Bear With Me

  • When:08/14/14
  • QIC: Cottonmouth
  • The PAX: Kirk, Escargot, Puddin' Pop, Jamboree, Hopper, Lumbergh, Huggie Bear, Starfish, Water Seal, Cottonmouth

Bear With Me

10 men ventured out into the cool, fall-like, gloom to endure a Bear Crawlorama for .97 miles…followed by lots of fun.

The Thang
Take a lap around the small track

Arm Circles x10ea
Low Slow Squat x15
Imperial Walkers x 15
10 Burpees OYO

Indian Run to Football Field

Partner up on Goal line
P1 does 20 Freddie Mercuries (Bicycles)
P2 Bear Crawls.
P1 Sprints to catch P2
Repeato for 5 min

Partner up on Goal line
P1 does 10 Burpees
P2 REVERSE Bear Crawls.
P1 Sprints to catch P2
Repeato for 5 min

Partner up on Goal line
P1 does 20 Merkins
P2 SIDEWAYS Bear Crawls with hand cross-overs.
P1 Sprints to catch P2
Repeato for 5min

Mosey to Pavillion
P1 does railroad ties or bleacher alternating foot taps
P2 does 20 DERKINS (Decline Merkins)
Repeato for 5min

Indian Run to Playground
P1 does supines or pull ups while P2 does 5 wall jumps (over & back)
Repeato 5 min
Mosey to Soccer Field
LBC’s x 30
Cumberland County Viaducts x10 ea
Plank alternating arms and legs high 2min

Jack Webb to 4 & 16 Ascending then Descending

Announcements: F3 Greensboro Oct 11th. Already have 55 signed up. Email if interested in  supporting this new launch by Posting on Thursday, October 11th.

Come join Dredd on Q at Centurion ( Charlotte Catholic) Friday, August 15th (TOMORROW)!

BOM Hopper. Thank you for taking us out in great prayer!


In honor of YHC’s new puppy, Bear, the Pax Bear Crawled roughly 1 mile today. Strong performances were noted by ALL…especially Puddin’ Pop who must have been bored with a basic Indian Run and decided to throw-in a few plyometric jumps while the Pax wandered thru the bleacher Lane in the dark. Nonetheless, YHC was glad he was ok as he ended up partnering with him throughout. Crawling for roughly 15 minutes was…awesome.  Thank you, Kirk, for taking the distance. Following crawls, and numerous other unsavory activities, the entire Pax executed fence hops flawlessly even toward the end of the beatdown.   Maybe next time the Pax would have more time to go higher, in count, during Jack W., a Pax favorite by the expressions on a few faces. Keep pushing yourselves and TELL ONE SAD CLOWN A DAY about what your experience has been since participating in F3.

Thank you you for the chance to lead this morning. Thank you, all, for posting at HYDRA!! Please come back and EH an FNG or two as “fair weather warriors” are easy pickin’ when the gloom temps drop.


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9 years ago

Bipedal, hater of bear crawls just stopping by to remove any doubt from readers that yes – this sucked. A lot.

9 years ago

Looks like a Great Q cottonmouth! That’s an awful lot of bear crawling. Some variety going on at hydra lately.

Next up is Donkey Kong!

9 years ago

Can’t wait to plagiarize this one for my next Q @F3WinstonSalem. Although I will certainly give Cottonmouth attribution so maybe it’s not really plagiarism after all. As Kirk said, it did suck. A lot. And the #DashPax will love it.

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