In Honor of Angler

In Honor of Angler

(…posted on behalf of Checkpoint…)

6 strong and motivated men assembled in celebration of the THORNRUCK and Angler’s accomplishment. While the pre-blast had some people confused into thinking that this was to be a recovery day with a lot of 2ndF, that was not the case. The only promise made was that we would not be doing a repeat of any activity that brought us misery at Friday night’s GRT. So no hydro-burpees, log carrying, aqua-tunnel-of-love, buckets of gold or log rafts. Fortunately for those that believe 67 hours is adequate recovery, that left us plenty of options. We would not be discouraged by cold and wet conditions this morning. The request to bring stories of GRT was simply to give us something a little longer than a ten count when needed – which was often.

The Thang: (Note all counts and distances in honor of Angler’s age)

  • Run 140 yards and then circle up (YHC was immediately called out since we ran at GRC to which he replied “but you are dry today”)
  • Side Straddle Hop X 70
  • Imperial Walker X 70
  • Run 70 yards
  • Dips X 35
  • Run 140 yards
  • Dips X 35
  • Run 70 yards
  • LBCs X 70
  • Bear Crawl 70 yards
  • Burpees X 35
  • Ruck Tricep Extension X 35
  • Duck Walk 70 yards
  • Ruck Curls X 35
  • Ruck Bench X 35
  • Lunges 70 yards
  • Ruck Upright Row X 35
  • Mountain Climbers X 70
  • Crab Walk 70 yards
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows X 35
  • Low Slow Squats X 35
  • Jack Webb ladder (1 merkin+4 air presses) up to 13+52 in honor of YHC’s age (455 total reps)



It was great to see everyone out there this am. We definitely needed a few GRT war stories to give us a breather at times during this routine. The Pax seemed quite happy we were stopping at YHC’s age instead of Angler’s on the Jack Webbs. Proud to have been with GRT’s latest rock star, Angler, at THORNRUCK and today. He only needed 67 hours of recovery. Also happy to see Package’s legs were operational again after the freaky symptoms of his hypothermia on Friday night. That was not the night to have the lowest body fat on the team. Good to see him and Clueless not be intimidated by the wet cold today. Crabcakes was really sad that we did not have any coupons to carry this morning. We should have stacked a few bodies on top of him to make him feel at home. Dora was all happiness, still basking in the glow of Fort Bragg Heavy followed by Thorn ruck 2 weeks later. YHC presented him with the team weight (pipes and chains) and he was like a little kid at Christmas – it’s the little things that make Dora happy.

YHC will be back on Q Friday – do not be deceived into thinking it is going to be 2nd F.

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BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Awesome looking routine. Sorry I missed it – I am in training in Indianapolis until tonight. I’ll be there for the coffeeteria Friday 😉

The Hoff
10 years ago

Damn! Glad I rested the knee!! 35 Burpees with ruck in the middle of all that work…that’s just evil.
Nice work CP! See you Friday.

10 years ago

Seemingly benign, but equally diabolical — 364 overhead air presses.

10 years ago

Clueless – classic comment. Glad you enjoyed your first Jack Webb.

10 years ago

Great work out CP. Good to be back on the home field. Nice terrain and well maintained – no “wait a minute vines.” Thanks for the Q.

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