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I Can’t Drive 45

14 men gathered this morning in the gloom to stand in the street for some reason. Once Q herded the cats back to safety, rescued Snoopy from the bushes, and delivered the disclaimer it was time to do some work. Here’s how it went down.


x18 SSH IC
x5 Squat Complex OYO
x9 Lunge IC
– 1:00 Squats
– 1:00 Merkins
– 1:00 Leg Lifts


Indian run from the rally point over to the bus lot.


Partner up for:
DORA 1-2-3 (Half Version, 100 meters)
– 50 pushups per team, plank
– 100 flutter kicks (single count) per team, plank
– 150 squats per team
– 10 chest-to-deck burpees with your teammate
– Pass out

Keep your partner for:
– P1/25m Bear Crawl, P2/Elbow Plank, Flapjack
– P1/25m Crab Walk, P2/Elbow Plank, Flapjack
– P1/25m Lunge Walk, P2/Max CDD

Cross-county mosey back to rally point for:
– 6-in hold while the 6 comes in
– x18 LBC
– x18 Dolly
– Protractor




Thanks to Sensei and Booyah for letting me take the reins at The Peak — one of my favorite favorite workouts that has nothing to do with the fact that it’s practically in my backyard and I can roll out of bed at 0525 and be at the rally point with a few minutes to spare. Nothing at all.

Everybody loves Sally. Do more Sally. More Sally.

I love the DORA 1-2-3 because it’s a team workout. You have to work WITH and FOR your brother as you grind through the high reps and try to catch your breath during the run. I saw all the teams working together with strong output. Everyone blazed right through the sequence, which, of course, ended up getting the crew a bonus 10 CTD Burpees immediately following the 150 team squats. It may pay to be a winner, but you might not like what I’m paying. Q was paired with a very respectable young man of 18, M*A*S*H. I don’t know this young man’s story, but he definitely pushed his Q to max output. Bravo, young man.

Dora’s workouts have a certain, steady pace to them, and I think some of the pax today were a little fed up with waiting for the Q to set them loose as I looked down the line prior to the last iteration of shoulder work about to give the Go Ahead for the lunge walk and I see Booyah, Big League Chew, Snoopy, and Tawny all staring back at me already halfway through to the turnaround. Sorry fellas! You just can’t hold a beast back. Don’t even try.

Shout out to MAD who posted with his ruck after checking with Dora to see if the workout would be ruck-friendly last night. Every Dora workout is ruck-friendly, but no Dora workout is ever ruck-easy. Instead of 3 exercises for Sally, MAD had to do three solid minutes of ruck thrusters…AS A WARMUP. And he had to do ruck presses during the flutter kick portion of the D123. Strong work, brother, can’t wait to earn a patch by your side soon.

More Respects than you can shake two sticks at this morning. If you ever EH and get the age excuse, drag that #sadclown out to Peak 51 and let Hacker, Nomad, Big League Chew, and Freedom show him what determination and resolve can produce. I’m blessed to have men like this to look up to and emulate as I approach the Respect Milestone.

The rest of the guys just kept grinding away; Horsehead, Pele, and Normandy (Big League Chew’s 2.0) didn’t need to say much, they came to do work.

Well done, men. It’s an honor to lead you. Can’t wait until next time.



F3 Dads – Lots of fun with your 2.0s. Horsehead has the Q this week!
F3 Golf – Booyah is putting together a 4some of duffers from Peak 51.
F3 Whetstone – Mentors and mentees among the Pax. No one is so good that they can’t get better. Learn from your brothers who’ve gone before you.
F3 Everything – Do it all.

Leg Day at The Peak

18 men arrived under cover of darkness to summit the Peak once again. Here’s the tale of their adventure…

The Thang

Mosey to the big parking lot. Along the way…

– High Knees
– Butt Kickers
– Backwards

Circle up for…

COP (in cadence)

– x15 SSH
– x15 IW
– x15 Windmills
– x10 Speed Skaters

Parter up and Welcome to…

4 Rounds/2 Sets each Round.
Set 1: Partner 1 sprints 40 yards out and back, Partner 2 does AMRAP for 1st exercise, Flapjack
Set 2: Partner 1 sprints 40 yards out and back, Partner 2 does AMRAP for 2nd exercise, Flapjack

– Round 1/Set 1: Mountain Climbers
– Round 1/Set 2: Parker Peters

– Round 2/Set 1: Forward/Backward Single-leg Lunges
– Round 2/Set 2: Jump Lunges

– Round 3/Set 1: Squats
– Round 3/Set 2: Jump Squats

– Round 4/Set 1: Plank Taps
– Round 4/Set 2: Makhtar N’Diaye

– Plank between sets for all teams to finish.

Break into 4 teams for…

FFSOD (Four-fingered Starfish Of Death)
4 corners: Run to corner, perform stated exercise, return to center, repeat clockwise for each corner.

– 5 Spartan Burpees to start
– Corner 1: x10 SSH
– 5 Spartan Burpees at center
– Corner 2: x10 Seal Jacks
– 5 Spartan Burpees at center
– Corner 3: x10 Plank Jacks
– 5 Spartan Burpees at center
– Corner 4: x10 Jump Lunges
– 5 Spartan Burpees to end
– Plank for all teams to finish

Hit the deck for…

6MOM (in cadence)

x15 Hello Dollys
x10 Left-leg Flutter Kicks
x10 Right-leg Flutter Kicks
x10 Sid The Kid Left (single count)
x10 Sid The Kid Right (single count)
x20 Freddy Mercurys

Mosey back to the start for a …

2:00 PT Test
– AMRAP Push-ups



The men of Peak 51 are growing tougher by the day, and their effort and perseverance through Leg Day proved it.

Merkin Clinic: 6 showed up at 0500 in a effort to improve themselves and their push-up power: Geraldo, Slim Fast, Sensei, Whitesnake, Swiss Miss, and YHC. Body, Elbows, Hands, Shoulders, Feet. You have the combination, now put it to work. As a reward for their efforts they got to test out their new skill in a 2:00 AMRAP Push-up PT test at the end of the workout along with the rest of the pax. #surprise!

Funny stuff: pax didn’t want a repeat of the FFSOD and voted for Mary instead, they were emptily threatened with Mary FOLLOWED by FFSOD as a result. #muchgroaningdidensue #hahagotcha Q threw out an Extra Credit offer to the pax to explain why Freddy Mercurys were called Freddy Mercurys; Drop Thrill got the right answer but the pax couldn’t understand why they got 5 Extra reps as a reward. #whatpartofextracreditdontyouunderstand Incidentally, accidentally causing your team to do more work doesn’t make you Blue Falcon; it must be intentional, nevertheless we’ll give Drop Thrill the Blue Fledgling award for the day.

Feats of strength: I’m sure there were many I didn’t see #qgasseshimself but shout out to War Daddy BOOMER who was smoking every single one of the Leg Day sprints when most of the rest of us were sucking gloom. Strong work, Boomer. You made me want to work harder, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Kudos to Gullah who played seeing-eye dog for Sensei today. Kudos to Sensei for not tripping Gullah when he wasn’t looking.

Announcements: Labor Day convergence at DMZ (Carmel Neighborhood Park, 0700-0800), team SPEARHEAD BREWRuck 003 Saturday 9/27, Young Life Mud Run 9/20 USNWC. Remember Turkey Leg’s family in your thoughts and prayers this week.

YOU are getting stronger, and YOU are getting faster. YOU know who you are. #allofyou

The pleasure was all mine.

Getting To Know You

19 men gathered at the Peak once again to hear the disclaimer and worry about the ruck that Dora threw into the middle of the circle, but don’t fear, there’s only 3 bricks in it and everyone will get a chance to wear it during the workout, just keep passing it around. And we’re off!

Mosey to the big parking lot for…


x15 Side-Straddle Hops, 4-count
x15 Imperial Walkers, 4-count
x10 Slow-hold Jump Squats
x10 8-count Body Builders

Count off by threes and group by teams of three and commence getting to know each other.

Count the number of letters in each PAX’s name to determine number of reps: DORA = 4
Count the number of letters in each PAX’s age to determine number of reps. FORTY-THREE = 10

Round 1, Set 1, Reps by Spelling Out PAX Name
– Low #: Pushups
– Mid #: Squats
– Hi #: LBCs

Round 1, Set 2, Reps by Spelling Out PAX Age
– Low #: Pushups
– Mid #: Squats
– Hi #: LBCs

All 1s move one team to the left. All 2s move one team to the right

Round 2, Set 1, Reps by Spelling Out PAX Name
– Low #: Wide-arm Pushups
– Mid #: Single-leg Lunges
– Hi #: Hello Dollys

Round 2, Set 2, Reps by Spelling Out PAX Age
– Low #: Wide-arm Pushups
– Mid #: Single-leg Lunges
– Hi #: Hello Dollys

Mosey to the lacrosse pitch for Ark Loading by teams, stay in your team of three.

Round 1:
Set 1: P1/P2 Bear Crawl 30 yards, Reverse Bear Crawl back 30 yards while P3 Flutter Kicks
Set 2: P1/P3 Bear Crawl 30 yards, Reverse Bear Crawl back 30 yards while P2 Flutter Kicks
Set 3: P3/P2 Bear Crawl 30 yards, Reverse Bear Crawl back 30 yards while P1 Flutter Kicks

Round 2:
Set 1: P1/P2 Crab Walk 20 yards, Reverse Crab Walk back 20 yards while P3 Hello Dollys
Set 2: P1/P3 Crab Walk 20 yards, Reverse Crab Walk back 20 yards while P2 Hello Dollys
Set 3: P3/P2 Crab Walk 20 yards, Reverse Crab Walk back 20 yards while P1 Hello Dollys

Round 3:
Set 1: P1/P2 Gorilla Walk 20 yards, Gorilla Walk back 20 yards while P3 LBCs
Set 2: P1/P3 Gorilla Walk 20 yards, Gorilla Walk back 20 yards while P2 LBCs
Set 3: P3/P2 Gorilla Walk 20 yards, Gorilla Walk back 20 yards while P1 LBCs

Mosey back to the start, losing Passport along the way.

Finish up with Dora’s favorite, the Rosalita, around 20 4-count.


Le Moleskine

Strong work by the Peak 51 Pax and an honor to get to lead them for the first time. Great to have Strange Brew join us for a break from his SF Marathon training especially seeing that it was Strange Brew who originally conceived the idea of the moderate F3 workout to serve men just like us. Peak 51 is the culmination of that vision which was to have three of this type of workout available, the other two being Basecamp and Ascent.

The idea behind today’s workout was to lay off the cardio a bit, build some strength, focus on form, get a taste of SPEARHEAD-style team work, and ultimately give everyone the chance to get to know each another a little better. Hence the model of using Pax Names and Ages to determine the number of reps each team of three would do together, and spelling each name and age out rather than counting by the numbers. You probably will never forget the 4 other men you worked out with in your small teams today. I do kinda feel bad for the “Big League Chew, Horsehead, Remington Steele” team. They did A LOT of reps. A LOT.

The team Ark Loader also was designed for teamwork as the 2 Pax who moved together had to stay together and encourage each other along the way and back. I heard a lot of positive chatter all during these exercises…that is up until the Gorilla Walks began at which point the chatter took a decidedly negative turn, yet it all seemed to be directed at the Q. Weird.

I hope each of your gained something from your work today beyond just physical improvement. Team work builds strong bonds. Keep up the strong work. You are stronger than you think.

Thank you for giving me the chance to lead. I can’t wait to do it again.

Dora out.

In Honor of Angler

(…posted on behalf of Checkpoint…)

6 strong and motivated men assembled in celebration of the THORNRUCK and Angler’s accomplishment. While the pre-blast had some people confused into thinking that this was to be a recovery day with a lot of 2ndF, that was not the case. The only promise made was that we would not be doing a repeat of any activity that brought us misery at Friday night’s GRT. So no hydro-burpees, log carrying, aqua-tunnel-of-love, buckets of gold or log rafts. Fortunately for those that believe 67 hours is adequate recovery, that left us plenty of options. We would not be discouraged by cold and wet conditions this morning. The request to bring stories of GRT was simply to give us something a little longer than a ten count when needed – which was often.

The Thang: (Note all counts and distances in honor of Angler’s age)

  • Run 140 yards and then circle up (YHC was immediately called out since we ran at GRC to which he replied “but you are dry today”)
  • Side Straddle Hop X 70
  • Imperial Walker X 70
  • Run 70 yards
  • Dips X 35
  • Run 140 yards
  • Dips X 35
  • Run 70 yards
  • LBCs X 70
  • Bear Crawl 70 yards
  • Burpees X 35
  • Ruck Tricep Extension X 35
  • Duck Walk 70 yards
  • Ruck Curls X 35
  • Ruck Bench X 35
  • Lunges 70 yards
  • Ruck Upright Row X 35
  • Mountain Climbers X 70
  • Crab Walk 70 yards
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows X 35
  • Low Slow Squats X 35
  • Jack Webb ladder (1 merkin+4 air presses) up to 13+52 in honor of YHC’s age (455 total reps)



It was great to see everyone out there this am. We definitely needed a few GRT war stories to give us a breather at times during this routine. The Pax seemed quite happy we were stopping at YHC’s age instead of Angler’s on the Jack Webbs. Proud to have been with GRT’s latest rock star, Angler, at THORNRUCK and today. He only needed 67 hours of recovery. Also happy to see Package’s legs were operational again after the freaky symptoms of his hypothermia on Friday night. That was not the night to have the lowest body fat on the team. Good to see him and Clueless not be intimidated by the wet cold today. Crabcakes was really sad that we did not have any coupons to carry this morning. We should have stacked a few bodies on top of him to make him feel at home. Dora was all happiness, still basking in the glow of Fort Bragg Heavy followed by Thorn ruck 2 weeks later. YHC presented him with the team weight (pipes and chains) and he was like a little kid at Christmas – it’s the little things that make Dora happy.

YHC will be back on Q Friday – do not be deceived into thinking it is going to be 2nd F.

Push-ups and Patches

Checkpoint and Donkey Kong posted early this morning to complete their SPEARHEAD Challenge Of The Month and test for the Selection Standard 55 minimum push-ups in 2 minutes. Strong work, men. On to sit-ups!

The rest showed up shortly thereafter because it was time to…


Mosey down the the 50 yard-line with rucks. This is your warm up.

Line up, single rank, double-arm distance and commence the following series of exercises. All reps must be completed before moving on to the next exercise. Work solo and see how far you can get in 45 minutes. Rucks used only where indicated.

  1. 40 Burpees
  2. 50 Ruck Upright Rows
  3. 75 Deep Squats with ruck
  4. 75 Selection Standard Push-ups
  5. 100 SSHs
  6. 75 Zircher Squats with ruck
  7. 100 LBCs (25 regular/25 left/25 right/25 reverse)
  8. 60 Ruck overhead presses
  9. 60 Walking Lunges (30 each leg)
  10. 120 Plank position limb abductions (30 each limb)
  11. 50 One-arm bent-over rows, each side
  12. 100 Mountain Climbers
  13. 5 Turkish Get-ups (each side) (or 100 SSHs)
  14. 14 Sprints (50 yards = 1)



Strong work, men, making your way through another Dora Grinder workout.

Thanks to both Byron, who ran me through this workout the night before, and to The Day Zero Challenge for this workout inspiration. The goal is to get as far as you can through the workout, mark your progress, and repeat the workout weekly for four weeks to measure your progress. If you want to post your progress publicly feel free to do so in the comments.

Congratulations to Mighty Mite, Donkey Kong, and Clueless who all earned their SPEARHEAD Morale Patch today, after posting to SPEARHEAD workouts and events at least nine times through the month. Wear it with pride, men!


The time is now to HC for the F3 Spring Custom GORUCK Challenge! Spots are still available but time is running out! Don’t be left on the sidelines while the rest of us roll on towards #CSAUP domination! Register and pay today here.

Who is going to win, you or the weather.

Wow. Now that was cold.


1 mile “warmup” run. #yeahright

4 Pax line up, one at each station. All Pax exercise until exercise #1 is complete, then all pax rotate to the next station until all pax visit each station once. Goal for exercises #2 – #4 is minimum 10 reps.

#1 – Decline merkin plank walks
#2 – 40 lb. sandbag cleans
#3 – KB merkins or Man-maker merkins or both
#4 – 10-brick ruck squats

Repeato (yes, do it again.)

400 meter mosey #breathcatcher

#1 – 20 8-count body-builders #crowdpleaser
#2 – 40 lb. sandbag clean and press
#3 – KB merkins or Man-maker merkins or both
#4 – 10-brick ruck squat press

#1 – 20 burpees
#2 – 40 lb. sandbag clean and press
#3 – KB merkins or Man-maker merkins
#4 – 10-brick ruck squat press

400 meter mosey #breathcatcher



Frozen ground, frozen air, frozen gear, frozen pax. Everything was frozen.

How do you explain how or why 4 men would get up this early and go outside in this weather and do what we did, including a 2 mile pre-ruck for 3 of them?


They weren’t going to let the weather win.


SPEARHEAD t-shirt orders are closing in 2 weeks. Get your team shirt or your HH shirt today at the Gear page on the SPEARHEAD website here:

Friday The Thirteenth

(…posted on behalf of Liquor-Cycle…)

Extra Credit

In the gloom 1 PAX rucked alone for 2 miles… Afraid of the dark he wasn’t.

Back to field to pick up new PAX.

#dowork (The Thang)

4 PAX showed up to fight off the gloom of the 13th. While many feel 13 is an
unlucky number, the PAX showed their 13 spirit today by doing 13 reps, with
13 counts…

X25 – SSH
X25 – Imperial Walker
X25 – Slow Squats
X13 – 13 count Bodybuilder-Mercan-Jack Webs
X13 – Monkey Humpers
X13 – 13 count Burpee-Ruck thurst-Ruck curl-Mercans
X13 – Monkey Humpers
X4 – Bear crawl in LC’s Lava Lane
X26 – Flutter w/Ruck Thrust
X2 – Duck Walk past Lava Lane
X26 – LBC’s
X2 – Crab Walk past Lava Lane

AAR/NMM (Moleskin)

While it was freezing outside, at least we all got to walk away with all of our limbs and no stab wounds, and not found dead in a freezer.

Good workout, LC needs to work on crab walk, or maybe I was just smoked from everything else. Keeping count by adding in a 13 count couldn’t have been a better fit.

The last set of Jackwebs were done in perfect cadence, and perfect form as a team!

Straight back – Raising your arms isn’t so bad is it? Easy workout, why on earth would we be doing something so easy… right? #Laughs

Checkpoint – as always, inspired to be like you! I can barely keep up with my own workout and you smashed it out there today!

Gullah – Thanks for sticking it out a few minutes longer! Getting the ruck on and off, will get easier… just keep pushing through it!

As Hard As It Takes

3 pax gathered at Carmel Middle ready for some SPEARHEAD extra credit, and we almost decided to ruck for the whole hour (even got the logs out of the woods) until Checkpoint and Crabcakes hustled in 3 minutes after the whistle. YHC gave the pax the option to go ahead and ruck, or get down with the planned workout.

The Hoff asked the pax:
“How hard do you want to work?”

Crabcakes answered:
“As hard as it takes.”

And so commenced the Devil’s Quarter…


Drop the logs, toss the rucks, and hop the fence…

1 mile run around the track (no ruck).

Rucks on for 100 yard bear crawl.

1/4 mile run around the track (no ruck).

Rucks held to chest for 100 yard sprint.

1/4 mile run around the track (no ruck).

Rucks on for 100 yard lunge walk.

1 mile run around the track (no ruck).


(Total distance: nearly 3 miles.)


All came with bricks. Some came with 10. Kudos to all for showing up, especially Liquor Cycle who was under the weather…perfect excuse to fartsack not taken.

We were supposed to do 400 yards of bear crawls. 10 bricks changed that real fast and YHC audibled that in the bud after 200.

Checkpoint is so fast it’s ridiculous. During the 100 yard front ruck carry sprints he flew down the field easily 50 yards ahead of the pack when he finished. In an attempt to slow him down YHC had him trade rucks with The Hoff, who regularly stuffs his ruck with 10 bricks, 2 weight plates, a full bladder, 2 small goats, a foot-long buffalo chicken sandwich from Subway (eat fresh), and a 1978 Camaro. Liquor Cycle threw out a taunt at Checkpoint about him not being able to handle the weight, then we watched as he tore off down the field with the heaviest ruck out there and still finished 50 yards ahead of the rest of us. Speechless.

Running a mile after a 200 yard lunge walk…you might as well have been skating on jello at that point. #legfail Crabcakes finished it strong.

The Hoff ganked up his knee but hung in there, stubborn as an espresso-drinking mule, refusing to leave his team, and modifying the lunge walk to a bear crawl instead…so that was 400 yards of bear crawl for The Hoff after all. Don’t know how you did that, brother.


Thursday extra credit distance rucks have returned! Beginning this Thursday, launching at 0445 from Carmel Middle, The Hoff on Q. The long distance rucks are the best 2nd F you can get during a workout. Come out and join us, even if you don’t have a ruck.

The Grind

Five Men of SPEARHEAD met up on the 50-yard line at Carmel Middle School’s football field ready to grind out an hour of good, hard work.


1 mile warm up run (no ruck)

2 minutes max Selection Standard push-ups (55 goal)
2 minutes max Selection Standard sit-ups (50 goal)

50 Squat Presses with Ruck
– Sprint to far sideline and back

50 Lunges Ruck Overhead (single leg count)
(2 sets of 25)
– Sprint to far sideline and back

30 Rolling Merkins under ruck
(2 sets of 15)
– Bearcrawl to far sideline and sprint back

50 Plank Jacks (no ruck)
– Sprint to far sideline and back

50 8-Count Body Builders under ruck
(3 sets: 10 slow/10 quick/10 fast cadence)
– Sprint to far sideline
(1 set: 10 fast cadence)
– Sprint back
(1 set: 10 quick/fast cadence)

200 meter cool down run (no ruck)

25 Flutter Kicks, hold rucks up (or press) (in cadence)
20 Hello Dollys, hold rucks up (or press) (in cadence)
2 minutes of Ruck Situps (sandbag situps)



Today was just a total grind. Lots and lots of reps and lots of hard work. The pax just put their heads down and did the work. No griping, no complaining, just good, hard, strong work by every man. You men are inspirational with how hard you work and how consistently you show up knowing the work is going to hurt and seemingly never end. 50 reps of any exercise is just plain old hard.

50 8-count body builders. Under ruck. Ok, so, on the low end that was ambitious. On the high end that was just stupid. Doing them as fast as we did was idiotic. But damn if you guys didn’t keep up. Amazing. And it’s a complete testament to your integrity and dedication that when I told you after 40 reps that I had planned for 50 total reps all of you walked back to the sideline and said “let’s finish it.” #goosebumps

There was a good bit of chatter in COT about just how difficult it is to do push-ups and sit-ups to the Selection Standards, but I promise each and every one of you that performing consistently to The Standard is to your long-term benefit. You are growing stronger and more powerful each and every time you hold yourself to The Standard and accept no substitutes. I admire your honesty about admitting not only how many push-ups/sit-ups you were able to complete but also about how many you estimated would have actually met The Standard.

Kotters to Bob The Builder coming back to SPEARHEAD after being on IR for a few weeks. Glad you’re healed up and ready to ruck!

It’s always an honor to lead you fine men.

By The Standard,

A New Level

(Ed.’s Note: If you’re on the fence about coming over and trying out SPEARHEAD, don’t be. It’s a somewhat different workout format, and really is a lot of fun, but if you can handle any other F3 workout, you’re more than capable of crushing it out on the fields with us. You don’t even need a ruck. We’d love to have you!)

Sick Q delivers sick workout to 7 pax…it was sick.

Meet up on the field, lie out the toys, pop the Pantera tape in, hit play and…


400 meter warm up mosey.

Return to sideline for…

Station work:

– Decline Merkin Walk
– Ruck Curls
– Merkins on kbells
– Ruck Tricep Press
– Man-maker Merkins w/10lb. dbells
– Overhead Ruck Lunge
– Front Ruck Squat

One pax traverses the two sideline benches on a Decline Merkin Walk while the rest of the pax do AMRAP at the other 6 stations. 2 complete rounds of all 7 exercises, no rest between sets. Approximately 60 seconds on each station…with Music Trivia for extra credit.

Move to 50 yard line with rucks and set up for evolutions. Do the following for time, as many as possible.

– 20x ruck cleans
– 20x ruck situps
– 240 yard sprint with ruck
– Rinse. Repeat.

Grab toys and head back to the parking lot for COT.


Coming off a seven-day cold and still hacking up chain link fence parts YHC was smoked before the smokin’ even started. 45 minutes of self-inflicted sad times. But the pax looked lean and mean in their winter gloom gear and were chewing up the work and spitting it back out on the field time and again.

Strong work on the evolutions by everyone. YHC was able to complete 3 evolutions in the allotted time, but I know every single other pax did more than that…way more in some cases. Impressive. Feel free to boast in the comments of the number of evolutions you completed. You earned the right.

Great to be back out with my SPEARHEAD brothers again, it’s been too long. Thanks for bearing with me through a tough Q.


Here’s today’s extra credit music trivia. Correct answers earned the pax a warm and fuzzy feeling.
– What state does the band Pantera hail from. (Texas)
– What city does the lead singer hail from. (New Orleans)
– T/F Pantera got their start as a glam metal band. (True)
– T/F The name Pantera means “heavy metal” in Spanish. (False, it means panther)
– T/F The original members of Pantera are planning a reunion tour for February of 2014. (False, their original guitarist, Darrell Abbott, died in 2007 after being shot by a mentally unstable fan during a performance)


USMC Birthday/Veterans Day Ruck in NoCo on Sunday 11/10. See The Hoff for details. All are welcome, ruck or no ruck.

By The Standard,