Dumb and Dumber

  • When:09/15/12
  • QIC: Joker and Slap Shot
  • The PAX: Goose, Boss Tweed, Abacus, Punky Brewster, APK, 89, Smash, Renaldo, Big Bear, Ocho Cinco, Quarter Pounder, Lobster Roll, Girardi, Donkey Kong, Tiger Rag, Sham-wow, Countertop, Biscuit, Coal Miner's Daughter, Scooter Time, Cottontail, Single Speed [FNG], Dawg Pound [FNG], Turkey Leg [FNG], Eric Bernier [name TBD]

Dumb and Dumber

27 men gathered in the Area 51 gloom for an ole fashioned beatdown.

The Thang

Joker [QIC]

  • Warm up lap
  • Merkins X 100 [with periodic short rest/recovery mid-set]
  • Squats X 100
  • Lunge walk X 40 yards
  • Plank-o-rama
  • Lunge walk X 40 yards
  • Pull ups – 3 sets X 10 each
  • Dips – 3 sets X 20 each
  • 800 meters [+ or -] at max speed
  • Mini-Mary

Slap Shot [QIC]

  • Merkins with partner x20
  • Starfish with 5 burpees  at each return [excercises at each station = Mountain climbers x20; Carolina Drydocks x20; Squats x20; Scissor crunch x20; Jump lunges x20; Squat jumps x20; Knee ups x20; Plank-0-rama at finish]
  • Run to lower field Peter parker x10 Parker peter x10
  • Frog jump half field Bear crawl second half
  • Run to trail 5 burpees, then run the trail,  Jump-up x20 and plank-o-rama at end
  • Jog to parking lot and/or sprint to finish

Nakedman Moleskin

  • Dumb #1 = century set merkins to start the workout… bad idea, especially for a warm up.  YHC isn’t too proud to admit when a great plan has gone awry, but we finished those darn merkins, albeit a bit ugly at the end.
  • Dumb #2 = starfish drill to start the second 30 minutes.  Many of the PAX were stumbling at the end, but once again… we perservered.
  • Random observations:
  •  Girardi and Ocho Cinco blazed the trail on the 800 Meter run… strong work.
  • Tiger Rag destroyed the starfish, leaving everyone in his wake.
  • Great to see Biscuit back in the gloom.
  • Triple claps to Boss Tweed… 58 years young, and getting after it!
  • Cottontail showing some major strides during recent weeks.

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11 years ago

Great job Joker and Slap Shot. Will bring the pole (starfish) to the metro very soon. Still feeling the workout today.

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