King of Hearts

  • When:05/21/14
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Pin stripes, sussuidio, Turkey leg, runstopper, fireman Ed, coal miners daughter, spackler, passport, donkey kong, strange brew, header, lazy boy, bluegrass, good hands, Bananas, brown, Busch, Stagecoach, Skywalker, Lickercicle, Schnitzel, Stone Cold, floor slapper, puddin pop, slim fast, splinter, clown car, semi-gloss

King of Hearts

—- Posted on behalf of Semi-Gloss —-

29 dudes completed their pre-game rituals and gathered to see what was up at Death Valley this week.

Around track.

25 ssh cadence
25 mountain climbers
25 imperial walkers
10 hand release merkins oyo

The thang

Deck o cards

King of hearts. 13 -100 yard down and back gassers with lbc’s and squats
Jack of diamonds – partner merkins 12
jack of spades – 22 Carolina dry dogs
2 of clubs – jack web 2 burpees
7 of diamonds – audible 7 oyo
10 of hearts – audible 50 yard gassers
Other cards the q can’t remember

Lbc’s as many as you can in a minute


Q showed up early to check the track to make sure no deer were on the track **see fast twitch back blast**

The chatter was loud during the warm up. Once the king of hearts was called. I did hear a few pax saying “is he serious”. Was a little nervous about the first part but I ran with it. The deck o cards was something I got from Spackler and I didn’t want to let him down. Although spackler got a little upset I ended mine early. He was questioning the count by a few pax.

Once the partner merkins were pulled there was a lot of chatter about the hand slap. Remember boys that’s about 5% of that workout. Don’t get caught up in the weeds. A few more diamonds were called and I had to do the audible or risk a mutiny right there. Not gonna lie trying to keep up with Busch on the partner merkins was tough.

The q was a little gassed so the rest of the count gets a little foggy. You all should be proud that you did at least 2.5 today.

There was a lot of chatter about the q’s shirt. Apparently there was some talk about bowels, etc… I am just happy with the good work out.


F3 golf – get bananas your team ASAP. Real names please. If you don’t know their real names it might be time to learn the

F3 dads – header is site q but needs some guys to q workouts. Reach out to him.

3rd f studies – Busch has aftermath wed am and splinter and SG has threshold. Don’t find a reason to miss one. Find a reason to make one.

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9 years ago

Love the cards. Especially when you stack them. 13 gassers or 2600 yards to start was brutal. Well at least some of us completed all 2600. Some shady characters down on the right maybe did 1800. Then again I am not one to talk. Been quite the #refusnik lately myself. Good work SG. Pretty sure it was a toss up as to which I’d rather not see….you shirtless or you with dookie all the way up your back.

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