Just the tip

Just the tip

DiCCS given with plenty of time to spare


Mosey on the back path to the front of the middle school

20 side straddle hops

10 low slow squats

10 merkins

Calf Stretches

Runners Stretch

20 shoulder taps


The Thang

Mosey to front school road

Each light, alternate 5 merkins and 5 big boys, end at stop sign.

Mosey to big parking lot for web/4 corners

25 superman (supermen?)

25 american hammers

25 bridges (just the tip)

25 LBCs

5 burpees in the middle

Rinse and repeat once

Mosey to wood benches, partner up for

1 partner runs around circle/other does dips, switch

1 partner runs around cirle/other does steps ups

Mosey to shed, plan was to jailbreak every other light to get us back to COT on time but with all the students running on the same path(s), I decided to just do a mosey back to COT (so not to have a bunch of men run up behind students).

Mosey back to COT, jailbreak at last light


The Moleskin

With all of the parents driving past us, it would have been a great time to do monkey humpers, but they seemed to enjoy the bridges/wife-girlfriend thrusters.  It was (shocking) humid and everyone got on a good sweat.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead this great group this morning.



Schneider tried to communicate something about a race and a chicken but he was dazed, confused and had trouble putting a full sentence together.  I kept an eye on him in case he needed CPR.

IPC Challenging.  Zinfandel has placed information and links in GroupMe.  Link to sign up is f3greenwood.com

Q school tomorrow at SOB

Posse gave the “freed to bleed” shirt to Fuse Box for many reasons. He heard about blood drives in other areas and thought someone should do that for Waxhaw.  Instead of thinking someone else would do it, he took it upon himself to start the F3 Waxhaw Blood Drive (working on #6) which has been so successful…he became the “somebody to get it started” instead of expecting someone else to do it.  FB continues to spread the F3 story, trying to come up with new opportunities (ex – basketball) to get more men involved and continues to connect with Pax that have not been participating, to bring them back in.  He started the Chiseled site and was Q site until just a few months ago. FB is part of Posse’s shield lock and has helped him to grow over the past 2 years.  Well deserved Fuse Box!!!!!!

Prayers were requested for Akbar & Maggi’s families

Mad Dog took us out.

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