“You guys must be Crazy”…

“You guys must be Crazy”…

10 men came to Olympus to throw some iron around for a while and test their endurance…everyone was smoked with the exception of Lab Rat and Night Court who must have been injecting a superhuman serum before the routine!

06:15 Extra Credit Ruck with 85lbs sandbag (known as Bone Crusher) and Ruck Sacks (The Hoff, Wolfman,Gullah, Big League Chew)

The Thang:

Rack bells and alternate arms while moving to School Entrance’s grass field

Warm Up: COP

Plank Jacks x 20

Pelvic Rotations (Thank you Byron for assisting) x 20

Up Downs 3 Minutes with Merkins called out

Partner Up: Farmer Carry Catch Me If You Can

P1 Merkins x 10/ P2 Farmer Carry With Bells;CMIYC – flapjack until reaching neighborhood hill

– Plank

11’s On The Hill

At Top of hill:  High Pulls x 10 on each arm; run down hill with Kettle Bell

At Bottom:      Goblet Squat x 1, run up hill with Kettle Bell

At Top:           High Pulls x 9 on each arm, run down hill with Kettle Bell

At Bottom:      Goblet Squat x 2, run up hill with Kettle Bell

**Continue until down to 1 rep of High Pulls (10,9.8.7…etc) at top of the hill and 10 Goblet Squats at the bottom of the hill (1,2,3,4…etc)

Partner Up: Farmer Carry Catch Me If You Can

P1 Merkins x 10; P2 Farmer Carry Bells; CMIYC

– flapjack until back at Boom Box in parking lot of school

Circle of Pain = Target 1,000 reps

Perform 100 reps in cadence.  Each person taking turns being Q and calling out the exercises

Gullah: Upright Rows x 100

Big League Chew: Kettle Bell Swing x 100

Byron: Turkish Get-Ups x 50 (we had to audible to 50 reps for time and this exercise was horrible)

Hacker: Goblet  Squat x 50

Wolfman: Merkins x 50

Mater: LBC x 50



T-Claps to the Pax…strong work by all and welcome to Night Court and Lab Rat who were FNG’s to Olympus today…however if you read the description above you already know there was something inhuman about their performance today.  The two of them were 3 runs ahead of most of the Pax on the hills and really had us pushing the pace to keep up with them.  Next time, someone give these guys heavier bells as to slow those beasts down!

As they were waiting on all of us to come back from the 2nd Farmer Carry, Lab Rat reminded us that Sugar Ray vs Butterbean would have ended with Sugar…and he even quoted an old WWF match between Andre The Giant and a smaller guy (we were too smoked to remember the name, possibly Hulk Hogan or The Ultimate Warrior) where the smaller guy over time wore down the much stronger and larger Andre…Also that same tactic worked for The Dread Pirate Roberts when he too wore down the Giant…right before having to do a battle of wits with Vincini.  Lab Rat was right…I am sure after all the meatheads came back from the 2nd Farmer Carry he could have taken all of us down. lol


The Quote of the day happened during the Catch me if you can where an older gentleman said to us”You guys must be crazy” because he stood in complete shock at what we were doing early on a Saturday.  It’s always nice when bystanders reinforce our CSAUP!

This was a complete smokefest! When Gullah and I wrote this one up it didn’t look like it was going to be this difficult, but it was definitely a kick in the teeth. It is with great appreciation that we Thank You for coming to our site today.  It makes being Q so much more rewarding when surrounded by such strong and determined individuals.


The Hoff and Gullah




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Reply to  The Hoff
10 years ago

Enjoyed it Hoff! Tough day but it was with good company so that makes it worth it!

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
10 years ago

I’m walking bow legged after all those goblet squats. Is that supposed to be good?

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