As Hard As It Takes

As Hard As It Takes

3 pax gathered at Carmel Middle ready for some SPEARHEAD extra credit, and we almost decided to ruck for the whole hour (even got the logs out of the woods) until Checkpoint and Crabcakes hustled in 3 minutes after the whistle. YHC gave the pax the option to go ahead and ruck, or get down with the planned workout.

The Hoff asked the pax:
“How hard do you want to work?”

Crabcakes answered:
“As hard as it takes.”

And so commenced the Devil’s Quarter…


Drop the logs, toss the rucks, and hop the fence…

1 mile run around the track (no ruck).

Rucks on for 100 yard bear crawl.

1/4 mile run around the track (no ruck).

Rucks held to chest for 100 yard sprint.

1/4 mile run around the track (no ruck).

Rucks on for 100 yard lunge walk.

1 mile run around the track (no ruck).


(Total distance: nearly 3 miles.)


All came with bricks. Some came with 10. Kudos to all for showing up, especially Liquor Cycle who was under the weather…perfect excuse to fartsack not taken.

We were supposed to do 400 yards of bear crawls. 10 bricks changed that real fast and YHC audibled that in the bud after 200.

Checkpoint is so fast it’s ridiculous. During the 100 yard front ruck carry sprints he flew down the field easily 50 yards ahead of the pack when he finished. In an attempt to slow him down YHC had him trade rucks with The Hoff, who regularly stuffs his ruck with 10 bricks, 2 weight plates, a full bladder, 2 small goats, a foot-long buffalo chicken sandwich from Subway (eat fresh), and a 1978 Camaro. Liquor Cycle threw out a taunt at Checkpoint about him not being able to handle the weight, then we watched as he tore off down the field with the heaviest ruck out there and still finished 50 yards ahead of the rest of us. Speechless.

Running a mile after a 200 yard lunge walk…you might as well have been skating on jello at that point. #legfail Crabcakes finished it strong.

The Hoff ganked up his knee but hung in there, stubborn as an espresso-drinking mule, refusing to leave his team, and modifying the lunge walk to a bear crawl instead…so that was 400 yards of bear crawl for The Hoff after all. Don’t know how you did that, brother.


Thursday extra credit distance rucks have returned! Beginning this Thursday, launching at 0445 from Carmel Middle, The Hoff on Q. The long distance rucks are the best 2nd F you can get during a workout. Come out and join us, even if you don’t have a ruck.

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The Hoff
The Hoff
10 years ago

Extra T-Claps to Check Point…but a correction on the ruck that he was carrying. It was supposed to me mine, however that beast known as Crab Cakes snatched it up before CP could get it, so I think he was carrying LC’s.
Either way, that ruck had 10 bricks in it and none of us could have run that fast while carring 45Lbs+.
Great to see Crab Cakes out there again and as always, the best Q in F3 Dora crushed it out there!!

10 years ago

T-Claps to Dora for a hilarious backblast…and to LC and the Hoff for carrying the extra weight. #impressed

Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes
10 years ago

Aye! Second the T-Claps to Dora for the beatdown and keeping us accountable with the late entry.

Also T-Claps to The Hoff for being a monster with the extra weight. It had to be 2X my ruck and you bear crawled 2X what we did! Incredible work.

Great to be back out with the SPEARHEAD crew. Wish I could make it out more often.
See you on Tuesday.

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