Drive-Thru Nativity & a Big Gulp

Drive-Thru Nativity & a Big Gulp

17 PAX continued my repurposing of church campuses, we hit Carmel Presbyterian.  Lots of good areas to play.  Not much on the creativity side of things, but this was a good old fashion high-heart-rate downpainment.  Keep them moving.

The Thang:

Mosey to CPC
Warmups x20:

  • SSH
  • Emperial Walkers
  • Merkins

Bear Crawl up the ramp to pain station

Painstation (20reps+1lap)

  • Dips
  • Durkins
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Merkins

NMLB Planks

  • Partner Resist Front/Lat Raises

11s: Box Jumps & Jump Lunges
Active Recovery: People’s Chair

Mosey to playground: 10 pullups, 20 merkins, 30 squats

Mary: LBCx20; Dolleyx21; RussianTwistx16

IndianNative AmericanOriginal Americans…Run-from-back-of-line Run home.


  • A bear crawl audible is always necessary when DREDD posts at my Qs
  • After the fourth lap, I overhead the whispered…”That’s why they call him agony.”
  • Missing the DMZ realtor–Skywalker–it took the PAX a while to figure out what neighborhood we were running home through: Town & Country.  And the lack of street lights, suggested its a bit more country than town.  Not to mention the F150 on blocks.
  • Our laps took us past the scenery set up for Carmel Presbyterian’s drive-thru nativity scene tonight and tomorrow at 6pm.  Get the full Christmas story without ever having to leave your car…BigGulp not included.
  • 958 on my HRM–still shy of the illusive 1k mark.


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10 years ago

Agony, great way to launch the week! Nice change of scenery for the DMZ pax.

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