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What’s a CCV??

HawksNest at Dunkin


Side straddle hop x20

Arm circle

Low Slow Squat



The Thang

Mosey to Wesley Church

Get a lifting rock

Count off 1s & 2s

Group 1 curl and press in sets x10

Group 2 run to back of lot and return

Flapjack until total of 160

Mosey to front lawn

Jack Webb w / rocks to 5&20

Mosey to OP

Line up

Squat/curtsy lunge sets x10

Hollow Holds

Bear Crawl/Jogs

Animal crawl 4 forwards/backwards 30sec


Mosey to Dunkin




Freddie Mercury

Back Scratchers/OYO Burpees (1,2,3,5… yes, skipped #4 to end at 6:15)


Counted off 17

Namorama: Hopper, Sir Topham,  Circuit City, Deep Dish, Marge, O’Tannenbaum, Orange Whip, Bounce, Puddin’ Pop, Snuka, Hops, Jet Fuel, Limey, Snowflake, Flojo, Thunder Road, Cottonmouth


Nice showing of 17 on a humid but dry morning.  Welcome, Sir Topham, for joining us this morning. Great to see new faces in the gloom. After a brief warm-up we got down to business with a quick mosey to Wesley Church. YHC was easily persuaded to drop the rock count of 200 down to 160. The Jack Webb on the front lawn was ‘fun’ only to be followed moments later with a mosey to OP to smoke the legs with a squat/curtsy lunge set followed by bear crawls, a few other things, then a mosey back to Dunkin finishing off with Mary.  Total 3 miles.

Thank you Hops and Hopper for the opportunity to lead! Looking forward to soon returning to Latin campus.

Hydra opens at Olde Providence MS this Thursday at 6 AM!

How many Cubits was that?

Roughly half of the Pax posted for a 5am KB (Covered) beatdown led by StageCoach.  Great dedication!

The Thang:

JOG down to track


Jog a warm up lap

(All in Cadence) SSH x25, Arm Circles 10ea, Low Slow Squat x25 with deep hold for 30s at #20, Slow IW x25, Slow Merkin x20, Hold Plank 6″ while counting off 1s & 2s (thanks Dolphin), Slow Good Mornings x20, Side Straddle Hop x25.

Line up on sideline

Partner Derkins x20ea

Repeato x2 Plank between sets

SET 1 P1 Runs width-returns P2 Burpees. Flapjack to 50

Plank when complete

SET 2 100 Turkish getups

SET 3 200 LBCs

Jack Webb to 5&20 then descend

Run a lap

Partners line up facing gate

SET 1 P1 runs hill to Bathroom-Returns P2 Reverse Bear Crawls field width. (Pax favorite)then jogs back.

Plank when complete


SET 2 P1 runs hill to Bathroom-Returns P2 Lunges field width then jogs back. Plank when complete


Run a Lap then run the hill to bathrooms


Peoples chair, Freddie Mercuries x20, Flutter x20, CCV’s x15ea side


Thank you, Dolphin, for taking us out in prayer.


YHC observed a STRONG PERFORMANCE by all in the fishbowl this morning. It’s days like today that, aside from 30lbs of wet laundry and having to use a hair dryer on his drivers seat, make men stronger.  Crawl Space really smoked the field sprints this morning!  The Pax seemingly liked the Turkish getups possibly due to the sounds akin to 5 men at once falling into a swimming pool wIth each rep. YHC found it difficult to single out any performances as ALL were diligent in execution. Although, Freedom, being one of the newer posts (FNG just weeks ago), is quite impressive after such a short time at this! T-Claps to you guys!

YHC would like to thank the entire Pax for showing in the cold rain. Stay strong!


Tomorrow TURKEY BALL convergence at Olde Providence Elem (Hydra) 7-8am. If you can, RSVP via information in the F3 weekly email.

Friday, 7-8am, is a convergence at Joust (Charlotte Christian) (Joust, Rebel Yell, Kevlar, & Meathead will converge).  Bulldog and Stagecoach on Q!


Bear With Me

10 men ventured out into the cool, fall-like, gloom to endure a Bear Crawlorama for .97 miles…followed by lots of fun.

The Thang
Take a lap around the small track

Arm Circles x10ea
Low Slow Squat x15
Imperial Walkers x 15
10 Burpees OYO

Indian Run to Football Field

Partner up on Goal line
P1 does 20 Freddie Mercuries (Bicycles)
P2 Bear Crawls.
P1 Sprints to catch P2
Repeato for 5 min

Partner up on Goal line
P1 does 10 Burpees
P2 REVERSE Bear Crawls.
P1 Sprints to catch P2
Repeato for 5 min

Partner up on Goal line
P1 does 20 Merkins
P2 SIDEWAYS Bear Crawls with hand cross-overs.
P1 Sprints to catch P2
Repeato for 5min

Mosey to Pavillion
P1 does railroad ties or bleacher alternating foot taps
P2 does 20 DERKINS (Decline Merkins)
Repeato for 5min

Indian Run to Playground
P1 does supines or pull ups while P2 does 5 wall jumps (over & back)
Repeato 5 min
Mosey to Soccer Field
LBC’s x 30
Cumberland County Viaducts x10 ea
Plank alternating arms and legs high 2min

Jack Webb to 4 & 16 Ascending then Descending

Announcements: F3 Greensboro Oct 11th. Already have 55 signed up. Email if interested in  supporting this new launch by Posting on Thursday, October 11th.

Come join Dredd on Q at Centurion ( Charlotte Catholic) Friday, August 15th (TOMORROW)!

BOM Hopper. Thank you for taking us out in great prayer!


In honor of YHC’s new puppy, Bear, the Pax Bear Crawled roughly 1 mile today. Strong performances were noted by ALL…especially Puddin’ Pop who must have been bored with a basic Indian Run and decided to throw-in a few plyometric jumps while the Pax wandered thru the bleacher Lane in the dark. Nonetheless, YHC was glad he was ok as he ended up partnering with him throughout. Crawling for roughly 15 minutes was…awesome.  Thank you, Kirk, for taking the distance. Following crawls, and numerous other unsavory activities, the entire Pax executed fence hops flawlessly even toward the end of the beatdown.   Maybe next time the Pax would have more time to go higher, in count, during Jack W., a Pax favorite by the expressions on a few faces. Keep pushing yourselves and TELL ONE SAD CLOWN A DAY about what your experience has been since participating in F3.

Thank you you for the chance to lead this morning. Thank you, all, for posting at HYDRA!! Please come back and EH an FNG or two as “fair weather warriors” are easy pickin’ when the gloom temps drop.


He Likes To Play With Toys

15, Now significantly smoked yet more fit than yesterday, PAX converged on Hydra for a mixed bag beatdown including PT, running, KB’s and a toy

The Thang

Mosey to Soccer Field
SSH x 25 cadence
ARM CIRCLES x 10 each way cadence
IWs x 25 cadence
Maktar Jai x 20 cadence

Indian Run around school twice to Track
Partner up at Track
Catch me if you can
-P1 Bear Crawl
-P2 10 Merkins
Flapjack until one lap
Mosey to Soccer Field
20 Hand Release Merkins @Corner
20 Wall jump ups @Concessions
20 pull-ups @Rear Playground
20 LBCs @ Track
20 KB Upright Rows @Parking Lot
20 combined Partner Burpees in middle
Rinse & Repeat x2
Initially Q called for three rounds. Audible called for two..time constraint

Mosey to parking lot 
20 KB Curl into Military Presses

NAMEORAMA 15 Pax Posted
MallCop Prayer

The Moleskine
RunStopper showed that a beatdown can be more fun if you use toys (ask him to comment on that). YHC watched on as the mumblechatter quickly dissipated mostly after the first round of Burpees or after each returned from the Jump Up station. The PAX did a bit more running than typical in celebration of SPRING on the horizon. Great effort by all this morning! The Q saw many push through reps and all planked extra long as they rounded up for a brief COT. Thank you for posting at Hydra and for bringing your KBs too! Thank you for supporting the Q as YHC knows he appreciated it. You guys are great.


1.EH your buddies

2.F3 First Annual Golf Classic (more on
Benefitting F3F
SPONSORS NEEDED…Contact @Cottonmouthf3

Event Details
Time and Date: Thursday May 29th. Registration will start early, by 11:00 AM and it will be a 1:00 PM, Shotgun Start.
Cost: $90 per Player, $360 per team. Sign up as a single or as a foursome.
You MUST register and pay via PayPal on Recommend grabbing your foursome and signing up individually but EH your foursome as we expect it to fill up fast.
Format is Captain’s choice.
Lunch, snacks, and beverages provided.
HDHH post round with all PAX invited. If you are unable to make the round then come after work and enjoy some 2nd F.


3/17/14 Updates: 1) Those PAX who buy upper level tickets to the Bobcats game will sit with the Mission I’m Possible guys who are coming to the game (and not consume alcohol). Please consider this as part of the F3F event. 2) We also need volunteers to give rides to the morning workout and the game. They can contact Slaughter if able to help.

On the morning of Saturday, March 22, THIS SATURDAY the men of F3 will have an opportunity to work out with a new perspective. Our venue will be Time Warner Arena! Rather than sitting in the seats, watching the court, we will be ON the Bobcats home floor. We will start the workout on the court, and then have the rest of the facility to utilize however we choose. I can see the wheels turning in the minds of our more evil Q’s—hundreds of stairs, the concourse that is about 1/4 mile around, chairs for dips, railings for pull ups and plank walks…could be the kind of workout that makes you say ”Could we PLEASE do some burpees?”

You will need to buy a ticket to the game to participate in the workout. The Bobcats play the Portland Trailblazers that night. Our commitment is to 200 tickets—they have already been bought. We will have 2 sections—one upper level and one lower level. The idea is that if you are bringing the M and 2.0’s, you might want to save some scratch. We have 118 lower level tickets for $48 each and 82 upper level tickets for $37 each. Only F3 men will be able to participate in the workout – that is the Bobcats’ deal, not a F3 rule. You can buy tickets for your immediate family/significant other only initially. We want to make sure we have enough tickets for everybody.
We will have a group photo to commemorate the event and t-shirts as well.
Each ticket will include a $10 donation to F3 Foundation. We are hoping that the Bobcats will be contributing to our cause as well. Workout, watch the game, do good…the kind of stuff F3 is all about.
The workout style will most likely be a traditional boot camp. No whining, no kettle bells, no LSD.
The game will be that night. We will be putting together other activities throughout the day, including a pre-game meal. Folks from out of town are encouraged—we will have a deal on hotel rooms, as well as deals on activities for the 2.0s.
Optional 3rd F opportunities as well, especially for those that spend the night Saturday and want to get their week started on the right foot.
The Spartan Race is also this weekend. You can double down with Bobcats on Saturday morning and Spartan Race on Sunday morning.

7am – Check in at Lowes Home Court entrance
7:30am – Painfest Begins – Approximately 75 minute workout utilizing court, stairs, escalators and concourse area
8:45am – Workout will be wrapping up
8:50am – Circle of Trust
9am – Workout complete

6pm – Doors open to the general public
7pm – Tipoff Bobcats vs. Portland Trailblazers

Matthew 4:19




The entire workout was a COP…

Mosey to a central location where we could stand athwart

SSH X 25

10 BURPEES on your own (oyo)

Run in Place (RIP)

MERKINS X 10 in cadence




SQUATS X10 in cadence and slow








Carolina Dry Dogs X10




PLANK X 120S rt leg high, lft leg high…(Pax favorite)








Cumberland County Viaduct X 10 EA SIDE


3 BURPEES oyo (Q cannot count, so after skipping this, added it after doing 1 Burpee below)






LOW SLOW SQUAT X25 in cadence


1 BURPEE oyo









Nameorama with 16 pax posting in the miserably cold rain


Young Love delivered a nice prayer.


WOW, it sure was wet in the gloom! Too wet even to schwing the iron pre-beatdown. Sixteen dedicated men posted knowing that, for 45 minutes (possibly 42 minutes), time would tick slowly. As the Pax readied themselves to mosey, it was noted that Header was donning a very nice rain suit.  This would only be outdone by TR (Gorton’s Fisherman) who, YHC is convinced, at some point must have spent time with the men of Deadliest Catch.  YHC was glad that Brown was able to locate the pax as the “under cover” location wasn’t typical nor easy to find.  Maybe he was in search of coupons for fellow Pax.  Thanks, Brown!

The Pax reached O2 deprivation partially from the beatdown but also, for some, from their rucks repeatedly smashing against the backs of their heads…#hemotoma. YHC noticed that some pax were looking for a more manly experience by standing where the rain would hit them a bit harder (Young Love) while others looked for greater comfort via door matts to kneel on while doing Jack Webbs and CCV’s. 

Great ladder work, gentleman!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Please keep coming out to Kevlar as others might benefit from your second F more than you realize.





Twenty four Pax stepped up in the gloom to share the Q…some for the first time.


Pre Thang Ball of Man

Mosey to Soccer Field and circle up


Each Pax contributed, save 5 or 6, to Q’ing an exercise of his choice to include:

Side Straddle Hop

Sister Mary Catherines

Slow Squats

Jog around the school

Starfish with 3 stations




Rock Hoppers

Side Straddle Hops again

After roughly 20 exercises, Q called audible to mosey to Football Field

Exercise RAMP adding a new exercise with each round so that round 1 has one exercise, round 2 has the first and a second exercise, etc. as follows:

1. Partner over/under x 10 then Flapjack (Later switched to CCV’s x 15 in cadence)

2. P1 Cartwheels to 10yd then Bear Crawls back while P2 LBC’s then Flapjack

3. By round 3, Pax chose to do 10 Burpees to select a new first exercise…Cumberland Co. Viaduct, then added the third exercise…Wheelbarrows to 20yd then Flapjack

Planks between Rounds


Welcome FNG’s Pusher and Locksmith!!


YHC attempted to “pay it forward” to the Pax in an effort to let everyone get exposure to Q today. It was very interesting in many ways.  A shout out from one of our Pax (Preemy?) that it was only his second F3 attendance and he was already leading an exercise was quickly met with two FNGs getting the chance to lead.  #baptismbyfire With roughly 10 more Pax participating than the Q expected, and when Kirk and Calloway took the COP into a lap around the school and a starfish routine, the Q needed to call an audible to recover any semblance of the original weinke by moseying the Pax to the Football Field for a mud bath. #bringtowelsorsubscribetoanAutoBellmembership

All delivered handsomely on the over/unders yet likely averaged somewhere near a 7.5 when it came to the cartwheels.  However, the Pax noted that Mary Lou Retton has nothing on Donkey Kong. 

It appeared that a number of Pax were taking a post Hydra jog at first glance.  YHC didn’t realize that our FNG, Bean Counter, had lost his car keys and was joined by fellow Pax to begin searching for the same. We are sorry for your loss. You are now RENAMED LOCKSMITH. 

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  You guys are great!


Please reach out to @LabratF3 if you might have an unwanted flag that you wish to retire.  His church’s Boy Scout Troop is accepting these now. He will be at Joust and Compass, tomorrow, and at Olympus this Saturday.  THE DEADLINE FOR THIS IS SUNDAY




16 waterproof men arrived at Olde Providence Middle School to complete a Hydra partner post-Thanksgiving calorie burning beatdown before the sun rose.

Mosey to Soccer Field

PRE-COP Ball of Man


SSH x 31

ARM CIRCLES x 10 each way

Slow Good Mornings x 20

Merkin x 20

IWs x 31

Slow Squat x 21 with a 30-sec hold for one rep



P1 Runs to Concessions

  1. 10 Derkins. 
  2. 20 Jump-Ups
  3. 30 LBC

P2 Runs to Small Track

  1. 10 Groiners
  2. 20 Twist Jump-Squats
  3. 30 Hand Release Merkins


Partners meet at Soccer Field, initially, then at each crossing for 20 Burpees Combined


Plank while waiting to group up.

Jack Webb Pyramid to 5&20


  • Cumberland County Viaduct 10 ea side
  • Freddie Mercury x 10
  • 10 Burpees OYO


This morning started near 60 degrees with a warm cloud covering over the pax heads. It wasn’t long until a light mist became heavier and nicely cooled the thick air.  Perfect posting weather.  YHC noticed that there wasn’t any mumblechatter which was confirmed by High Tide mid-way through the stations. Mall Cop later commented “unsavory” which was basically the only talk that was heard other than partners calling out burpee counts and the Q calling out “modify if needed”.  Either the pax really didn’t get much out of this morning or was quite in the zone, ignoring any pleas, originating between ones ears, to throttle it back.  YHC saw none of that and was quite impressed with the focus of all men in today’s gloom.

Great effort by all this morning!! The Q would like to thank all for allowing him to lead.  Hoping to see all this Saturday with your M’s too…


F3 Christmas party THIS SATURDAY AT 7pm at The Lindner’s (Tiger Rag).

-Tents and folding chairs are needed. Please contact Cottonmouth if able to contribute either at @CottonMouthF3 or

-RSVP and check evite details.



Stairway to Heaven

Twenty-three disciplined men dedicated a painful hour to self-improvement just in time to get an extra hour of recovery sleep tonight.

The Thang:

Gummy on Q

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Mountain climber x 20
Slow Squat x 20

Mosey to bottom of hill
Jacobs Ladder to 11
-Burpees at the bottom
-Jump Squats at the top

Count off 1s and 2s
Mosey to pavilion to let the heart rate come down a little

1s People’s Chair
2s Split Squat Jumps x 20

Mosey to Soccer Fields
Group 1 Runs while group 2 Recovers
Flapjack when last man crosses the line
Sprint to first Soccer Goal (30 yards) and back.
Flapjack x 4
3 x to big Soccer Goal (50 yards)
2 x to Midfield (75 yards)
1 x to Fence (125 yards)

Turn over to Cottonmouth:

10 Burpees civilian count
Jack Webb 8 & 32
10 Burpees civilian count

Partner-Up Size matters
Back-to-Back Squat x 20
Part Hand-Slap Merkins x 10
Partner Carry 100 yds
Plank when complete

10 Burpees civilian count
Jack Webb 8 & 32
10 Burpees civilian count

Bridge-Ups civilian count x 40
Cumberland County Viaduct civilian count x 20 l & r
Side Leg Raises x 20 l & r
LBCs in cadence x 20


Thank you for the BOM prayer from Byron…the best part of the day.

The Moleskine:

Gummy delivered a serious amount of pain , and so early in the foggy gloom, as the Pax quietly succeeded to navigate the tall #Ladder he had placed in front of them. As if this wasn’t enough to rip a mans lungs from his chest, the Pax was then put thru sprint intervals totaling more than 1080 yards.  BTW, who’s responsible for naming Lazy Boy?  He certainly didn’t live up to that name as he tore-up the homestretch during sprints!  YHC told me that he thought he saw contrails behind LB as he ripped thru the fog. Later, after the Pax had delivered on 95 Burpees interspersed with all else, Jack decided to visit twice but left just before these strong men began begging to do a brief “buns of steel” workout. YHC begrudgingly delivered.

Frozen Chicken

Eight well-sleeved MEN showed-up at Outland to experience an early season frozen landscape, accomplished their goal, and left.


Cottonmouth 1st half

Mosey to Football Field
SSH x 31
ARM CIRCLES x 10 each way
IWs x 31

Scale 6′ fence

Stadium wheelbarrow up 30 steps
Jog across & Down
Flapjack on subsequent ascents
Reverse at end
Plank until all finish

Scale 6′ fence

Indian Run to practice football field
P1 Jump Sqt HOLD-P2 bear crl red cones
P1 Sup rack pull-ups-P2 crab to yellow cones
P1 partner carry to green cones

Slow Good Mornings until pax completes

OV/UND Logs then OVER 5′ wall
OV/UND Logs then OVER 6′ wall
Plank until all finish

Jack Webb 6 & 24 in cadence

Schnitzel’s Maiden Q (2nd Half)
Using the four corners of the Practice Field

Mosey to middle of field:

Round 1:
-Forearm Plank Jacks
-Sprint to 1st corner of field: 10 Merkins
-Sprint to 2nd corner: 20 Scissor Squats (squats with crossing of legs coming up while simulating holding a bar).
-Sprint to 3rd corner: 30 Fighter Stance Punches (1,2 punch = 1),
-Sprint to last corner: 40 Military Presses:
-Group back to center.

Group – Gradual. This is a 100 yard Sprint, starting off in a slow jog, and building to a sprint.

Round 2: Sprint to 1st corner of field
-10 Makhtar N’Diaye’Diaye_(basketball)
-Sprint to 2nd corner: 20 Military Press Jump Squats
-Sprint to 3rd corner: 30 Front Face Kicks
-Sprint to last corner: 40 Excuse Me Pleases (this was the one leg jumps from side to side).
-Group Sprint back to middle, Plank wait.
Round 3:
-15 Partner Diamond Derkens.
-Sprint to 1st corner: 10-10 yard Sprints (10 yards and back is 1).
-Sprint to 2nd corner: 20 Quick Squats.
-Sprint to 3rd corner: 30 yard Partner Wheelbarrow.
-Sprint to last corner: 40 Dead lifts – FORM!!
-Group sprint back to middle. Plank, wait.

Group: Partner Squats x 10 (Sitting back to back, lock arms, stand up together)

-Heels to Heaven
-Side LBC’s
-Freddie Mercuries

-Jail Break up the hill to THE Shovel Flag.



YHC noticed Chicken Dance showing up and braving the semi-frozen Tundra of the Outland – gloveless! CD fought through the pain and endured, among other things, a thirty-bleacher cement step wheelbarrow climb…x3, two chain-link fence challenges, followed by a brutal round of supine pullups on frozen pipes without even clenching his fists (note there were a few growls and groans heard by the pax who also did EXCEPTIONALLY well in this gloom).  Fish Taco continues to show off amazing speed as he “zipped” (yes, we missed you Zip!) up the hill and to the flag at the conclusion of the Outland’s now official “jail break”. If there’s ever an F3 sprint-off, Schnitzel’s money’s on Fish Taco! YHC would like to extend T-Claps to Schnitzel for his first Q!! YHC would also like to thank Zip and Countertop for trusting him to lead. Both Q’s would like to thank the pax for their perseverance thru a freezing beatdown.




USMC Mud Run sign-ups, DIRECTLY THRU F3, are November 1st. 6.2 miles with 36 obstacles. Sign-up individually or as a team of four.

Hump Day Happy Hour (HDHH) Wed nights at The Lodge. Contact Bugeater @Jasonhilliard for more information.

December 7th F3 Christmas Party at The Lindner’s.  Contact @BaracusF3 with questions.



Don’t miss Schnitzel’s maiden Q. What to bring: Gloves. See you in the gloom.