Leg Day at The Peak

  • When:08/28/14
  • QIC: Dora
  • The PAX: Sweet Melissa, Lost, Insomniac, Passport, Swiss Miss, Sensei, Gullah, Slim Fast, Boomer, Rip Curl, Drop Thrill, Pele, Geraldo, Whitesnake, Freedom, Robin Hood, Dunder, Dora (Q)

Leg Day at The Peak

18 men arrived under cover of darkness to summit the Peak once again. Here’s the tale of their adventure…

The Thang

Mosey to the big parking lot. Along the way…

– High Knees
– Butt Kickers
– Backwards

Circle up for…

COP (in cadence)

– x15 SSH
– x15 IW
– x15 Windmills
– x10 Speed Skaters

Parter up and Welcome to…

4 Rounds/2 Sets each Round.
Set 1: Partner 1 sprints 40 yards out and back, Partner 2 does AMRAP for 1st exercise, Flapjack
Set 2: Partner 1 sprints 40 yards out and back, Partner 2 does AMRAP for 2nd exercise, Flapjack

– Round 1/Set 1: Mountain Climbers
– Round 1/Set 2: Parker Peters

– Round 2/Set 1: Forward/Backward Single-leg Lunges
– Round 2/Set 2: Jump Lunges

– Round 3/Set 1: Squats
– Round 3/Set 2: Jump Squats

– Round 4/Set 1: Plank Taps
– Round 4/Set 2: Makhtar N’Diaye

– Plank between sets for all teams to finish.

Break into 4 teams for…

FFSOD (Four-fingered Starfish Of Death)
4 corners: Run to corner, perform stated exercise, return to center, repeat clockwise for each corner.

– 5 Spartan Burpees to start
– Corner 1: x10 SSH
– 5 Spartan Burpees at center
– Corner 2: x10 Seal Jacks
– 5 Spartan Burpees at center
– Corner 3: x10 Plank Jacks
– 5 Spartan Burpees at center
– Corner 4: x10 Jump Lunges
– 5 Spartan Burpees to end
– Plank for all teams to finish

Hit the deck for…

6MOM (in cadence)

x15 Hello Dollys
x10 Left-leg Flutter Kicks
x10 Right-leg Flutter Kicks
x10 Sid The Kid Left (single count)
x10 Sid The Kid Right (single count)
x20 Freddy Mercurys

Mosey back to the start for a …

2:00 PT Test
– AMRAP Push-ups



The men of Peak 51 are growing tougher by the day, and their effort and perseverance through Leg Day proved it.

Merkin Clinic: 6 showed up at 0500 in a effort to improve themselves and their push-up power: Geraldo, Slim Fast, Sensei, Whitesnake, Swiss Miss, and YHC. Body, Elbows, Hands, Shoulders, Feet. You have the combination, now put it to work. As a reward for their efforts they got to test out their new skill in a 2:00 AMRAP Push-up PT test at the end of the workout along with the rest of the pax. #surprise!

Funny stuff: pax didn’t want a repeat of the FFSOD and voted for Mary instead, they were emptily threatened with Mary FOLLOWED by FFSOD as a result. #muchgroaningdidensue #hahagotcha Q threw out an Extra Credit offer to the pax to explain why Freddy Mercurys were called Freddy Mercurys; Drop Thrill got the right answer but the pax couldn’t understand why they got 5 Extra reps as a reward. #whatpartofextracreditdontyouunderstand Incidentally, accidentally causing your team to do more work doesn’t make you Blue Falcon; it must be intentional, nevertheless we’ll give Drop Thrill the Blue Fledgling award for the day.

Feats of strength: I’m sure there were many I didn’t see #qgasseshimself but shout out to War Daddy BOOMER who was smoking every single one of the Leg Day sprints when most of the rest of us were sucking gloom. Strong work, Boomer. You made me want to work harder, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Kudos to Gullah who played seeing-eye dog for Sensei today. Kudos to Sensei for not tripping Gullah when he wasn’t looking.

Announcements: Labor Day convergence at DMZ (Carmel Neighborhood Park, 0700-0800), team SPEARHEAD BREWRuck 003 Saturday 9/27, Young Life Mud Run 9/20 USNWC. Remember Turkey Leg’s family in your thoughts and prayers this week.

YOU are getting stronger, and YOU are getting faster. YOU know who you are. #allofyou

The pleasure was all mine.

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

You trickster you! That was pretty funny though that I fell for that. You know my weakness is rock music, I can’t resist!

Now though I figure after my first ruck, I better answer any time a question is posed, or else extra credit will ensue. Either way, it’s coming I guess. lol

Great Q Dora. Thanks for putting the time in before for the merkin clinic as well.

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