Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Twenty-three disciplined men dedicated a painful hour to self-improvement just in time to get an extra hour of recovery sleep tonight.

The Thang:

Gummy on Q

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Mountain climber x 20
Slow Squat x 20

Mosey to bottom of hill
Jacobs Ladder to 11
-Burpees at the bottom
-Jump Squats at the top

Count off 1s and 2s
Mosey to pavilion to let the heart rate come down a little

1s People’s Chair
2s Split Squat Jumps x 20

Mosey to Soccer Fields
Group 1 Runs while group 2 Recovers
Flapjack when last man crosses the line
Sprint to first Soccer Goal (30 yards) and back.
Flapjack x 4
3 x to big Soccer Goal (50 yards)
2 x to Midfield (75 yards)
1 x to Fence (125 yards)

Turn over to Cottonmouth:

10 Burpees civilian count
Jack Webb 8 & 32
10 Burpees civilian count

Partner-Up Size matters
Back-to-Back Squat x 20
Part Hand-Slap Merkins x 10
Partner Carry 100 yds
Plank when complete

10 Burpees civilian count
Jack Webb 8 & 32
10 Burpees civilian count

Bridge-Ups civilian count x 40
Cumberland County Viaduct civilian count x 20 l & r
Side Leg Raises x 20 l & r
LBCs in cadence x 20


Thank you for the BOM prayer from Byron…the best part of the day.

The Moleskine:

Gummy delivered a serious amount of pain , and so early in the foggy gloom, as the Pax quietly succeeded to navigate the tall #Ladder he had placed in front of them. As if this wasn’t enough to rip a mans lungs from his chest, the Pax was then put thru sprint intervals totaling more than 1080 yards.  BTW, who’s responsible for naming Lazy Boy?  He certainly didn’t live up to that name as he tore-up the homestretch during sprints!  YHC told me that he thought he saw contrails behind LB as he ripped thru the fog. Later, after the Pax had delivered on 95 Burpees interspersed with all else, Jack decided to visit twice but left just before these strong men began begging to do a brief “buns of steel” workout. YHC begrudgingly delivered.

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