8 Tiny Reindeer

8 Tiny Reindeer

Eight strapping young bucks emerged from the gloom for a pre christmas workout to rival the abominable snowman himself. The forecast was cold and wet. Just the way we like it in the outlands. Shovel Flag planted, time to do work.

Countertop on Q

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Standing Lunge x 20
Mtn Climbers x 20
Merkins x 15
LBC x 20

Rain started to come down and the breeze off the grassy plains was brutal easily making it 10 degrees colder. Luckily Countertop had a plan. Mosey on to SV Middle for some She Hate Me. Hey, lookie here… there’s someplace under cover we can do some work.

She Hate Me (5 mins)
20 Supine Pullups
20 Dips
20 One Leg Squat (10 each side/leg up on bench)

Still subject to the breeze and now cold metal and concrete the pax pulled it together and smoked it. All pax finished at least 4 rounds in the 5 mins. Strong work men.

After a thorough Hate Me beatdown, plank it up just for kicks. On your feet, follow me he says. The pax take off for the bus lot where Countertop explains our next exploits.

Snaking the Gauntlet
With the busses lined up perfectly we begin “The Snake”. Start at first bus and circle front to back, to the next bus and the next and the next… you get the picture. After about 10 buses, and some spinning heads, we head over to “The Gauntlet”. Lunge Walk the length (60yds), followed by 10 burpees OYO. Repeato with Squat Shuffle in The Gauntlet and you guessed it, 10 burpees OYO.

Plank it up as all pax finish and so does the rain. Hand off to Udder.

Mosey to front parking lot. YHC hears someone say, “Do I smell hair burning?”. Why yes, yes you do as YHC uncovers some nice 10lb weight plates. Split into 2 teams of 4. Time for the Hairburner/Inchworm relay. Winners get a special surprise! (crowdpleaser)

Hairburner for 10 parking spot lengths, exchange the baton with teammate (merkins while you wait)
(2 HB’s total and you end up where you began) T-Claps to 8 Mile as he fried his lungs on the second HB. Next up, The Inchworm

Keep same team and line up single file at start. Inchworm up and down for 5 parking spot lengths, exchange the baton (mary while you wait)

Who won you ask? We all won, and since everyone is a winner, we all do 10 Burpees. Strong work by all as I tested out the double plate method. 2 10lb plates per exercise. Hand and foot coordination was most necessary as YHC tried to keep the momentum moving.

Kick em to the curb and mosey to the soccer fields. Stop for a quick plankorama at ShovelFlag and on to the pitch. YHC planned for another round of HB/IW relay with Ultimate Frisbee discs but called audible. Sorry Haze, I will have to report back how they rank against plastic plates another time. Instead, we tossed some frisbee… 10 yards apart on the field for 50 yards. Suicides with merkins ensued.

Round One
Run to first disc and back – 1 Merkin
Run to second and back – 2 Merkins
Same to 3rd, 4th and 5th – x Merkins

Repeato – 8 count Body Builder Merkins (YHC tried to count out the 8 and quickly became O2 deprived)
Repeato all out – no Merkins (gasser)

Rain and wind began beating us down again as it seemed Old Man Winter was toying with us and our emotions. Grab the discs, ShovelFlag, head for cover and some Mary.

LBC x 20
Dolly x 20 (hold em for a slowwww 10 count from countertop – burner)
Freddie Mercury x 20
Russian Twist x 20

The Outland pax are a strong and dedicated group. The Postman says is best with regard to the Rain, Sleet, or Snow, the beatdowns will still be issued. My thanks for the invite to Q with CT as Zip was out of town with a death in the family. Our sympathy and condolences to you and yours. T-Claps to 8 Mile for his second post. Keep on coming out brother. It only gets worse. Kotters for Hairband after a week long hiatus. YHC looks forward to posting with you all again soon. Next time I’ll be sure to get Electric Slide and Hardwood out there to spill some sweat. 2nd F at Starbucks was well attended as we shared some coffee. I encourage all F3ers to make a concerted effort to attend a 2nd or 3rd F. Just as 1st F changes lives, so do 2nd and 3rd. And yes, The Stand (fridays 6:30am at Panera @ carmel and 51 conveniently held after Centurion – shameless plug) does accept all members of the Pax. Even ones with goatees. But hairless is a plus. Can’t mess with the ratio.

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10 years ago

Thanks for coming out to the U.C. to visit. Boondock enjoyed the burners – said they were “easy”. My legs are killing me.

Next time – bring the rest of the Udder family.

Eat mor chikin

– Horsehead

Counter Top
Counter Top
10 years ago

Udder!!! Great job on Q this past Satruday @ Outland. Between the hair burners, inchworms and suicides your beatdown was a real gasser. Bring it back anytime.

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