What’s a CCV??

  • When:05/26/2020
  • QIC: Cottonmouth

What’s a CCV??

HawksNest at Dunkin


Side straddle hop x20

Arm circle

Low Slow Squat



The Thang

Mosey to Wesley Church

Get a lifting rock

Count off 1s & 2s

Group 1 curl and press in sets x10

Group 2 run to back of lot and return

Flapjack until total of 160

Mosey to front lawn

Jack Webb w / rocks to 5&20

Mosey to OP

Line up

Squat/curtsy lunge sets x10

Hollow Holds

Bear Crawl/Jogs

Animal crawl 4 forwards/backwards 30sec


Mosey to Dunkin




Freddie Mercury

Back Scratchers/OYO Burpees (1,2,3,5… yes, skipped #4 to end at 6:15)


Counted off 17

Namorama: Hopper, Sir Topham,  Circuit City, Deep Dish, Marge, O’Tannenbaum, Orange Whip, Bounce, Puddin’ Pop, Snuka, Hops, Jet Fuel, Limey, Snowflake, Flojo, Thunder Road, Cottonmouth


Nice showing of 17 on a humid but dry morning.  Welcome, Sir Topham, for joining us this morning. Great to see new faces in the gloom. After a brief warm-up we got down to business with a quick mosey to Wesley Church. YHC was easily persuaded to drop the rock count of 200 down to 160. The Jack Webb on the front lawn was ‘fun’ only to be followed moments later with a mosey to OP to smoke the legs with a squat/curtsy lunge set followed by bear crawls, a few other things, then a mosey back to Dunkin finishing off with Mary.  Total 3 miles.

Thank you Hops and Hopper for the opportunity to lead! Looking forward to soon returning to Latin campus.

Hydra opens at Olde Providence MS this Thursday at 6 AM!

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5 months ago

Solid Q Cottonmouth. However, curtsy should never be uttered at an F3 workout.

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