Push-ups and Patches

Push-ups and Patches

Checkpoint and Donkey Kong posted early this morning to complete their SPEARHEAD Challenge Of The Month and test for the Selection Standard 55 minimum push-ups in 2 minutes. Strong work, men. On to sit-ups!

The rest showed up shortly thereafter because it was time to…


Mosey down the the 50 yard-line with rucks. This is your warm up.

Line up, single rank, double-arm distance and commence the following series of exercises. All reps must be completed before moving on to the next exercise. Work solo and see how far you can get in 45 minutes. Rucks used only where indicated.

  1. 40 Burpees
  2. 50 Ruck Upright Rows
  3. 75 Deep Squats with ruck
  4. 75 Selection Standard Push-ups
  5. 100 SSHs
  6. 75 Zircher Squats with ruck
  7. 100 LBCs (25 regular/25 left/25 right/25 reverse)
  8. 60 Ruck overhead presses
  9. 60 Walking Lunges (30 each leg)
  10. 120 Plank position limb abductions (30 each limb)
  11. 50 One-arm bent-over rows, each side
  12. 100 Mountain Climbers
  13. 5 Turkish Get-ups (each side) (or 100 SSHs)
  14. 14 Sprints (50 yards = 1)



Strong work, men, making your way through another Dora Grinder workout.

Thanks to both Byron, who ran me through this workout the night before, and to The Day Zero Challenge for this workout inspiration. The goal is to get as far as you can through the workout, mark your progress, and repeat the workout weekly for four weeks to measure your progress. If you want to post your progress publicly feel free to do so in the comments.

Congratulations to Mighty Mite, Donkey Kong, and Clueless who all earned their SPEARHEAD Morale Patch today, after posting to SPEARHEAD workouts and events at least nine times through the month. Wear it with pride, men!


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BTB (Bob The Builder)
BTB (Bob The Builder)
9 years ago

Awesome workout plan, I look forward to trying it again soon

The Hoff
The Hoff
9 years ago

Great routine Q! Right up a meat-head’s alley.
Hoff made it to the 3rd sprint…however really need to work on #10…#weaknessdiscovered.

9 years ago

Did anyone finish this?

BTB (Bob The Builder)
BTB (Bob The Builder)
Reply to  Winnebago
9 years ago

I think some got to the sprints but I don’t think anyone finished.

Reply to  BTB (Bob The Builder)
9 years ago

Something to shoot for.

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