Asylum Field Trip

Asylum Field Trip

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Backblast here.

  1.  Quick mosey
  2.  Warm up
  3.  Mosey to the old “201 Central” shopping center
  4. We did stuff
  5. We did more stuff
  6. Then even more stuff
  7. Mosey back to COT while allowing the 6 to keep pace


  1. Christ Closet needs book bags or backpacks
  2. Shop at Kohls for a book bag to donate and Loafer will give you the F3 discount
  3. Need Q’s at Asylum – Doughboy and Ackbar volunteered


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Chelms aka Tatertot
1 year ago

BTN – Better then nothing. BBB – Bring back backblasts.

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