Always Difficult, Never Impossible

Always Difficult, Never Impossible

YHC had the honor of leading this week’s installment of The Brave.  The night before YHC teased a surprise guest and specifically targeted it towards Happy Meal.  Time for launch and sure enough the surprise guest, Mary Kay showed.  Happy Meal and MK have a whole Felix and Oscar, Odd Couple, dynamic going on so YHC knew their reunion would be entertaining for all. YHC was looking to try and put on old school Brave workout that got the prerequisite 4 miles and a you versus you component, so the night before he advertised that attendees bring their big boy pants.  5:30 hit, the group was properly disclaimed and off we went.

The Thing

Over to the adjoining office park for some warmup of Hillbillies, potato pickers, low slow squats, Mtn Climbers, 6 inches, merkins and SSH.  Next phase of the warmup was to run down the office park stretch on the right stopping at every building for 10 merkins.  7 buildings altogether which gave us 70 merkins and had the upper body warmed up.  Next we moseyed down Community House to Endhaven which was about a mile.  After crossing 485 YHC stopped to let the 6 catch up only to be surprised that there was no 6, everyone was staying together.

At Endhaven Elementary YHC had plans for an AMRAP circuit.  The first circuit we did together and then it was every man for himself.  Circuit was 25 squats, over to the monkey bars for 10 pull ups, sprint to the benches for 30 dips, book it over to the basketball courts for 10 Carolina Dry Docks each bball goal (3 goals) then finish with a lap around the soccer field.  We got about 3-4 total circuits in before YHC called time.  True to character Felix errr…Mary Kay got a head start and headed to the next spot and Oscar …I mean Happy Meal peeled off to keep him company.

No time to rest so the group headed to the parking deck behind Cabo Fish Taco.  Starting at the bottom level we built a parking deck ladder of core exercises with an exercise at the bottom, run up the ramp backwards then forward at the flat level.  At the bottom level we did 10 J’Lo’s run up the ramp backwards, forward to the next ramp.  Continued that way up the levles with 20 H2H, 30 Dolly’s and 40 Alabama Elbows before it was time to run down the stairs and jail break to launch.


Good work out there by all.  It was a grinder but as Wild Turkey so aptly stated The Brave is always difficult but never impossible.  WT is always good for a wise saying or 2 that become SOB sayings (You can’t outrun your diet, The only way to get fast is to run faster, etc.).  The AMRAP worked well because we broke into two groups and for the most part guys stayed in groups which allowed for some camaraderie while pushing it.  The parking deck ladder had an excessive amount of mumblechatter at first but the 30 Dolly’s and 2nd round of backwards running seemed to quell that a bit.   Always enjoy getting after it with this group on Friday mornings.


  • Blood Drive 1/22 at Weddington Methodist. Please see sign up on Slack as there is an urgent need for donors and plenty of open spots for this drive.
  • Passport Challenge
  • Help out others who need it during the winter weather and in general

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