Semi-Gloss Saturday

Semi-Gloss Saturday

The Thang (Semi-gloss on Q):


SSH x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20

Imperial Walkers x 15

Merkins x 15

Tabata work 20 on 10 off for 25 minutes straight

8 rounds of Merkins

8 rounds of Burpees (about round 3 the party crashers from @F3TheRock rolled up in style, Shovel Flag in front and plenty of humor in tow.

8 rounds of rock bicep curles

8 rounds abs (assorted)

8 rounds of Wide Arm Merkins,and Carolina Dry Docks

1 minute AMRAP bicep curls

1 minute AMRAP tricep extensions


Put rocks away and mosey to the hill for 11’s Burpees and Squats

Bulldog led Plank-o-rama until all are finished

Line up on the end line of soccer field for partner work.

P1 bear crawl there and back

P2 six inches plank

Rinse and Repeat

P1 sprint

P2 six inches on your 6 (Protractor)

Rinse and Repeat

Exit The Rock Pax

To the track:

Lap 1

50 merkins on corner 1, 50 squats on corner 2, Dolly’s on corner 3, 30 Suppine pullups on corner 4

Lap 2, run at own pace

3 minutes of Mary

Backscratchers x 25

Something else x 20 can’t remember

20 burpees OYO



Semi-Gloss brought the pain in his inaugaral Q.  Funny, we never suspected Semi-gloss to lead F3 into the future of workout technology.  The space computer against the basketball goal for all the pax to see the tabata counts was futuristic.  We really got a charge out of The Rock boys rolling in for the fun.  Plenty of opportunities to discuss important items such as the british sponge cake aka #spotted dick.  Apparently the kind of parties (white elephant) that TR goes to provide sufficient opportunity to get #spotted dick.  Thanks to Radar for lending me his watch.  I wear one every workout and somehow forgot on my day to Q, not acceptable.  It was a big leap of faith for him to enter the downpainment giving away any knowledge of time.  Thank you boys for letting Semi-gloss and YHC lead you today and congrats to Hops on his 2 year anniversary at F3.  YHC and the Bananas Clown Car family tree can thank him for a year long EH two years ago that came into fruition a year ago next month. Hops doesn’t take no for an answer.  #closer  Good job pal. 




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10 years ago

Smart first Q by our yellow-capped friend. Most FTQs, myself included, spend days constructing an elaborate Rube Goldberg Weinke, only to have it fall apart when they smoke themselves trying to cadence count mountain climbers (it’s always the mountain climbers). Not our loose-boweled Q: he had the M write the Weinke the night before and he programmed it into the Speak-N-Spell for a no-fuss-no-muss workout. Well done, Semi Gloss.

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