16 waterproof men arrived at Olde Providence Middle School to complete a Hydra partner post-Thanksgiving calorie burning beatdown before the sun rose.

Mosey to Soccer Field

PRE-COP Ball of Man


SSH x 31

ARM CIRCLES x 10 each way

Slow Good Mornings x 20

Merkin x 20

IWs x 31

Slow Squat x 21 with a 30-sec hold for one rep



P1 Runs to Concessions

  1. 10 Derkins. 
  2. 20 Jump-Ups
  3. 30 LBC

P2 Runs to Small Track

  1. 10 Groiners
  2. 20 Twist Jump-Squats
  3. 30 Hand Release Merkins


Partners meet at Soccer Field, initially, then at each crossing for 20 Burpees Combined


Plank while waiting to group up.

Jack Webb Pyramid to 5&20


  • Cumberland County Viaduct 10 ea side
  • Freddie Mercury x 10
  • 10 Burpees OYO


This morning started near 60 degrees with a warm cloud covering over the pax heads. It wasn’t long until a light mist became heavier and nicely cooled the thick air.  Perfect posting weather.  YHC noticed that there wasn’t any mumblechatter which was confirmed by High Tide mid-way through the stations. Mall Cop later commented “unsavory” which was basically the only talk that was heard other than partners calling out burpee counts and the Q calling out “modify if needed”.  Either the pax really didn’t get much out of this morning or was quite in the zone, ignoring any pleas, originating between ones ears, to throttle it back.  YHC saw none of that and was quite impressed with the focus of all men in today’s gloom.

Great effort by all this morning!! The Q would like to thank all for allowing him to lead.  Hoping to see all this Saturday with your M’s too…


F3 Christmas party THIS SATURDAY AT 7pm at The Lindner’s (Tiger Rag).

-Tents and folding chairs are needed. Please contact Cottonmouth if able to contribute either at @CottonMouthF3 or

-RSVP and check evite details.



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Iron Horse
Iron Horse
10 years ago

The true meaning and spirit of F3 is best achieved in the authentic gloom – great weather, and great Q – a sound and efficient beat-down. Aye! Sorry to miss you all at the holiday party this weekend – try not to get Tiger Rag evicted from his neighborhood….or maybe….

10 years ago

Strong efforts must be noted by Hopper, who’s fairly new to the pax; and Iron Horse – almost WD (Drexler was WD) – leading the way.
Hydra, while I rarely post, is one of my favorite spots. Solid Q Cottonmouth.
The hand-release merkins, while a personal favorite of mine when I Q, were stinkin’ painful today….mercy.
See you gents at TR’s crib on Saturday….or perhaps at The Stand #3rdF tomorrow morning at 0630 at Panera – Carmel/51.

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