A Surprise Flanking Maneuver on Day Zero

A Surprise Flanking Maneuver on Day Zero

The SF was planted then uprooted as 11 pax including 1 FNG carried Old Glory 1 mile west to join the Day Zero pax for Semi-Gloss’ 1st Q.

After 4 of the pax including YHC did 30 minutes of iron and rope pre-work, TR convinced YHC to take The Rock show to Day Zero.  And it was a good call.

The Thang:

See Day Zero backblast for most of what the pax did.  But other than the 2 mile round trip run in between the 2 sites, we did some plank work and some Mary along the shovel flag parade route.  One particulary unsavory exercise that was a first for YHC was the downhill Freddie Mercury.  It will return to a workout near you, and you won’t like it.

Kudos to Semi-Gloss for a strong tabata regimen incorporating rocks before handing off to Bananas for some 11’s and some partner bear crawls, sprints and other sundry painful work.

When The Rock pax got back to home base, we had some time for some more Mary including protractor, plankorama and CCVs, of course.

The Moleskine:

Tiger Rag was his usual vociferous self, Q-jacking the pre-work even though he was 10 minutes late.  Welcome to GoodRide who was EH’d by Spandex and some Metro brethren AP and Booty.  Good to have you out with us brother.  Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Favorite moment of the morning was probably when Tadpole was carrying Old Glory, and remarked as we were returning to The Rock campus: “I love that sound!”  He was referring to the flapping of the Stars & Bars in the wind.  Aye!  That young man is wise beyond his teenage years.

Appreciate the hospitality of the Day Zero pax despite the fact we weren’t invited.  It was also great to see Strawberry and Dickies back out – Kotters to both of you.

2 years in F3 for YHC.  Thankful.  Humbled. Two of my favorite aspects of an F3 workout: (1) seeing an FNG who you know will become a fixture among the pax and (2) seeing a 1st time Q step up and ably accept and handle a mantle of leadership.


Mostly the usual stuff you’ll read about in the weekly email and Twitterverse, but do want to remind all of the Joe Davis Memorial 5k on January 4, 2013.  Convergence with The Fort pax, coffeteria, and then the 5k for a worthy cause and to lock shields with our brother Rock Thrill.


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