Playing footsie on my ball

Playing footsie on my ball

YHC loves a good theme for a workout and with this being the first day of school for Union County and the CMS first day coming up this week, it was a great opportunity for a back-to-school themed workout.  But YHC wasn’t feeling inspired Sunday night, so the theme didn’t happen and 16 PAX at Firestarter had a regular ole workout and the closest thing to back to school was an inordinate amount of time spent in the Target parking lot.


  • Hillbillies
  • Goofballs
  • Squats
  • Sumo squats
  • Baryshnikov squats
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • About 9 burpees thrown in for added fun



Mosey to the Old Navy for a round of California Killers:

  • 10 calf raises
    • 10 hops
      • 10 jumps in place extending legs sideways
        • 10 SSH with arms going halfway up
          • 10 SSH
        • 10 halfway SSH
      • 10 jumps
    • 10 hops
  • 10 calf raises

Mosey to the Target parking lot and split into 4 groups of 4 PAX for an exercise followed by a run to the unlit section of the lot for 10x Mike Tysons

  • Station 1: 50x air jabs
    • Tysons
  • Station 2: feet on the giant Target ball and hand shuffle around in unison
    • Tysons
  • Station 3: 25x merkins
    • Tysons
  • Station 4: 20x Bombjacks
    • Tysons


Similar group work, but this time using the shopping cart returns

  • 10 wide-arm supines
  • 10 each leg Captain Morgans
  • 10 wide-arm supines
  • 10 each leg Captain Morgans
  • 20x Heels to Heaven


Head back to COT



Apparently some guys aren’t fans of the fun exercises from the depths of the exicon, such as Goof Balls.  That led to some OYO burpees because YHC thought the refusnik crowd might like those more.  Not so much.  Baryshnikov squats?  Also, not huge fans.  That eventually led to 80 Mike Tysons that were not originally on the weinke.

YHC’s M suggested the Killers, which was a warm-up exercise she learned in middle school in California.  This move had not been pre-tested so it was a bit of a stretch, but after YHC’s last Q at Firestarter and the great praise for a few hundred calf raises, there needed to be more calf raisin’.  The final set of 10 raises was a beast and you felt it — not sure how that wasn’t considered cruel and unusual in the Golden State when middle schoolers were forced to do it regularly.  Definitely one to keep in the quiver.

The group work was fun and there was plenty of mumblechatter going on — the ridiculous number of Tysons, the difficulty of maneuvering on the Target ball (“There’s too much playing footsie with me on the ball!”), the logistics of the shopping cart returns.  But the most came from the unintended gaseous release aided by the many Mike Tysons — apparently, someone tortured another group more than 15 feet away with a creeping plume of death that showed signs of a healthy amount of protein and perhaps liquor consumed within the previous 12 hours.  While Wingman suffered more than a Site Q should on that one, CPR was not needed.



  • Blood drive Oct 29 in Matthews — see Mighty Mite
  • Last Call moving back to 0532 on Fridays

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