Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders

Luckily YHC was finally added to the SOB Slack page in time to get a DM fro Teddy and Wingman following up on a request weeks prior to Q at the often visited, but never led site in SOB land. The Waxhaw-Marvin Crew are frequent visitor to the point we are regulars, so we often need to pay our dues..

The first Monday after the NFL season was bound to be a little short, if not short, beat up from the weekends festivities.

Had a total of 8 Pax with about as many of the regular runners for the early smokescreen jaunt. does tDat run have a name? If not, I think I just named it.


quick mosey out to NW lot for SSH/IW/MNC/PP. another mosey to the bank for some of the easiest assisted peoples chair Jabs, Calf Stretch, Runner stretch, Up/Down Dog.


Head toward the Anails bar…. 5 burpees x2 en route. then lungwalk halfway to the Rockpile, 5 more burpees, then slow mosey to rocks.

pick a partner for a lap with workout

  • Lateral raise
  • Curl
  • Squat Thruster

Wave goodbye to Sweetwater who had to go take kids to school

  • Tricep
  • All LBC in cadence
  • Hernia
  • Chestpress
  • Shoulder Press
  • Rows
  • Triple Lindy
  • All LBC in Cadence

Head back to COT with 5 more burpees, and stop at the assisted peoples cahir (now called the Peoples Court since its not really court or the real peoples chair)

Finish some Flutters at COT.


this was my first Q at Firestarter with more to come as i start keeping an eye open as to areas and places to work with. Good small group today with a focus on more upperbody work. lots of Chatter about the upcoming week 2 IPC and how much it will suck.


  • SOB IPC at Morrison Y on Friday
  • Waxhaw IPC on Wednesday at Cowbell


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