She Hates Running

She Hates Running

(Backblast write-up by Gummy.  Delayed posting by High Tide.)

The Thang:
  • Jog to field for warmup
  • SSH x 20
  • Burpee x 5
  • IW x 15
  • Burpee x 4
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Burpee x 3
  • Slow Squat x 15
  • Burpee x 2
  • Arm Circles x 20 each way
  • Burpee x 1

Mosey to the baseball field 

Baseball suicides to 1B, 2B, 3B, Home

Mosey to the playground

She Hate Me #1 (modeled after the upcoming Murph Saturday):

  • 5 pullups
  • 10 Merkins (rotate regular, diamond wide)
  • 15 squats
  • Repeat for 8 minutes
Mosey to front field 

  • Two groups on the goal line
  • Group 1 AYG to 30 and back, Group 2 goes when last of group 1 crosses goal line
  • To mud in middle of field (30 yards) and back x 4
  • To batting cage (60 yards) and back x 2
  • Around batting cage (100 yards) and back x 1
She Hate Me #2 

  • Merkins x 10  (rotate regular, diamond, wide)
  • CDD x 10
  • Sister Mary Catherines x 10
  • Repeat for 8 minutes
Goal line – Mary with running – do exercise then AYG to 40, get on the line and back together for next exercise

  • LBC x 13
  • Flutter x 13
  • Dolly x 13
  • Rosalita  x 13
  • Protractor – called by Taffy (age 12), including the first 180 degrees call I’ve heard – only he attempted it.

Grab some wall at the school

  • People’s Chair with arm raises for 1 minute
  • Dips on the nearby ramp x 15
  • Half do one leg jump ups on low wall, other half does dips, flapjack
  • People’s Chair for 1 minute
  • BTW or Plank for 1 minute
The cold and rainy forecast scared a few off, but the 6 of us out there were pleased with the balmy 45 degree morning. Good work by Robin Hood and Relo hanging in through the running exercises. Sorry, I like running. Thankfully, we didn’t have time for the third She Hate Me near the concession stand. Scissor Hands get extra credit for running to and from the workout. And I think Swiss Miss is almost done with his rehab assignment at the moderate workouts – look for his return to full speed this week. Great workout guys – thanks for coming out.

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