How many Cubits was that?

  • When:11/26/14
  • QIC: Cottonmouth
  • The PAX: Stagecoach, Freedom, Header, Dolphin, Puddin' Pop, Sussudio (WD), Crawl Space (WB), Semi Gloss, Cottonmouth

How many Cubits was that?

Roughly half of the Pax posted for a 5am KB (Covered) beatdown led by StageCoach.  Great dedication!

The Thang:

JOG down to track


Jog a warm up lap

(All in Cadence) SSH x25, Arm Circles 10ea, Low Slow Squat x25 with deep hold for 30s at #20, Slow IW x25, Slow Merkin x20, Hold Plank 6″ while counting off 1s & 2s (thanks Dolphin), Slow Good Mornings x20, Side Straddle Hop x25.

Line up on sideline

Partner Derkins x20ea

Repeato x2 Plank between sets

SET 1 P1 Runs width-returns P2 Burpees. Flapjack to 50

Plank when complete

SET 2 100 Turkish getups

SET 3 200 LBCs

Jack Webb to 5&20 then descend

Run a lap

Partners line up facing gate

SET 1 P1 runs hill to Bathroom-Returns P2 Reverse Bear Crawls field width. (Pax favorite)then jogs back.

Plank when complete


SET 2 P1 runs hill to Bathroom-Returns P2 Lunges field width then jogs back. Plank when complete


Run a Lap then run the hill to bathrooms


Peoples chair, Freddie Mercuries x20, Flutter x20, CCV’s x15ea side


Thank you, Dolphin, for taking us out in prayer.


YHC observed a STRONG PERFORMANCE by all in the fishbowl this morning. It’s days like today that, aside from 30lbs of wet laundry and having to use a hair dryer on his drivers seat, make men stronger.  Crawl Space really smoked the field sprints this morning!  The Pax seemingly liked the Turkish getups possibly due to the sounds akin to 5 men at once falling into a swimming pool wIth each rep. YHC found it difficult to single out any performances as ALL were diligent in execution. Although, Freedom, being one of the newer posts (FNG just weeks ago), is quite impressive after such a short time at this! T-Claps to you guys!

YHC would like to thank the entire Pax for showing in the cold rain. Stay strong!


Tomorrow TURKEY BALL convergence at Olde Providence Elem (Hydra) 7-8am. If you can, RSVP via information in the F3 weekly email.

Friday, 7-8am, is a convergence at Joust (Charlotte Christian) (Joust, Rebel Yell, Kevlar, & Meathead will converge).  Bulldog and Stagecoach on Q!


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Stage Coach
9 years ago

Great lead, Cottonmouth! The great fellowship this morning almost made me forget it was raining. Well not really, but it was fun.

9 years ago

Great job, cottonmouth! Was it raining this morning? I just thought the Big guy was sweating with us. Lots of fun today!

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