He Likes To Play With Toys

He Likes To Play With Toys

15, Now significantly smoked yet more fit than yesterday, PAX converged on Hydra for a mixed bag beatdown including PT, running, KB’s and a toy

The Thang

Mosey to Soccer Field
SSH x 25 cadence
ARM CIRCLES x 10 each way cadence
IWs x 25 cadence
Maktar Jai x 20 cadence

Indian Run around school twice to Track
Partner up at Track
Catch me if you can
-P1 Bear Crawl
-P2 10 Merkins
Flapjack until one lap
Mosey to Soccer Field
20 Hand Release Merkins @Corner
20 Wall jump ups @Concessions
20 pull-ups @Rear Playground
20 LBCs @ Track
20 KB Upright Rows @Parking Lot
20 combined Partner Burpees in middle
Rinse & Repeat x2
Initially Q called for three rounds. Audible called for two..time constraint

Mosey to parking lot 
20 KB Curl into Military Presses

NAMEORAMA 15 Pax Posted
MallCop Prayer

The Moleskine
RunStopper showed that a beatdown can be more fun if you use toys (ask him to comment on that). YHC watched on as the mumblechatter quickly dissipated mostly after the first round of Burpees or after each returned from the Jump Up station. The PAX did a bit more running than typical in celebration of SPRING on the horizon. Great effort by all this morning! The Q saw many push through reps and all planked extra long as they rounded up for a brief COT. Thank you for posting at Hydra and for bringing your KBs too! Thank you for supporting the Q as YHC knows he appreciated it. You guys are great.


1.EH your buddies

2.F3 First Annual Golf Classic (more on F3Nation.com)
Benefitting F3F
SPONSORS NEEDED…Contact @Cottonmouthf3 ehannon@me.com

Event Details
Time and Date: Thursday May 29th. Registration will start early, by 11:00 AM and it will be a 1:00 PM, Shotgun Start.
Cost: $90 per Player, $360 per team. Sign up as a single or as a foursome.
You MUST register and pay via PayPal on F3nation.com. Recommend grabbing your foursome and signing up individually but EH your foursome as we expect it to fill up fast.
Format is Captain’s choice.
Lunch, snacks, and beverages provided.
HDHH post round with all PAX invited. If you are unable to make the round then come after work and enjoy some 2nd F.


3/17/14 Updates: 1) Those PAX who buy upper level tickets to the Bobcats game will sit with the Mission I’m Possible guys who are coming to the game (and not consume alcohol). Please consider this as part of the F3F event. 2) We also need volunteers to give rides to the morning workout and the game. They can contact Slaughter if able to help.

On the morning of Saturday, March 22, THIS SATURDAY the men of F3 will have an opportunity to work out with a new perspective. Our venue will be Time Warner Arena! Rather than sitting in the seats, watching the court, we will be ON the Bobcats home floor. We will start the workout on the court, and then have the rest of the facility to utilize however we choose. I can see the wheels turning in the minds of our more evil Q’s—hundreds of stairs, the concourse that is about 1/4 mile around, chairs for dips, railings for pull ups and plank walks…could be the kind of workout that makes you say ”Could we PLEASE do some burpees?”

You will need to buy a ticket to the game to participate in the workout. The Bobcats play the Portland Trailblazers that night. Our commitment is to 200 tickets—they have already been bought. We will have 2 sections—one upper level and one lower level. The idea is that if you are bringing the M and 2.0’s, you might want to save some scratch. We have 118 lower level tickets for $48 each and 82 upper level tickets for $37 each. Only F3 men will be able to participate in the workout – that is the Bobcats’ deal, not a F3 rule. You can buy tickets for your immediate family/significant other only initially. We want to make sure we have enough tickets for everybody.
We will have a group photo to commemorate the event and t-shirts as well.
Each ticket will include a $10 donation to F3 Foundation. We are hoping that the Bobcats will be contributing to our cause as well. Workout, watch the game, do good…the kind of stuff F3 is all about.
The workout style will most likely be a traditional boot camp. No whining, no kettle bells, no LSD.
The game will be that night. We will be putting together other activities throughout the day, including a pre-game meal. Folks from out of town are encouraged—we will have a deal on hotel rooms, as well as deals on activities for the 2.0s.
Optional 3rd F opportunities as well, especially for those that spend the night Saturday and want to get their week started on the right foot.
The Spartan Race is also this weekend. You can double down with Bobcats on Saturday morning and Spartan Race on Sunday morning.

7am – Check in at Lowes Home Court entrance
7:30am – Painfest Begins – Approximately 75 minute workout utilizing court, stairs, escalators and concourse area
8:45am – Workout will be wrapping up
8:50am – Circle of Trust
9am – Workout complete

6pm – Doors open to the general public
7pm – Tipoff Bobcats vs. Portland Trailblazers

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High Tide
10 years ago

Good one, Cottonmouth. Except for the burpees…no one likes burpees, except maybe Runstopper, but he still plays with toys. Aye!

10 years ago

No idea what happened, but I don’t think I truly “missed” anything. Hopefully this doesn’t surpass the HeHateMe mosey to the Uptown discussions

10 years ago

Kirk it was trackside and runstopper did what not many grown men would do. It was a sight to behold. Great Q cotton mouth! Next week Gummy is bringing his A game to Q Hydra.

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