10 in cadence

R side LBC x10 in cadence

Legs part 2 – Lot work

Lung walk across lot – 10 merkins – jog back

Shuffle right across lot – 10 merkins – jog back

Shuffle left across lot – 10 merkins – jog back

Backwards run across lot – 10 merkins – jog back

Jog back to cars AYOP



1)       Welcome FNG Stumphugger.  When he joined us before the workout, he told us he learned about F3 from his doctor.  YHC thinks there could be a revenue opportunity for F3F in this.  The only way he wasn’t getting a health care nickname was is something happened during the workout.  Read on for details…

2)      The disclaimer was in full effect today. “all F3 workouts…are undertaken upon uneven ground…”  O’Tannenbaum found an unknown curb behind the school today, stumbled and executed a perfect roll to the ground and bounced right back up.

3)      Disclaimer part 2 “all F3 workouts…are undertaken…during periods of limited visibility”  During step ups, our FNG lost sight of the stump during a step up and quickly finding himself chest down on the stump giving it a big old hug, hence the name Stumphugger.  Welcome and looking forward to having you back out

4)      We missed Zip out there today with the counting, but Liquor Cycle took up the mantle and was belting out the counts while rucking his way through 228 squats during the Jack Squat

5)      Always a privilege to lead out there, thanks.

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10 years ago

I’d be more surprised if O’T hadn’t hit the deck. I think it’s an inner ear disorder from getting ear-clapped during all those years of wrestling.

As for Stumphugger, I had the pleasure of watching the arboreal courtship unfold right in front of me. If he’s ever by himself choking on a everlasting gobstopper, he’s perfected the self-Heimlich.

Strong 10 count by Turkey Leg.

TClaps to the beRucked Liquor Cycle for being a constant source of “encouragement” for Stumphugger. #BattleBuddy

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

I think that the new guy was running at the end just in an attempt to get away from the strange guy w/ the bookbag chasing him around.

O Tannenbaum
O Tannenbaum
Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

Icing the toes/foot right now from my epic fall and well rehearsed roll! Although it seems that a fall occurs every time TR is around, it is so rare to see him, statistically “the Matrix” is safer than most other activities I would be doing at 5:30 a.m.

10 years ago

T-Claps to Turkey Leg. He killed it!

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