Beeps, clicks, and whistles

Beeps, clicks, and whistles

10 men answered the call and posted at Devil’s Turn for a triple (modified to quadruple) threat offense consisting of the following options between the 2-mile run to and from South Charlotte Middle School:

1)   4-mile option: 15 min of boot camp

2)   6-mile option: 8 laps at desired pace

3)   6-mile option: speed work = (3) 800m intervals on the track

4)   Pro option: run with Bratwurst through some sort of combination of 200’s, 1000’s, and 400’s

Once at the track, it was extremely dark and there were basically PAX running around all over the place.  Here is the rough breakdown of who did what (speak up in the comments if I missed something):

Option 1: Hops, Rock Thrill (1/2 marathon on Sat.), Horse Head, Wingman (modified version due to shin concern)

Option 2 (although there could have been some Option 3 in there): Jamboree, Long Haul

Option 3: Tiger Rag, Frasier, and Honey Bee

Option 4: Bratwurst (Frasier completed the set of 200’s on the way to the track)


– Tiger Rag has entered the technology world with the purchase of a Garmin GPS timepiece .  From all the beeps, clicks, and random sounds (imagine a Speak and Spell) coming from him this morning, I would say he got his money’s worth.  However, some of the whistles may have come from the flock of tomatoes noticing a “clydesdale among whippets.”

– Rock Thrill told YHC that he was headed to SPEARHEAD today in lieu of DT.  Seeing his truck in the parking lot, I half expected him to jump out with a ruck on or something.  However, it sounded as if he and his alarm clock had some sort of disagreement resulting in a win for DT.  We wish him the best of luck this weekend at the Corporate Cup 1/2 Marathon.

– It was a good day at DT with double digit attendance and that is with freezing temperatures.  It may just get crowded around here when the weather is good and the Mud Run / BRR approaches.  All 10 pushed it out there today and it was good 2ndF during the fellowship runs and recovery jogs.

– Best wishes go out to the DT PAX battling injuries (or nagging pains).  Hops (IT band), Fletch (Achilles), Wingman (shins?), Stump Hugger (shins).  Get better and we will be praying for you.

That’s all for now.  See you next week.

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10 years ago

This morning was very humbling, to say the least. I thought that the beeps were a bomb ticking down by the way you guys flew out of there. Thanks to Rock Hill for keeping me company on the dark stumble back home and for Hops for taking the Option 1 route with me (sorry about the gas).

Someone told me that there was some sort of a magic breakthrough I would encounter when starting running, and that it would all of a sudden get much easier. Well, it’s been a few months now, and that is a majestic load of bull.

I’m not giving up though. Philippians 4:13

– HH

10 years ago

Pretty sure Wingman was not in attendance…though can’t recall the missing member of the pax?
Much obliged for the crop-dusting Horsehead.
And TR is 3x as fast going uphill than downhill….or are the rest of us 3x slower?

10 years ago

I’ve only used about 20 of my new-ish Garmin. The other 600 continues to elude me. Owning it does not equal using it–like if Haze bought a 60 lb bell. (You will #NeverForget because I will #AlwaysRemindYou)

Snout up, my equine friend. Stay away from the infomercials and put in the work.

10 years ago

apologies to Wingman. We post together a couple times per week, including yesterday at The Maul. Didn’t mean to snub you brother.

10 years ago

Maybe the beeping was from trying to use it wearing those oven mitts?


10 years ago

I try hard all week to be at the front of the PAX. DT is the one where i run solo at the back. trying to keep up. On the way home down bevington i found a pair of spare shins and ran those suckers in quick. #splitsimproving #newshoes #rumrunnersunday. I need to find a way to charge my Garmin GPS running watch. It’s the flava-flav of GPS watches.

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