Friday The Thirteenth

Friday The Thirteenth

(…posted on behalf of Liquor-Cycle…)

Extra Credit

In the gloom 1 PAX rucked alone for 2 miles… Afraid of the dark he wasn’t.

Back to field to pick up new PAX.

#dowork (The Thang)

4 PAX showed up to fight off the gloom of the 13th. While many feel 13 is an
unlucky number, the PAX showed their 13 spirit today by doing 13 reps, with
13 counts…

X25 – SSH
X25 – Imperial Walker
X25 – Slow Squats
X13 – 13 count Bodybuilder-Mercan-Jack Webs
X13 – Monkey Humpers
X13 – 13 count Burpee-Ruck thurst-Ruck curl-Mercans
X13 – Monkey Humpers
X4 – Bear crawl in LC’s Lava Lane
X26 – Flutter w/Ruck Thrust
X2 – Duck Walk past Lava Lane
X26 – LBC’s
X2 – Crab Walk past Lava Lane

AAR/NMM (Moleskin)

While it was freezing outside, at least we all got to walk away with all of our limbs and no stab wounds, and not found dead in a freezer.

Good workout, LC needs to work on crab walk, or maybe I was just smoked from everything else. Keeping count by adding in a 13 count couldn’t have been a better fit.

The last set of Jackwebs were done in perfect cadence, and perfect form as a team!

Straight back – Raising your arms isn’t so bad is it? Easy workout, why on earth would we be doing something so easy… right? #Laughs

Checkpoint – as always, inspired to be like you! I can barely keep up with my own workout and you smashed it out there today!

Gullah – Thanks for sticking it out a few minutes longer! Getting the ruck on and off, will get easier… just keep pushing through it!

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